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DY Dycom Industries, Inc.   2 months ago   Alternative Energy
CYDY Cytodyn Inc. 43,605    3 minutes ago   Biotechs
NDYN Naerodynamics Inc 10,869    2 hours ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
RMTD Remote Dynamics, Inc 41,152    4 hours ago   Electronics and components
NAK Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd 18,842    6 hours ago   Mining/Resources
123Tom's TA study group. 8,469    8 hours ago   User's Groups
PWDY Powerdyne International, Inc. 9,796    10 hours ago   Miscellaneous
AGDY AGRI-DYNAMICS INC 6,647    18 hours ago   Miscellaneous
DYMEF DionyMed Brands 17    2 days ago   Cannabis
DYAI Dyadic International Inc. 310    4 days ago   Biotechs
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration 3,350    4 days ago   Miscellaneous
GT Goodyear Tire & Rubber 111    7 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
DYFSF DYNACERT INC. 21    9 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
GD General Dynamics Corp. 321    10 days ago   Miscellaneous
ODYC Odyne Corporation 183    11 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
LBRG Ladybug Resource Group, Inc. 10,610    11 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PLUSONE BuddyBoard (POBB) 236    14 days ago   Cryptocurrency Groups
R U Ready 4 Some Football (NFL) 63,512    15 days ago   Sports Talk
Greatcell Solar Ltd. ADR (fka DYSOY)   16 days ago   Delisted
ZCBD Body Basics Inc. 14,650    16 days ago   Telecommunications Hardware
BAMM Body and Mind Inc. 50    21 days ago   Cannabis
DYSL Dynasil Corporation of America 699    24 days ago   Electronics and components
GYRO Gyrodyne, LLC 118    25 days ago   Real Estate
$$$ READY 2 RUN $$$ 190    27 days ago   Short-Term
GLDN Gold Dynamics Corp 1,637    29 days ago   Mining/Resources
BTU Peabody Energy Corporation 1,801    30 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
WEN Wendy's International Inc. 672    1 month ago   Food - Beverages
DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corp. 2,333    1 month ago   Biotechs
BOOM Dynamic Materials Corp. 157    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
BMMJ Body and Mind Inc. 4,663    1 month ago   Cannabis
ADYX Adynxx, Inc.   1 month ago   Biotechs
IDTY Ipsidy Inc. 89    1 month ago   Computers - Software
DX Dynex Capital, Inc. 11    1 month ago   Real Estate
DLNG Dynagas LNG Partners LP 34    2 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
Indy Blackhawk 14    2 months ago   All Trading - Technical
TDYT THERMODYNETICS INC 45    2 months ago   Basic Materials
Odyssey (OCN) crypto   2 months ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
CBDY Target Group Inc. 1,000    3 months ago   Cannabis
GDDY GoDaddy IPO (GDDY) 159    3 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
PFTI Puradyn Filter Technologies (OTC BB 62    3 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
SSTU Sandy Steele 307    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
RDY Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited 18    3 months ago   Medical - Drugs
DYYXF PowerShares DB Commodity Double Long 20    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
SGBG Signature Bank Georgia Sandy Springs   3 months ago   Banking and Finance
Birdys friends 904    3 months ago   User's Groups
ADDYY Adidas AG 50    3 months ago   Miscellaneous
DYNT Dynatronics Corporation 53    4 months ago   Medical - Equipment
ANGO AngioDynamics, Inc. 16    4 months ago   Medical - Equipment
Andy Bear Picks 1,096    4 months ago   User's Groups
KNDYF Kenadyr Mining Corp. 68    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
MSNVF Mission Ready Solutions Inc 37    4 months ago   Aerospace Defense Services
MRS Mission Ready 21    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
TRBD TurboDyne Technologies 2,220    5 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BDN Brandywine Realty Trust   6 months ago   Real Estate
MB MindBody 23    7 months ago   Internet - Information/Portals
TSXV:DYA dynaCERT Inc.   7 months ago   Electronics and components
STLD Steel Dynamics Inc 150    8 months ago   Basic Materials
DYNS Dynamic Sciences Intl, Inc. 23    8 months ago   Miscellaneous
$$$ READY 2 RUN $$$ (Free Zone Version) 75    9 months ago   User's Groups
SNDY Solos Endoscopy, Inc. 75,896    9 months ago   Medical - Equipment
NORTHERN DYNASTY MINING (NDMLF) 28    10 months ago   User's Groups
OCN Odyssey   10 months ago   Cryptocurrency Industry
GODYF Deer Horn Capital   10 months ago   Mining/Resources
