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Trying to make a move up KILLAZILLA 10/24/22 7:20 AM
Look Back to Spring/Summer 2021 when ERBB MD420 10/18/22 6:37 PM
$CURLF & $ERBB BottomBounce 10/07/22 3:17 PM
Massive Twothreetimes 10/06/22 3:50 PM
ERBB sucks. The CURA association with them is questionable Parapraxis 09/19/22 10:21 AM
$CURLF & $ERBB BottomBounce 09/13/22 11:44 PM
Oh quite the contraire. I have much to GoSing 09/09/22 12:49 AM
The guys on this board are effin idiots. Twothreetimes 09/08/22 10:51 PM
Go sing has nothing to add here. Twothreetimes 09/08/22 10:47 PM
I’m talking recent moves. That 5.74ish is history man Twothreetimes 09/08/22 10:46 PM
Ok go sing. Tell me what all knowing Twothreetimes 09/08/22 10:45 PM
or the 50 day MA = $5.74 BubbaInSC 09/08/22 11:52 AM
lol GoSing 09/07/22 4:40 PM
$6 is now critical support Twothreetimes 09/07/22 4:04 PM
Nice PPS Movement Here. BubbaInSC 08/29/22 5:53 PM
Germany will have a definitive legalization date announced StockLogistics 08/28/22 12:39 AM
Lets gonand load up every one!! Yay. Gltua stokbrokin 08/24/22 3:46 PM
Printing a bullish engulfing candle on the monthly Twothreetimes 07/22/22 9:53 AM
Maybe not today, BubbaInSC 07/21/22 10:25 AM
Let’s see if they can do it again today. Parapraxis 07/21/22 9:07 AM
Nice Breakout BubbaInSC 07/21/22 8:59 AM
Bottom is in? BubbaInSC 07/20/22 2:12 PM
Agreed Curaleaf needs to break all ties with American BubbaInSC 07/18/22 8:13 PM
Larger than normal orders filled most on the Twothreetimes 06/28/22 4:23 PM
I agree. American Green was/is a rip off Parapraxis 06/27/22 6:41 AM
Seriously. Man come on. Buy GTBIF then. Twothreetimes 06/21/22 5:04 PM
Curaleaf needs to break all ties with American MD420 06/19/22 3:25 PM
=,( GoSing 06/18/22 4:12 PM
I agree. You’re not very smart. Twothreetimes 06/16/22 11:19 AM
Well, duh. GoSing 06/16/22 1:00 AM
This stock has to hold this price otherwise Twothreetimes 06/15/22 2:59 PM
Bearish Twothreetimes 06/13/22 6:54 PM
do you think there is any chance of stockanalyze 06/11/22 9:01 PM
My analysis of the charts indicates the infamous GoSing 06/10/22 8:51 PM
Bullish Twothreetimes 06/10/22 3:22 PM
Slight possibility of an inverted head and shoulders Twothreetimes 06/10/22 12:18 PM
I guess down direction short term BubbaInSC 06/08/22 4:50 PM
Which Way Will PPS Trend? BubbaInSC 06/07/22 7:46 PM KILLAZILLA 05/29/22 10:58 PM
Child ish. Parapraxis 05/20/22 4:13 PM
No idea exlax. Don’t follow the name. Twothreetimes 05/20/22 4:07 PM
I suppose you think it better if that Parapraxis 05/17/22 3:40 PM
Probably should invest in stronger vehicles then big Twothreetimes 05/17/22 3:26 PM
At this point the money invested in CURA Twothreetimes 05/17/22 3:25 PM
True. I too want every stock I buy GoSing 05/14/22 10:01 AM
Everybody wants every stock they own to pay Parapraxis 05/14/22 9:42 AM
Nice boost today thanks to the overall market. Twothreetimes 05/13/22 4:38 PM
Gosing goforit. ?? Twothreetimes 05/13/22 11:24 AM
No but if you keep asking we're going GoSing 05/13/22 10:03 AM
“Are We There Yet?” Twothreetimes 05/13/22 7:23 AM
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Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF)

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CSE Ticker  "CURA"

 Curaleaf, Inc.
(781) 451-0150

301 Edgewater Place
Suite 405
Wakefield, MA 01880

Odyssey Trust  Corporate Trust & Transfer Agent Canada 

Phone: 587.885.0960

Welcome to CURALEAF  About Curaleaf – Curaleaf

PRESS RELEASES    Press Releases - Curaleaf, Inc. 

