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The theme and focus of this board is Technical Analysis in all of its many forms. Foremost here is Elliott Wave Principle. In my opinion the very best system for predicting turning points and market direction in every time frame is Elliott Wave. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Nothing compares with it.
Geopolitical and Economic News is of vital interest. We will all attempt to stay on topic. Posts that are not on topic are subject to deletion.

Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting, technical analysis does not result in absolute predictions about the future. Instead, technical analysis can help investors anticipate what is "likely" to happen to prices over time. Technical analysis uses a wide variety of charts that show price over time. 
Taken from StockCharts Chart School.

Please lead with the name of the person you are addressing or the topic of your post.
Personal attacks will not be tolerated and the post will be deleted.
I have a low tolerance for antagonism and your antagonistic posts will be deleted.
Differing opinions are welcome and will be treated with respect.
If you need assistance posting charts or have other questions just ask.
Please remember that everything that I say or imply on this board is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not meant
to be used in any way for trades with real money. POKERSAM

Join me in The Trading Pit  
You will get Targets, support and resistance and turning points for ST, IT and LT.
I am there all day, every trading day, to post charts, answer questions, and provide play by play commentary.  That is what is different about my website.   For a free five day trial:  Just send an Email to  with your desired user ID and password.  I will register you and respond with a link to the forum.  You are not obligated in any way.
You make no commitment to anything.  After five trading days you may subscribe or not, it is up to you.

For more information go to

"But forecasters' concerns should be not whether human response is rational or irrational, only that it is observable and systematic." Allen Greenspan
"The bottom line is that certain patterns of price movements have proved through observation over time to be consistently repeated in a systematic fashion." POKERSAM

THE FAIR TAX  Please read "About The Fair Tax" before passing judgement. I believe the more you learn about it the more you will appreciate it and become a supporter.

Always remember, "It's not done till it's over done."

If you are a "Rigged Market Conspiracist" please talk about it somewhere else.  That topic is totally off topic on this board. 

US Dept Clock

The big challenge for every American is to separate the truth from the propaganda.
What is the richest and most powerful criminal organization on the planet? 
It is the first duty of every patriot to protect and defend his country from its government.

"government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one"

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#27585   POKERSAM Some how IHUB still has your board marked TREND1 02/17/12 07:11:27 AM
#27584   TREND1 - Well I guess we still have POKERSAM 02/17/12 07:08:45 AM
#27583   TREND1 - I have already been through that. POKERSAM 02/17/12 06:12:20 AM
#27582   POKERSAM You have to create a new broad with TREND1 02/17/12 12:16:23 AM
#27581   Poker, That looks good, except that this bear market Qone0 02/16/12 11:58:34 PM
#27580   Debt bubbles and market hype *~1Best~* 02/16/12 09:25:33 PM
#27579   Pretty funny. I wonder who they r laughing at Jenna2116 02/16/12 08:44:15 PM
#27578   Just a note concerning my long term illustration. POKERSAM 02/16/12 08:26:07 PM
#27577   If you think I am crazy and that POKERSAM 02/16/12 07:38:22 PM
#27576   QE = Queen of Endless disasters *~1Best~* 02/16/12 07:33:36 PM
#27575   Qone0 - This is my long term illustration POKERSAM 02/16/12 07:12:30 PM
#27574   Poker, OK now I'm confused. Qone0 02/16/12 05:25:05 PM
#27573   You have not seen anything till you see POKERSAM 02/16/12 04:57:24 PM
#27572   Qone0- edit chart I have a 5 POKERSAM 02/16/12 04:51:48 PM
#27571   Poker, What breaking 1356.48 meant was that I was Qone0 02/16/12 04:38:42 PM
#27570   It's pathetic fundamental and technical reading except dragging *~1Best~* 02/16/12 04:16:08 PM
#27569   Qone0 - No, I am still bearish. POKERSAM 02/16/12 03:51:51 PM
#27568   $COMPX 2955.90 40.07 1.37% 1,113,351 $INDU 12896.29 115.34 0.90% 468,094 $INX 1356.73 13.50 1.01% *~1Best~* 02/16/12 01:48:08 PM
#27567   Poker your count just died. That would make Qone0 02/16/12 01:23:21 PM
#27566   OT: Addendum: On 9/8/2001, I went to WTC Observatory, then *~1Best~* 02/16/12 01:03:31 PM
#27565   SPX and Ticket to WTC : Markets will *~1Best~* 02/16/12 10:41:25 AM
#27564   POKERSAM Thanks for the EWAVE info. TREND1 02/16/12 10:04:30 AM
#27563   TREND1 - 1356.48 is the high not the POKERSAM 02/16/12 08:35:14 AM
#27562   That is 9 days we have been stuck POKERSAM 02/15/12 04:06:55 PM
#27561   Jenna2116 - If the market can make you POKERSAM 02/15/12 03:21:24 PM
#27560   Stingray - EWave is "foremost" but any type POKERSAM 02/15/12 03:09:56 PM
#27559   lol...title sez T/A...but I'll wander over to the Stingray 02/15/12 12:37:16 PM
#27558   Stingray This board is about EWAVE. TREND1 02/15/12 12:35:57 PM
#27557   Hence the handle -g- Stingray 02/15/12 12:33:09 PM
#27556   Stingray It is moves like the recent one that TREND1 02/15/12 12:30:35 PM
#27555   I keep expecting a move down...but it is Stingray 02/15/12 12:25:19 PM
#27554   Stingray That is a non confirmed negative divergence. IMHO TREND1 02/15/12 12:18:37 PM
#27553   Trend, is that negative divergence at the bottom...or, Stingray 02/15/12 12:15:47 PM
#27552   01_SPY_60 Has new high TREND1 02/15/12 12:11:15 PM
#27551   POKERSAM In EWAVE is 1356.48 based on HIGH or TREND1 02/15/12 11:00:11 AM
#27550   I think you will lose some weight sweating Jenna2116 02/15/12 07:36:19 AM