SYYC SYDYS Corp 19    10 months ago   Miscellaneous
DYAX Dyax Corp. 145    10 months ago   Biotechs
TBDYF Gordon Creek Energy   12 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BYDDY Byd Co Ltd 31    12 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
Medytox Solutions, Inc.(fka MMMS) 41    12 months ago   Delisted
AOD Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend CEF 507    1 year ago   CEFs
DAIS (DYLT)   1 year ago   Industry Specific
ITDN Interdyne Co. 19    1 year ago   Miscellaneous
AGD Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund 13    1 year ago   Mutual Funds
TLDN Telidyne Inc. 31    1 year ago   Telecommunications Networks
ChinAmerica Andy Movie Ent. (fka CAME)   1 year ago   Delisted
TER Teradyne Inc. 14    1 year ago   Electronics and components
POSKX Primecap Odyssey Stock Fund   1 year ago   ETFs
POGRX Primecap Odyssey Growth Fund   1 year ago   ETFs
HDYNQ HyperDynamics 21,084    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
IndyMac Bancorp,. Indymac Bancorp Units (fka IDMPQ 125    1 year ago   Delisted
FundYourselfNow (FYNUSD)   1 year ago   Coins
Dynamic (DYNUSD)   1 year ago   Coins
Dynamic Trading Rights (DTRUSD)   1 year ago   Coins
DynamicCoin (DMCUSD)   1 year ago   Coins
My Trading Buddy Education 25    1 year ago   Education
GIDYL Gi Dynamics (PC) 11    1 year ago   Medical - Equipment
AJRD Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings,inc.   1 year ago   Aerospace Defense Services
TSXV:EHT Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp   2 years ago   Alternative Energy
STDY SteadyMed 16    2 years ago   Biotechs
LYSDY Lynas Corp. ADR 22    2 years ago   Mining/Resources
My Trading Buddy 140    2 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
DYN Dynegy, Inc. 423    2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TBACQ Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc. 92    2 years ago   Basic Materials
CDYCF Cardero Resource Corp. 222    2 years ago   Mining/Resources
CHW Calamos Global Dynamic Income   2 years ago   Miscellaneous
Rudy Nutrition (fka RUDN) 4,460    2 years ago   Delisted
DGIX DGIX - Dyna Group International Inc 66    2 years ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
DYNR DynaResource, Inc   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
Dynamic Trading Solutions 1,228    2 years ago   Penny Trading - Technical
SilkDynastyStocks (SDS) 75    2 years ago   All Fundamentals
Le2dynasty next 5-500x bagga! 149    2 years ago   Penny Trading - Technical
BDYS Bodyscan Corp   2 years ago   Medical - Equipment
DYII Dynacq Healthcare, Inc. 147    2 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
TTNDY Techtronic Industries Ltd. ADR   2 years ago   Miscellaneous
TLF Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.   2 years ago   Retail - Chains
Charts for study   2 years ago   All Trading - Technical
Study of Signals (SoS) 253    2 years ago   Technical Analysis
CHEAP HIDDEN STOCKS READY TO BREAKOUT 18    2 years ago   Penny Trading - Technical
Dynamic Response Group Inc. (fka DRGZ) 2,559    2 years ago   Delisted
Most Shady OTC /PK CEO's (CROOK) 93    2 years ago   The Sheriff's Office
TSX:DMM Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc 15    2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
DYA Dynamic Fuel Systems, Inc. 11    3 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
Odyssey Pictures Corp. (fka OPIX) 1,450    3 years ago   Delisted
Dynamic Ventures Corp. (fka DYNV) 3,518    3 years ago   Delisted
Mission Ready Services   3 years ago   Miscellaneous
TMED Trimedyne, Inc. 42    3 years ago   Medical - Equipment
BRC Brady Corp   3 years ago   Miscellaneous
DNGDF Dynacor Gold Mines, Inc. 22    3 years ago   Mining/Resources
Body Central Corp. (fka BODY) 406    3 years ago   Delisted
DYLLF Deep Yellow Limited 64    3 years ago   Mining/Resources
DNG Dynacor Gold Mines 22    3 years ago   Mining/Resources
Massive Dynamics, Inc. (fka MSSD) 743    3 years ago   Delisted
Ready To Bounce   3 years ago   Short-Term
SKUL Skullcandy Inc. 395    3 years ago   Electronics and components
Dynavox Inc.(fka DVOXQ) 83    3 years ago   Delisted
Dynamic Leisure Corp. (fka DYLI) 45    3 years ago   Delisted
TRADING SPY DIA MDY IWM VTI 10    4 years ago   Technical Analysis
From Kennedys & To All Political Families. 341    4 years ago   Politics
RNDY Roundy's, Inc. 146    4 years ago   Retail - Chains
PTNDY PT Vale Indonesia Tbk   4 years ago   Mining/Resources
TBDY TrustBuddy International 17    4 years ago   Foreign Stock Markets
