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GH Guardant Health Inc   4 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
BOTY Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. 13,434    33 minutes ago   Electronics and components
DKMR Xtreme Fighting Championships 1,640    50 minutes ago   Miscellaneous
LWLG Lightwave Logic, Inc 75,334    2 hours ago   Electronics and components
HITI High Tide Inc. 1,698    5 hours ago   Cannabis
RTON Right On Brands Inc. 14,302    5 hours ago   Cannabis
RMHB Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc. 99,410    7 hours ago   Food - Beverages
Sons And Daughters Of BBCMF [BIRTH OF DIGITAL CURR (BODC & B) 1,970    8 hours ago   Market Trends and Strategies
NGTF Nightfood Holdings, Inc. 11,854    9 hours ago   Food - Beverages
RIGH Rightsmile, Inc. 92,630    10 hours ago   Cannabis
BOXL Boxlight Corporation 492    11 hours ago   Telecommunications Hardware
CBGH China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding 15,382    11 hours ago   Biotechs
IHSI Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. 50,819    12 hours ago   Automotive and Transportation
Diamonds in The Rough DITRstocks 11,460    12 hours ago   Short-Term
DKGH DKG Capital Inc. 374    13 hours ago   Gaming and Casinos
$ABC PENNY STOCK ALERTS ~ WHEN THE PRICE IS RIGHT 3,536    16 hours ago   Penny Trading - Technical
TBLT ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. 634    1 day ago   Miscellaneous
MEGH MW Investment Holding Group Inc. 626    1 day ago   Miscellaneous
GHRID International Prof. Trainings Gr. Ltd. 181    2 days ago   Miscellaneous
LHGI Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc. 13,908    2 days ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
High Voltage Plays 1,732    2 days ago   Penny Trading - Technical
LGHL Lion Group Holdings 251    2 days ago   Banking and Finance
LLNW Limelight Networks Inc 411    2 days ago   Computers - Networks
TGHI Touchpoint Group Holdings Inc. 2,887    2 days ago   Internet - Online Services
AGHC Aeon Global Health Corp. 305    3 days ago   Miscellaneous
Oil - Light Crude - Continuous Contract ($WTIC) 406    5 days ago   Energy
GHST Ghost Technology, Inc. 580    5 days ago   Miscellaneous
TBEV High Performance Beverages Comp. 129,060    5 days ago   Food - Beverages
CSE:TRIP Red Light Hollard Corp 203    5 days ago   Medical - Drugs
UBTUSD UniBright 68    5 days ago   Coins
EYES Second Sight Medical Products Inc 1,188    6 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
HHC The Howard Hughes Corporation 16    6 days ago   Real Estate
SLCH Spotlight Capital Holdings Inc. 37,700    6 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
FELP Foresight Energy Partners LP 41    7 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GHMP Good Hemp Inc. 2,936    7 days ago   Mining/Resources
BRGC BrightRock Gold Corp. 4,024    8 days ago   Miscellaneous
LTBR Lightbridge Corporation. 3,211    8 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
MYHI Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. 1,671    9 days ago   Electronics and components
Sons And Daughters Of BBCMF [BIRTH OF SPAC BLANK C (BOSBE) 335    10 days ago   Long-Term
Theo's Poolside Discussion of Trading Delights and 116    13 days ago   All Trading - Technical
GHAV Grand Havana Inc. 1,052    13 days ago   Miscellaneous
Thoroughbred Racing 351    14 days ago   Sports Talk
SGHT Sight Sciences Inc.   14 days ago   Computers - Software
ZEV Lightning eMotors 257    14 days ago   SPAC/Blank Check Companies
TFZI The Fight Zone, Inc. 27,745    14 days ago   Media - Television Services
ORGH OrgHarvest, Inc. 355    15 days ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
THE LAW'S AFTER-HOURS BOARD - EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN A 901    15 days ago   Education
GHTI GH3 International Inc. 4,873    15 days ago   Biotechs
PEMTF Thoughtful Brands Inc. 143    15 days ago   Cannabis
MDNGF Midnight Sun Mining Corp   15 days ago   Mining/Resources
LSCG Lighting Science Group Corp. 868    16 days ago   Electronics and components
LPTH Lightpath Technologies Inc 442    17 days ago   Electronics and components
SWRI Seawright Holdings 2,639    17 days ago   Food - Beverages
MYFT My Freightworld Technologies, Inc. 39,199    18 days ago   Internet - Online Services
RAIL Freightcar America, Inc. 43    18 days ago   Basic Materials
FRSX Foresight 715    22 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
Northsight Capital, Inc. (fka NCAP) 2,942    23 days ago   Delisted
HFRO Highland Income Fund   27 days ago   CEFs
Spotlight Innovation Inc. (fka STLT) 2,020    28 days ago   Delisted
SLHG Skylight Health Group Inc. 198    29 days ago   Cannabis
Wonhe High-Tech International Inc. (fka WHHT) 21    30 days ago   Delisted
UGHL Union Bridge Holdings Limited   30 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
MYCLF Gallagher Security Corp. 35    1 month ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
KMGH Kemiao Garment Hldg Group 8,625    1 month ago   Electronics and components
LGMH Light Media Holdings, Inc 1,437    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
AMA''s Stock Market Insights 30,836    1 month ago   User's Groups
SNHO Shonghoya Intl. Group Inc. 3,981    1 month ago   Computers - Hardware
DHF Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund 18    2 months ago   CEFs