CBD is being sold at the largest drugstore chain in the U.S. - MarketWatch  3/20/19

Curaleaf Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018 Financial and Operational Results 3/20/19

Curaleaf Continues Aggressive Expansion West  3/18/19..Strategic Acquisition in Nevada of ACRES CANNABIS

Curaleaf  Strategic Acquisition Eureka Investment Partners LLC California Cultivation Platform 2/27/19

OTC Markets Group Welcomes Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. to OTCQX 2/19/19

Curaleaf Announces Launch of Share Buyback Program 12/5/18

Curaleaf Wins Ohio Processing License 1/11/19

Curaleaf to Participate in the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on January 16    1/11/19
Curaleaf to Webcast Live at January 30th

Curaleaf "CURLF" Share Structure
...Updated when changes occur, if possible.
A/S     Unlimited      per OTCMarkets 7/18/19

Outstanding Shares

Float     83,723,000  per OTCMarkets 9/09/2020

Quote: From  OTC Markets | CURLF     

Curaleaf Management Team
Curaleaf Investor Relations and Contacts  Contact Us – Curaleaf

Company Contact: Curaleaf™ 

Christine Rigby, SVP, Investor Relations
PH: (781) 451-0150

Investor Contact: KCSA Strategic Communications
Valter Pinto, Managing Director

PH: (212) 896-1260

Media Contact: KCSA Strategic Communications
Anne Donohoe, Managing Director

PH: (212) 896-1265

KCSA Strategic Communications....Website

Public Relations / Investor relations / Digital and Social Media / Strategy

Strategy is the roadmap towards execution.  The ideas generated by creativity are meaningless without a focused direction. Strategy is at the core of who we are. Without a plan of action, ideas would never see the light of day. A strategy that aligns with your business objectives and communications goals means you’re in control of every conversation and outcome.

SEDAR Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. LIsting Doccumentation and Financials (formerly Lead Ventures Inc.) Profile
SEDAR Associated Documents.... 4/8/2015 to Present

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. | CSE

Investor Note: In addition to the 335,120,551 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 122,170,705 shares reserved specifically for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Multiple Voting Shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed. The total number of issued shares assuming all Multiple Voting Shares are converted into the listed class would be 457,291,256.
Curaleaf Announces Closing of C$520 Million Offering and Begins Trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange Under Ticker Symbol “CURA”
Curaleaf has a footprint that spans 12 U.S. states, comprising 28 dispensaries, 12 cultivation facilities and 9 processing sites. The Company, including subsidiaries and managed entities, operates in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Oregon, with licensing pending in California and Pennsylvania. Through its team of physicians, pharmacists, medical experts and industry visionaries, the Company has developed the Curaleaf brand, a premium mainstream cannabis brand available in multiple states and product formats through its network of branded retail dispensaries.

Curaleaf CEO, Joe Lusardi, Interview  With BNN Bloomberg  10/29/18  link courtesy JCM

Curaleaf Chairman, Boris Jordan, Interview -Talks Going Public In a Wild Market For Pot Stocks  CNBC 10/31/18

New  CURLF  Dispensary Openings

Curaleaf Opens Its 23rd Florida Dispensary Featuring Miami's First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru 3/21/19

Curaleaf Celebrates Florida Dispensary Opening in Gainesville 3/21/19

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Ft. Pierce, Florida - YouTube 10/30/18  WPBF TV Channel 25 Video

Curaleaf Opens Tallahassee's Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary 11/16/18 The Money Investor Group    link courtesy jdog
Over 6400 square feet, Curaleaf's first dispensary in Tallahassee offers patients its premium medical marijuana products in a spacious, comfortable environment that includes private consultation rooms. In addition, Curaleaf now offers free daily delivery service throughout the Panhandle region.