LFGP Ledyard Financial Group, Inc.   4 years ago   Banking and Finance
Q Stocks Ready 2 Go 106    4 years ago   User's Groups
Fifth Season International, Inc. (fka DYER) 825    4 years ago   Delisted
IQNDY IQnovate Ltd   4 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
Trudy Corporation (fka TRDY) 47,225    4 years ago   Delisted
NHYDY Norsk Hydro ASA   4 years ago   Basic Materials
TOTDY Toto Ltd.   4 years ago   Miscellaneous
RCTC Ready Credit Corp. 10    4 years ago   Banking and Finance
DADY The Go Daddy Group, INC. 104    4 years ago   Internet - E-Commerce
ICEL Cellular Dynamics 87    4 years ago   Biotechs
Duoyuan Printing, Inc.(fka DYNP) 60    4 years ago   Delisted
IndyMac Bancorp Inc. (fka IDMCQ) 3,291    4 years ago   Delisted
PLOW Douglas Dynamics, Inc.   4 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
The Lady Killers 18    4 years ago   Penny Fundamentals
AZDDQ Azure Dynamics Corp. 56    4 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
TSCDY Tesco 17    4 years ago   Foreign Stock Markets
Emerald Dairy, Inc.(fka EMDY) 21    5 years ago   Delisted
Primed & Ready 68    5 years ago   User's Groups
ATXDY AusTex Oil Limited 90    5 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
CWLDY Crown Resorts Limited   5 years ago   Gaming and Casinos
China Display Technologies, Inc.(fka CDYT)   5 years ago   Delisted
UDYN Unidyne Corp 119    5 years ago   Miscellaneous
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)   5 years ago   Education
dylan 125    5 years ago   People
DYXC DiaSys Corp 342    5 years ago   Miscellaneous
Shakespearean sonnets and Duck Dynasty   5 years ago   Coffee Shop
SMCDY Strategic Minerals ADR 10    5 years ago   Mining/Resources
PPH.P Mission Ready Services, Inc.   6 years ago   Alternative Energy
The TA Study Lounge 18,564    6 years ago   User's Groups
KW Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc.   6 years ago   Real Estate
IR Independents (INDY) 203    6 years ago   Other
Ready Welder Corporation (fka RDYW) 10    6 years ago   Miscellaneous
MCO Moody's 12    6 years ago   Banking and Finance
DMYDY Mertiva Aktiebolag ADR 10    6 years ago   Medical - Drugs
Pictures - funny, comedy, humor, animated 344    6 years ago   Humor/Jokes
Lady Luck 11    6 years ago   Big Board Trading - Technical
Dynasty Gaming Inc (fka DNYFF) 21    6 years ago   Delisted
INDY CAR, F1, & MOTO GP TALK & FUN 182    6 years ago   Sports Talk
Sons And Daughters Of BBCMF with Redneck Comedy, C 736    6 years ago   Humor/Jokes
Chocolate Candy Creations, Inc.(fka CCYS) 19    6 years ago   Delisted
DYBK Digital Yearbook Inc   6 years ago   Mining/Resources
DYN.HQ Dynegy Holdings LLC Bonds 25    6 years ago   Bonds
DYRFF Dynamic Resources Corp. 24    6 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:DCI Dynasty Components Inc   7 years ago   Internet - E-Commerce
Dynamotive Energy Systems (fka DYMTF) 119    7 years ago   Delisted
DIL Dyadic International Inc.   7 years ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
Bodytel Scientific, Inc. (fka BDYT) 237    7 years ago   Delisted
CESDY Companhia Energet Sao Paulo (ADR)   7 years ago   Alternative Energy
Reddy Ice (fka RDDYQ) 183    7 years ago   Delisted
CRDN Ceradyne 14    7 years ago   Basic Materials
DRCO Dynamics Research Corporation   7 years ago   Computers - Networks
INDY iShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund   7 years ago   ETFs
MRDY Mobile Ready Entertainment Corp 2,973    7 years ago   Electronics and components
Andy''s stock picks! 136    7 years ago   User's Groups
ADY American Dairy Incorporated 71    7 years ago   Miscellaneous
HNH Handy & Harman Holdings Ltd.   7 years ago   Basic Materials
TSX:DYU Dawson Gold Corp   7 years ago   Mining/Resources
MDY MidCap Spiders   8 years ago   Miscellaneous
Aradyme (fka ADYE) 16    8 years ago   Delisted
TSX:IDL Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd 14    8 years ago   Medical - Equipment
ANDS Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc. 219    8 years ago   Biotechs
DYNE DynTek Inc. 36    8 years ago   Computers - Software
Rudy Giuliani: Pro-Market Presidential Candidate 65    8 years ago   Politics
DOUBLE JEOPARDY ...playing MAX OB OS STRETCH 284    8 years ago   User's Groups
PDRDY Pernod Ricard QX   8 years ago   Food - Beverages
PWB Powershares Dynamic Large Cap ETF   8 years ago   ETFs
OTC's READY 2 GO 19    8 years ago   User's Groups
IRD International Road Dynamics Inc.   8 years ago   Miscellaneous
Mandy's Magical Plays 26    8 years ago   User's Groups

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