HYG iShares iBoxx Dollar High Yield Corp Bond ETF   2 months ago   ETFs
USLG US Lighting Group OTC:USLG 66    2 months ago   Electronics and components
LTSC Lightscape Technologies Inc. 279    2 months ago   Electronics and components
TSXV:THRM Therma Bright Inc. 25    2 months ago   Medical - Drugs
RIHT Rightscorp, Inc. 489    2 months ago   Miscellaneous
CAPA HighCape Capital Acquisition Corporation   2 months ago   SPAC/Blank Check Companies
NEO:NSAV Ninepoint High Interest Savings Fund   2 months ago   ETFs
GHIL Green and Hill Industries, Inc. 2,111    2 months ago   Cannabis
HTHC High Times Holding Corp. 180    2 months ago   Cannabis
GHSI Guardion Health Sciences Inc. 1,172    2 months ago   Medical - Equipment
SLLN Searchlight Solutions, Ltd. 3,116    2 months ago   Computers - Software
HSCM Highland Surprise Consolidated Mining Co. 54    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
Integrated Freight Corp. (fka IFCR) 30,846    2 months ago   Delisted
PW Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad 190    2 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
BKEP Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P. 79    3 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
INXSF Intouch Insight Ltd. 373    3 months ago   Computers - Software
EIGH 8000 Incorporated 111,173    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
SurgiLight, Inc. (fka SLGTQ) 45    3 months ago   Delisted
AAGH America Great Health 1,917    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
Thoughts with Dave 20    3 months ago   Hobbies
CSE:EAT Nutritional High International Inc. 1,174    3 months ago   Cannabis
Long Term Investment, Biotech & High Yield Dividen 10,236    3 months ago   User's Groups
MHGI Midnight Holdings Group 1,866    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
Bagholders Anonymous 200    3 months ago   User's Groups
Foresight Energy LP (fka FELPQ) 4,151    3 months ago   Delisted
LGHLW Lion Group Holding Ltd. (LGHLW) 52    3 months ago   Brokerages/Investment Banks
HDRSF Highland Copper Company 38    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
NEXS Nexxus Lighting 66    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
LITB LightInTheBox Holding Co Ltd 93    4 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
Companies That Mackie Research Capital Corporation 11    4 months ago   User's Groups
ANDOF Alumindo Light Metal Ind TBK PT   4 months ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
BMY.RT Bristol Myers Squibb Contingent Value Rights 12    4 months ago   Medical - Drugs
KEYS Keysight Technologies, Inc. 67    4 months ago   Electronics and components
UGHB Universal Global Hub Inc. 231    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
HPR HighPoint Resources Corp 125    4 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
MGHL Morgan Group Holding Co. 1,154    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
SPLIF Nutritional High International Inc. 6,172    4 months ago   Cannabis
Dougherty’s Pharmacy Inc. (fka MYDP) 259    4 months ago   Delisted
THRBF Therma Bright Inc 10    5 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
EYESW Second Sight Warrants   5 months ago   Medical - Equipment
CHD Church & Dwight Co., Inc.   5 months ago   Basic Materials
GHVI Gores Holdings VI Inc.   5 months ago   SPAC/Blank Check Companies
ppl PPL Pennsylvania Power and Light 24    5 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
HIHO Highway Holdings Limited 47    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
CSLT Castlight Health 72    5 months ago   Computers - Software
SYQH Liaoning Shuiyun Qinghe Rice Ind. Co. Ltd. 75    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
EUBG Entrepreneur Universe Bright Group 6,606    5 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
HSTA Hestia Insight Inc. 788    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
VWEHX Vanguard High Yield Corporate Fund   5 months ago   ETFs
Rush Limbaugh the MAN Fast and Furious (RLTMFAF) 23,471    5 months ago   Politics
CSGH China Sun Group Hi-Tech Co. 2,468    5 months ago   Biotechs
@KnightsOfWallST 2,867    5 months ago   User's Groups
LGTS Lightspace Corp.   5 months ago   Miscellaneous
BRTE Brightec, Inc. 936    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
Gh0st''s .0001-.0007 HEAVEN 990    5 months ago   Penny Trading - Technical
RNVT Renovate Neighborhoods Inc. 5,295    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
Friends sharing thoughts... 17,572    6 months ago   People
AVLS Advanced Lighting Solutions, Inc. 4,762    6 months ago   Miscellaneous
CNYCF Searchlight Res Inc 4,972    6 months ago   Basic Materials
HITI High Tide Inc. 12  Closed. Successor   6 months ago   Cannabis
LSPD Lightspeed POS Inc.   6 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
REEFER MADNESS (HIGH) 4,447    6 months ago   User's Groups
HIBS Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X 25    6 months ago   ETFs
TSXV:MTRX Loop Insights Inc Closed. Successor   6 months ago   Computers - Software
LMGR Light Management Group 876    6 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
ONE Higher One Holdings, Inc 31    6 months ago   Miscellaneous
BTSR BrightStar Information Technology Group, Inc. 51    6 months ago   Computers - Software