Curaleaf Opens Long Island Medical Cannabis Dispensary – New Cannabis Ventures 1/2/19
This new location will be $CURLF$'s 36th dispensary.
The opening comes on the heels of Curaleaf New York’s expanded and affordable new product line.

Curaleaf Holdings Opens Its First Dispensary in Titusville 1/7/19   Maket Realist courtesy jcm
Today, Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) announced the opening of its first medical marijuana dispensary in Titusville and 20th medical marijuana dispensary in Florida. The company currently operates 38 dispensaries in the United States.

Curaleaf Opens Its 21st Florida Dispensary in Bonita Springs 1/9/19
BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.  a leading vertically integrated cannabis operator in the United States, today opened the first medical marijuana dispensary in Bonita Springs, a 5000 SF facility, bringing the number of Curaleaf dispensaries in the state to 21. Curaleaf has the largest cannabis dispensary footprint in the US, with 39 dispensaries across the country.

Curaleaf Expands Maryland Medical Cannabis Presence – New Cannabis Ventures 1/10/19
HMS Health, MI Health, and Elevate Takoma to Rebrand Under Curaleaf Name 
Curaleaf operates 42 dispensaries, 12 cultivation sites and 10 processing sites with a focus on highly populated, limited license states, including Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and the hot new Maryland market.
Curaleaf News - Google Image Search Links and Info

Curaleaf Holdings CEO, Lusardi, Interviews With "Midas Letter Live" 11/5/18

An interesting interview, with some revealing company info, such as branding, future propositions and expansions, share structure numbers, and mgmt ownership.... including a Float number, addressed.

Curaleaf Launches Hemp-Derived CBD Products To Sell Nationally and New E-Commerce Website

Curaleaf’s hemp-derived product line, called Curaleaf Hemp, includes soft gel capsules, lemongrass and menthol lotions, drops and vape pens in a variety of flavors and bacon-flavored pet drops. The products will be available across its dispensaries and through a new ecommerce site.

Curaleaf  New E-Commerce Website

Curaleaf Hemp Product Line Images  and FAQs - Simplify your life

Curaleaf Hemp products include:

  • DROPS:  CBD oil in droplet forms mixed with natural essential oils; available in Lemon Bergamot, Lavender Sweet Orange, Ginger Clove Cinnamon, Vanilla Ylang Ylang and Jasmine Wintergreen
    LOTIONS:   Topical cream for everyday pain relief; available in Lemongrass and Menthol
    SOFT-GEL CAPSULES:   Convenient capsules perfect for daily use
    DISPOSABLE VAPE PENS:   On-the-go vape pens; available in Lemon Bergamot, Lavender Sweet Orange, Ginger Clove Cinnamon, Vanilla Ylang Ylang and Jasmine Wintergreen

Curaleaf - Hanover Ma. MARIJUANA DISPENSARY MENU....Leafly

68 "MENU" items...... detailed with THC/CBD percentages, strains, brands, and a professional presentation.

NY marijuana dispensary Curaleaf seeks to start Delivery Service  News 12 Video

Curaleaf, aggressively seeking additional market share, through increased "consumer convenience"!!

News 12 Hudson Valley, NY orange County VIDEO 11/12/18
A cannabis dispensary in Orange County is looking to become the GrubHub of medical marijuana for patients across the Hudson Valley.


Curaleaf Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018 Financial and Operational Results  3/20/19

BlackRock Funds Invest 11 Mil in Curaleaf  - BNN Bloomberg  3/21/2019






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