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this will be a new sons and daughter dow 30 for discussions.

parent forum is #board-3665

Dow 30 Work For Point and Figure Charts. * 08/03/2007 Updated

http://money.cnn.com/data/dow30/ * this link will show active quotes during trading before , during tradin and after hours.


see message #1514 template,,,#msg-21814681 08/03/2007

http://www.stockselector.com/dow.asp * quotes

new chart2...90 day Side By Side Charts: Daily For Two Co's.,,50/200 EMA Red and Black candles.

new chart2...daily 180 Days / 90 Days...side by side mohave color RED, black, neutural color candles. 50 ema-200 ema

this one is a click to 3 combo chart.

10/26/2006 annotated............6 mos

Spider/Centipede Look Chart: Fibs, % Levels...8/19/2006

We can have discussion on many Big caps , Mid caps , also Small Caps Companies. * 08/01/2007

This message board is not affiliated with any company or organization.
No endorsement of or by any company or organization is implied by the posts on this board.
You are responsible for your own decisions - post wisely and research before investing.

See Message...#msg-14202533

Strategy 1. The “Dogs of the Dow” This is one of the most popular “mechanical” investing techniques. The Dogs technique takes all of the research, strategy, and guesswork out of investing. In fact, your total time required amounts to about an hour each year.

As goofy as that sounds, this technique has been around since the early 1990s when Michael O’Higgins introduced it in a book. Here’s how it works.

Once each year, you look at the 30 stocks in the Dow and pick the 10 with the highest dividend yield. A high dividend yield may indicate the stock is under-priced and due to rally according to the Dog theory.

Dow Dog Theory Link: How to manage the Dow Dog portfolio

Strategy 2. "Short the Entire DJIA" Feeling Bearish on the Dow? Then buy a dog. DOG is the ticker symbol for a new ETF called Short Dow30 ProShares. DOG started trading on June 21, 2006. This ETF allows you to short the entire Dow Jones Industrial Average and you would be up 2% if the Dow Jones were to go down 2%. One advantage of buying this ETF versus other shorting strategies is you don't have to put up margin which is required in most shorting strategies. If the DJIA goes higher the DOG trades lower and vice versa.

Strategy 3. "Still Bullish on the DJIA"? Buy the Dow 30: Since there are 30 stocks in the Dow, it is definitely possible to own too many of them. The more Dow stocks owned, the more it makes sense to just buy the Diamonds Trust exchange-traded fund ticker symbol DIA, which saves money on commissions and eliminates a great deal of homework.




From jrbscrazy ,,, intrinsic value explanation by jrb. * 07/29/2007
Intrinsic value is therefore defined to be the present value of all future net cash flows to the company; it is calculated via discounted cash flow valuation. See Valuation using discounted cash flows.
As opposed to the book value, or break-up value, of a business, the intrinsic value is the value of a business' ongoing operations. Warren Buffett is best known for his ability to calculate the intrinsic value of a business, and then buy that business at a discount to its intrinsic value.


07/30/2007: Partial New Format For Dow 30...To All That Post Messages. Dow 30 Will Change Some For Discussion and Mentions.


All Stocks That Have Growth Potential Will Be Allowed Here. * 08/01/2007

mtcinc0 Charts ,,, dow 30 charts * 08/03/2007 With All Indicators For The Best Readings From Our Chartist mtcinc0 *****

#msg-21750962,,,AA, #msg-21749379,,,AIG, #msg-21749410,,,AEP,

#msg-21749445,,,BA, #msg-21749485,,,C, #msg-21749511,,,CAT,

#msg-21749543,,,DD, #msg-21749560,,,DIS, #msg-21749575,,,GE,

#msg-21749594,,,GM, #msg-21749646,,,HD, #msg-21749687,,,HON,

#msg-21749769,,,HPQ, #msg-21750933,,,IBM, #msg-21749787,,,INTC,

#msg-21749810,,,JNJ, #msg-21750307,,,JPM,#msg-21750318,,,KO,

#msg-21750355,,,MCD,#msg-21750385,,,MO, #msg-21750949,,,MMM

#msg-21750429,,,MRK, #msg-21750465,,,MSFT,#msg-21750482,,,PFE

#msg-21750495,,,PG,#msg-21750511,,,T, #msg-21750539,,,UTX

#msg-21750649,,,VZ, #msg-21750670,,,WMT, #msg-21750686,,,XOM

From Our Chartist mtcinc0 ***** 08/05/2007
$GOLD 2 1/2 year daily ___ 5 year weekly
$SILVER 2 1/2 year daily ___ 5 year weekly SEE MESSAGE #msg-21831362

From Chartist jrb ***** 08/05/2007
$silver daily / XAG/USD ___ SEE MESSAGE #msg-21831311
Gold chart, past and present Just as planned! SEE MESSAGE #msg-21831231

What's Up With a Copper Penny? Twice The PP lb vs The Value of A Penny? Copper Salvage is Around $3.00 * 08/08/2007
100LBS WOULD = $300 VS $150[20LBS ='S $30

This From FA Theory Stuff. see message #msg-21926045, #msg-21842903, #board-2767
see message #msg-21842547 and #msg-21842005, #msg-21842005

Scenario for coppers,
The pre-1982 copper penny is worth 2.35 cents at the moment in metal value.

The coin is 95% copper and 5% zinc and weighs in at 3.11 grams.