ACTCW ArcLight Clean Transition Corp (Warrants) Closed. Successor   7 months ago   SPAC/Blank Check Companies
EGHT 8 x 8 INC 1,455    7 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
New Clearinghouse for Penny Stocks   7 months ago   Penny Trading - Technical
Y Alleghany 16    7 months ago   Alternative Energy
WW Weight Watchers International 1,019    7 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
ATIXF AnalytixInsight Inc 41    7 months ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
GHIVW Gores Holdings IV Inc (Warrants) Closed. Successor   7 months ago   SPAC/Blank Check Companies
Astronomy - Starry Night 74    7 months ago   Hobbies
A Place for Thoughts 67    8 months ago   User's Groups
GH Solutions Inc. (fka GRSU) 784    8 months ago   Delisted
JGHG Jinzisheng Holding Group 1,693    8 months ago   Computers - Software
FMGH Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc.   8 months ago   Internet - Online Services
SRCH Searchlight Minerals Corp. 778    9 months ago   Mining/Resources
SONS and DAUGHTERS of BBCMF THE RUSH TO INVEST in (L.A.R.E.) 186    9 months ago   Coffee Shop
TRUFF Red Light Holland Corp Closed. Successor   10 months ago   Miscellaneous
AWRY Allegheny & Western Railway Co.   10 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
AYE Allegheny Energy, Inc.   10 months ago   Alternative Energy
HMHC Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co 44    10 months ago   Miscellaneous
BFAM Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Inc.   10 months ago   Miscellaneous
Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. (fka RVLT) 485    10 months ago   Delisted
Agora Holdings Inc. (fka AGHI) 1,113    10 months ago   Delisted
TSX:HLF High Liner Foods Inc.   11 months ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
IWSH Wright Investors'''' Service Holdings Inc.   11 months ago   Miscellaneous
HCGS HighCom Global Security Inc. 1,326    11 months ago   Internet - Information/Portals
HGGOF Highgold Mining Inc   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
AP Ampco Pittsburgh Corporation   11 months ago   Basic Materials
EAT Nutritional High International Inc. 158    12 months ago   Cannabis
TSXV:AGH Canadian Silver Hunter 25    12 months ago   Mining/Resources
LYNS Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc. 29    12 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
BCOV Brightcove Inc. 123    1 year ago   Computers - Software
Consolidation After High Volume Moves 669    1 year ago   Penny Trading - Technical
TMUSR T-Mobile US Inc Rights Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Telecommunications Networks
CITRON RESEARCH COMMENTS & INSIGHTS 11    1 year ago   User's Groups
NGHC National General Holdings 14    1 year ago   Insurance
RTMVY Rightmove plc   1 year ago   Real Estate
HCCHR HL Acquisitions Corporation - Rights 10  Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Banking and Finance
BSGM VHC NAVB E leighlogan   1 year ago   Biotechs
fun for harmony and laughs - this is the Forum for 12    1 year ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
Death Spiral and Ghost Busters 1,151    1 year ago   Long-Term
TOTAR Tottenham Acquisition I Ltd Limited Rights Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Miscellaneous
ENGH Energy Harbors Corporation   1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
FLIGHT SCHOOL 46,652    1 year ago   All Trading - Technical
High Profile Shell Facilitator 2,825    1 year ago   User's Groups
LGNZZ Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. Trust Beta Contingent 40  Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Medical - Drugs
LGNDZ Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. Roche Contingent Value 188  Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Medical - Drugs
LGNXZ Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. Glucagon Contingent Va 10  Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Medical - Drugs
GWGH GWG Holdings 66    1 year ago   Insurance
ODFL Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. 27    1 year ago   Automotive and Transportation
FPL Florida Power & Light Company   1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BHGE Baker Hughes, A GE Company Class A Stock 12    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Knights of The Round Table 5,423    1 year ago   User's Groups
RSP Rydex S&P 500 Equal Weight   1 year ago   ETFs
KGHI KGHI — Kaiser Group Holdings, Inc.   1 year ago   Banking and Finance
Mixed Martial Arts Fighting (MMA) 4,279    1 year ago   Sports Talk
WMGI Wright Medical Grp., Inc. 17    1 year ago   Medical - Equipment
TBLTW Toughbuilt Industries Warrants Closed. Successor   1 year ago   Miscellaneous
FLT Flight Safety Tech Inc   2 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
Pengrowth Energy Corp. (fka PGHEF) 15    2 years ago   Delisted
Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (fka EGHIF)   2 years ago   Delisted
NGHTD NightCulture, Inc. 6,062    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
SONS and DAUGHTERS of BBCMF War Veterans of All Se (VETS) 397    2 years ago   Politics
A Penny for Your Thoughts 283    2 years ago   Penny Flippers
BTLN Brightlane Corp. 38    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
DOUGHBOYZ 956    2 years ago   Short-Term, Inc. (fka BHUB) 56,793    2 years ago   Delisted

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