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Here's a place to exchange ideas and information about Gardening and Landscaping. Please be sure to visit the I-Home improvement(IHIP) board for home improvement questions and ideas: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=911 Also please visit the Mr. FiXiT(TOOLS) board for help on fixing stuff yourself: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=8160 The following pics are courtesy of smokintek, who is a professional landscape designer/gardener: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/profile.asp?user=77499 Unilock- Olde Quarry(Sierra) w/Limestone Caps w/ 'Stonehenge'-Flatwork, color: 'Coffee Creek' UNILOCK PRODUCTS: (URL listed below) Pictures provided by 99 Dan http://www.investorshub.com/boards/profile.asp?User=3772 Picture provided by BullNBear52 http://www.investorshub.com/boards/profile.asp?user=16217 7-20-07: three months for the plants, 2 months for the annuals: Old Quarry stone pillars color: Coffee Creek with seat bench ,and Roman Stack firepit, color- Nevada , w/OGC flatwork color- Nevada: Olde Quarry stone, Color-Prarie, w/ Arctic Tumbled Outcropping Stone Step Units, w/ OGC Pavers -Color-Prarie, w/ Globe Blue Spruce planting. Olde Quarry Stone Patio/Grill Encloser, Courtyard: PHASE 2- 07' <a href=http://s132.photobucket.com/albums/q2/tbone9797/?action=view&current=3adba5d6.pbwSlideshow</a PHASE 3 Olde Quarry Stone Patio/ with Brussel's block flatwork and IL CAMPO soldier: http://s132.photobucket.com/albums/q2/tbone9797/?action=view&current=ffd6da1e.pbwSlideshow</a Photos by Janice Shell: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/profile.asp?User=5708 Peppers: Herbs: Photos coutesy of IxCimi: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/profile.asp?User=160 The basil leaves are big as Nokia cellphones. This basil is waist high! These flowers smell incredible! Release at dusk. My first Thunbergia battiscombii flower! We love our ImperialTaro. Pepper Hot Shots by Janice Shell: picture by 'garden massah' phyllostachys: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/profile.asp?user=52213 If anyone else has some nice landscaping/gardening pics you want to share, let me or one of the other mods know. Thanks, Phil Tips for Growing Grass in Shady Areas http://www.shadegrass.com/ Organic Gardening http://www.organicgardening.com/ USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map http://www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/ushzmap.html? Water Garden Information http://www.watergarden.com/ Tropical Plants Library Online (courtesy of Susie924) http://www.mgonline.com/ Plant Providers and soil information http://www.monrovia.com/ Hardscaping Specialists and Design Ideas: http://www.unilock.com/ Groundcover and perennial Distributors: http://www.midwestgroundcovers.com/ Large Trees, shrubs, and perennial Distributors: http://www.willowaynurseries.com/
#7425  Sticky Note Now you too can try the Naga Viper Trinityz1 12/06/10 02:25:18 AM
#8707   This poor single jonquil on the way out Wildbilly 03/29/19 04:24:03 PM
#8706   Every other tree lining our street is either Wildbilly 03/02/18 07:49:57 AM
#8705   Our daffodils here in NC are in full BullNBear52 03/01/18 10:24:43 PM
#8704   Jonquils half way up before March in Ohio? Wildbilly 03/01/18 04:04:33 PM
#8703   The jonquils starting to fade today, Wildbilly 03/01/17 06:25:12 PM
#8702   Oh great - Now I got you doin' it....Lol. nowwhat2 04/26/16 11:47:20 AM
#8700   That would be a cool idea - having nowwhat2 04/26/16 11:22:10 AM
#8699   What a beautiful setting and you appear to Wildbilly 04/26/16 07:45:32 AM
#8698   Not exactly a "professional" landscaper per/se....Just needed to nowwhat2 04/26/16 12:30:32 AM
#8697   Howdy, very interesting video, I've always liked the Wildbilly 04/25/16 11:01:11 PM
#8696   Knock-Knock....Hello ?....(Rings the doorbell).... nowwhat2 04/25/16 09:12:08 PM
#8695   You're not familiar with Pulvis Cuniculus Canis? Wildbilly 04/25/16 09:00:45 PM
#8694   Looks to be coin hunting hound. A lot Gmenfan 04/25/16 07:35:16 PM
#8693   But can he hunt? BullNBear52 04/25/16 07:10:11 PM
#8692   Try posting the pic here and see if BullNBear52 04/25/16 06:45:10 PM
#8691   LOLOL!! janice shell 04/25/16 03:51:29 PM
#8690   Things aren't like they used to be, Wildbilly 04/25/16 03:42:48 PM
#8689   Yeah, we make a couple. Wildbilly 04/25/16 03:37:49 PM
#8688   Poor little thing... janice shell 04/25/16 03:35:07 PM
#8687   I think she's in her end cycle, puny Wildbilly 04/25/16 03:34:20 PM
#8686   I'm glad the azalea survived, at least... janice shell 04/25/16 03:31:04 PM
#8685   That warm streak we had in Jan. & Wildbilly 04/25/16 03:00:25 PM
#8684   Not sure whether you can watch it here janice shell 04/17/16 12:09:08 AM
#8683   Never seen it, steer me there. TTT 04/16/16 11:58:11 PM
#8682   lol, have you ever seen the South Park janice shell 04/16/16 11:52:46 PM
#8681   I dunno????? TTT 04/16/16 11:46:05 PM
#8680   Hey, that's great! janice shell 04/16/16 11:42:22 PM
#8679   Brings back memories janice....... TTT 04/16/16 11:34:43 PM
#8678   LOL.....cool....and Oh No!!!! TTT 04/16/16 11:04:32 PM
#8677   They seem so much more… majestic when they're janice shell 04/16/16 05:24:31 PM
#8676   Pretty cool. janice shell 04/16/16 05:23:06 PM
#8675   LOLOLOLOLOL!! janice shell 04/16/16 05:22:01 PM
#8674   Let's see if this works. Ok I took BullNBear52 04/16/16 04:27:04 PM
#8673   Sorry but still fighting with this damn thing!!! TTT 04/16/16 03:28:32 PM
#8672   Yes. Same issue but I said screw it. BullNBear52 04/16/16 01:57:00 PM
#8671   They are right outside my office window 5 BullNBear52 04/16/16 01:56:25 PM
#8670   Still fighting with the damn thing...... TTT 04/16/16 01:02:24 PM
#8669   Hey zeus Pete!!! TTT 04/16/16 12:58:14 PM
#8668   Ha, I was expecting a pic of a coworker, Wildbilly 04/16/16 12:55:54 PM
#8667   I bet your grass is nice and green, Wildbilly 04/16/16 12:55:28 PM
#8666   Where I work we only get vultures. BullNBear52 04/16/16 09:30:49 AM
#8665   Funny, yesterday I had the same thing happen TTT 04/16/16 08:07:25 AM
#8664   Speaking of urban geese, there were 3 squating Wildbilly 04/16/16 05:39:11 AM
#8663   Cool! janice shell 03/01/16 01:20:24 PM
#8662   Ye' reap what ye' sew ! ;-) EZ2 03/01/16 10:16:25 AM
#8661   Now that's an APP I'd be interested in. Gmenfan 03/01/16 10:14:07 AM
#8660   Check it out....... EZ2 03/01/16 10:11:02 AM
#8659   LOL!!!!!......yummmmmmmmm TTT 01/09/16 08:22:04 PM
#8658   That would be… a bit much. janice shell 01/09/16 08:20:53 PM
#8657   You like blood soup??? TTT 01/09/16 08:20:08 PM