1 pound = 453.59237 grams

So it takes about 146 pennies to make a pound. If you have a jar that's 20 pounds of 95% pre-1982 copper pennies then you have roughly 2,920 pennies in each jar.

FROM NYBob: 08/12/2007 --- Gold now should be valued at $35,000+ ? -refer to MESSAGE #msg-22013250

in 1430's Florence - claiming that gold now -
should be valued at $35,000+....
The other is a 600-year chart showing silver -
historically vastly undervalued today....
Go to: http://goldinfo.net/silver600.html

#3310   Any point and figure observations from any members, boo boo 03/02/14 08:18:43 PM
#3309   hi Bob,,,these charts above are all but destroyed mick 08/20/09 02:24:06 PM
#3308   Billions for the Banksters, Debt for the People - NYBob 08/20/09 01:50:51 PM
#3307   Charts & more 02opida 07/07/09 08:16:05 AM
#3306   too late for old adjustments , more work mick 07/23/08 11:44:28 PM
#3305   the charts aren't side by side but they mick 07/20/08 02:02:30 PM
#3304   Dow 30 Work For Point and Figure Charts. mick 06/24/08 02:40:39 AM
#3303   dow 30 under 12-k now as predicted earlier mick 06/24/08 02:40:32 AM
#3302   hi red, almost lost it here. good morning. mick 06/24/08 02:39:43 AM
#3301   investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=28857683 Seminole Red 04/28/08 03:00:45 PM
#3300   trading quietly this morning. mick 04/22/08 10:59:06 AM
#3299   If it cracks 1.50. Watch out screamingeagle 04/22/08 12:45:38 AM
#3298   nice close today... mick 04/21/08 10:40:27 PM
#3297   This stock is going much higher screamingeagle 04/21/08 10:38:47 PM
#3296   the charts didn't go. we have to get mick 04/21/08 03:11:24 PM
#3295   BDWG point and figure chart: mick 04/21/08 02:55:53 PM
#3294   $ BDGW $ screamingeagle 04/21/08 02:55:08 PM
#3293   i see that, great stuff 'screamingeagle' mick 04/21/08 02:52:01 PM
#3292   Not bad .....BDGW about to break 1.00 screamingeagle 04/21/08 02:42:54 PM
#3291   hi 'screamingeagle' , good call. mick 04/21/08 01:57:55 PM
#3290   The chart on BDGW looks crazy good screamingeagle 04/19/08 08:13:53 PM
#3289   8,12,24,99 Seminole Red 04/11/08 11:28:25 PM
#3288  Restored hi Seminole Red 03/08/08 11:38:14 AM
#3287   hi peggy, good morning. both will compliment each mick 02/14/08 09:57:00 AM
#3286   hi RED, thank you. i'm taking my out mick 02/14/08 09:45:11 AM
#3285   happy valentines day Seminole Red 02/14/08 09:35:58 AM
#3284   What's your opinion of the MSFT offer for NovoMira 02/13/08 11:19:59 PM
#3283   yes, good trading with the blues, divy and mick 02/13/08 07:05:53 PM
#3282   I read about HON and MO being replaced...the NovoMira 02/13/08 06:53:54 PM
#3281   hi peggy, good evening. i updated the two mick 02/13/08 06:49:37 PM
#3280   Good afternoon, Mick... NovoMira 02/13/08 06:44:25 PM
#3279   hi RED, good afternoon to our directors , mick 02/13/08 04:28:48 PM
#3278   NASCAR BOARD*****1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP IF YA WIN***** Seminole Red 02/09/08 12:02:47 PM
#3277   UPDATE: Entergy 4th-Quarter Profit Off; Adjusted Net Exceeds Seminole Red 02/06/08 04:16:39 PM
#3276   American Electric Pwr To Reaffirm '08 EPS View Seminole Red 02/06/08 04:15:36 PM
#3275   UPDATE: PSEG Swings To Profit, Splits Stock Seminole Red 02/06/08 04:14:26 PM
#3274   i like this chart with p.o. 1125 ppo mick 02/05/08 07:57:12 PM
#3273   Gold $gold PF chart bullish price objective $1,125.--/oz - NYBob 02/05/08 07:17:06 PM
#3272   Xcel Energy 4Q Net Climbs; Revenue Up $2.6 Seminole Red 01/31/08 03:26:38 PM
#3271   UPDATE: Entergy 4th-Quarter Profit Off; Adjusted Net Exceeds Seminole Red 01/31/08 03:24:01 PM
#3270   Big money has a tendency of being right SMF Trading 01/29/08 11:29:39 PM
#3269   I've never experienced it myself, I honestly have SMF Trading 01/29/08 11:27:29 PM
#3268   sold by scardy cats....or "floaters" as i call Seminole Red 01/29/08 08:36:04 PM
#3267   so willl that effect the stock ???? will Seminole Red 01/29/08 08:34:27 PM
#3266   I would take your profits and reload closers SMF Trading 01/29/08 01:00:04 PM
#3265   Sounds like your stocks won't trade on an SMF Trading 01/29/08 12:55:21 PM
#3264   Same story here, great company and great earnings, SMF Trading 01/29/08 12:54:25 PM
#3263   Great earnings, great company being sold hard, monthly SMF Trading 01/29/08 11:42:20 AM
#3262   heres a cheap one...i got 9,718 shares of Seminole Red 01/29/08 07:23:57 AM
#3261   what does this mean to me ?? i Seminole Red 01/29/08 07:19:59 AM
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