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Agree. Also, the very fact that Cancer, NASH, CaptBeer 3 minutes ago
Capt. The colon cancer trial requires a Whalatane 9 minutes ago
Kiwi, What do you mean by marketing activity? Number sleven 12 minutes ago
Yes moving the needle now . Whalatane 17 minutes ago
If successful, the EPA naysayers will be shouting CaptBeer 30 minutes ago
RMB, Yes. If the study is successful Nissen Number sleven 32 minutes ago
Mineral Oil placebo for a cancer trial is JRoon71 33 minutes ago
Thanks Sleven. Notice the placebo is mineral oil. rosemountbomber 39 minutes ago
Agree, and I think thats what's moving the JRoon71 46 minutes ago
Swg, Number sleven 58 minutes ago
JR. re your commentt But what COULD happen, Whalatane 58 minutes ago
Well, it won't be zero. But I don't JRoon71 12:58 PM
couldbe -- adjunct drug for many Cancer drugs swg_tdr 12:54 PM
Sure hope that Alex Denner is shopping AMRN, couldbebetter 7:40 AM
Buyouts to continue. Unfortunately nothing in this rosemountbomber 06/02/23 10:46 PM
Denisk, I agree with you that Germany couldbebetter 06/02/23 8:59 PM
Johnny boy when they are ready to run golf stud 06/02/23 7:04 PM
So what you're saying is there hasn't been johnhancoque 06/02/23 6:18 PM
Good news everyone, just 38 more days like mrmainstreet 06/02/23 6:12 PM
$AMRN here’s another China Stat that has enormous CaptBeer 06/02/23 5:38 PM The schedule ...AMRN presenting Whalatane 06/02/23 5:08 PM
JR. so you completely write off any Whalatane 06/02/23 5:01 PM
One thing we know ......... even though the ramfan60 06/02/23 4:51 PM
Notice how cancer docs do everything in their ORBAPU 06/02/23 4:39 PM
I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the Birdbrain Ideas 06/02/23 3:48 PM
Yes, many of these could move the needle. JRoon71 06/02/23 3:46 PM
RMB, God may do something as we could DAR53 06/02/23 3:28 PM
Is the recent declaration of recession in Germany Bolio98 06/02/23 3:27 PM
Makes sense. I am holding onto my newman2021 06/02/23 2:56 PM
Upgrades would be great but I dont see seve333 06/02/23 2:48 PM
Thanks Cap, looks like we're still barely above mrmainstreet 06/02/23 2:30 PM
An announcement that Pfizer will pitch Vascepa to Birdbrain Ideas 06/02/23 2:15 PM
thats another thing---there is never buyout rumours golden flyer 06/02/23 2:08 PM
How could Amazon even submit ? Whalatane 06/02/23 1:54 PM
BARD is so full of shit. ORBAPU 06/02/23 1:53 PM
Yep but other than a buyout rumor seve333 06/02/23 1:48 PM
Raf, Captain, Thanks for the numbers. Number sleven 06/02/23 1:48 PM
“The AMNOG process requires the pharmaceutical company to rosemountbomber 06/02/23 1:44 PM
Whelp, so much for that trajectory. JRoon71 06/02/23 1:42 PM
So Jon if what you say is 100% seve333 06/02/23 1:40 PM
But the volume is the volume. JRoon71 06/02/23 1:40 PM
$AMRN Hello my friends. Today is Friday, June CaptBeer 06/02/23 1:39 PM
but why golden flyer 06/02/23 1:37 PM
Wow. Have you ever said this before? KnowNothingJonSnow 06/02/23 1:20 PM
It's not the news, has absolutely nothing to johnhancoque 06/02/23 1:20 PM Number sleven 06/02/23 1:19 PM
Denisk From BARD Whalatane 06/02/23 1:09 PM
I thought Denner's good reputation was going to seve333 06/02/23 1:04 PM
Given we are stuck under 1.30 with no seve333 06/02/23 1:01 PM
Well, in his defense, AMRN is owned by JRoon71 06/02/23 12:48 PM
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Birdbrain Ideas
06/02/23 3:48 PM
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06/02/23 2:56 PM
06/02/23 2:48 PM
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Birdbrain Ideas
06/02/23 2:15 PM
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Number sleven
06/02/23 1:48 PM
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golden flyer
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ADA’s 2019 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes Incorporate Findings from REDUCE-IT (28 Mar 2019)
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FDA AD-Com Outcome for Anchor sNDA (16 October 2013)
FDA delays ANCHOR sNDA (20 Dec 2013)
Presentation of MARINE and ANCHOR analyses at AHA showing significant reduction of remnant-like particle cholesterol (17 Nov 2014)
Marine & Anchor Key Summaries (2017)
Vascepa showed reductions in potentially atherogenic lipids and inflammatory markers – Anchor post-hoc (12 Mar 2018)

REDUCE-IT (Amarin Led)
NIH Clinical Trial Page
Amarin Announces Dosing of First Patient in REDUCE-IT (7 Dec 2011)
Amarin and FDA Reaffirm Concurrence on REDUCE-IT through SPA Agreement Amendment (4 Aug 2016)
Amarin Randomizes Final Patient into REDUCE-IT (31 Aug 2016)
REDUCE-IT to Continue As Planned at Recommendation of Independent Data Monitoring Committee (14 Aug 2017)
REDUCE-IT Meets Primary Endpoint (24 Sep 2018)
REDUCE-IT Displayed 25% RRR in 5-Point MACE (10 Nov 2018)
REDUCE-IT NEJM Article(3 Jan 2019)
REDUCE-IT showed 30% reduction in total Cardiovascular events (18 Mar 2019)
Amarin submits sNDA seeking new indication based on REDUCE-IT (28 Mar 2019)
FDA Grants Priority Review for Vascepa sNDA (29 May 2019)
Amarin Notified of Ad-Com Meeting Planned for Nov 2019 (8 Aug 2019)
REDUCE-IT USA-specific Results released (11 Nov 2019)
FDA AD-Com Outcome for REDUCE-IT sNDA (14 Nov 2019)
REDUCE-IT related data presented at 2019 AHA (18 Nov 2019)

Amarin and Eddingpharm announce agreement for Vascepa in China (26 Feb 2015)
Amarin and HLS announce agreement for Vascepa in Canada (25 Sep 2017)
Commencement of Vascepa Clinical Development in China (17 Jan 2018)
Biologix and Amarin announce approval of Vascepa in Lebanon for patients with Triglyceride Levels ≥ 500mg/dL (21 Mar 2018)
Amarin & Mochida Announce Collaboration on Future Development of EPA-Based Drug Products and Indications (12 Jun 2018)
Biologix and Amarin announce approval of Vascepa in UAE for patients with Triglyceride Levels ≥ 500mg/dL (26 Jul 2018)
Vascepa granted Priority Review from Health Canada New Drug Submission, anticipated to be filed in April 2019 by HLS (29 Mar 2019)
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