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As of Oct 2013 I made a major shift in my trading to Phase Charts.  I then stopped all my trading with SR60 and F85 although I still use the signals with Phase Trading when the timing is right. I feel that this is a good time to stop using this board to describe and document my trading. This board has operated very well of late as a general board and I like that.  I plan to continue posting my general comments on this board just as before, but starting today, Oct 28, I will post all my comments about Phase Trading on a new board that I have created, CYCLE TRADING.

In Dec 2010, this board was given a new name.  It was formerly the CSG board for the people from Clearstation (CS). The aim of this board is to openly share our trading methods, and help each other make money. It is important that all posters are respectful and while questions may arise about what is posted, responses should never turn personal.  You are encouraged to post charts or other visuals to share your ideas.  All ideas on this board are free to use or share as you see fit.  No subscriptions needed.  If what you learn here helps you, please give to the charity of your choice.


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Disclaimer: Several trading systems will be presented and discussed on this board over time.  While it may appear that the systems are successful, that is no indication that they will be successful for you.  You alone are responsible for doing your own due diligence to prove to yourself that you can be successful with a trading system.  No one who presents their views of how to trade can be responsible for your success or failure.

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#76054  Sticky Note In case someone missed the change that I Duma 02/18/14 01:53:21 PM
#60231   >> Just saying Be Careful, "stops" spdpro 01/11/12 12:50:53 PM
#60230   Yes, but it usually leads. Duma 01/11/12 12:48:58 PM
#60229   R2K is the only thing that is up, spdpro 01/11/12 12:47:56 PM
#60228   ??? today is strange spdpro 01/11/12 12:47:05 PM
#60227   Tried a couple of trades that went nowhere. Duma 01/11/12 12:45:42 PM
#60226   too messy today spdpro 01/11/12 11:34:04 AM
#60225   07:39 TZA 24.32 spdpro 01/11/12 07:40:37 AM
#60224   AH lockup TZA 24.18 spdpro 01/10/12 09:06:17 PM
#60223   I'm still in, not concerned spdpro 01/10/12 03:01:08 PM
#60221   gotta agree there, twilight zone episode 666 spdpro 01/10/12 02:05:12 PM
#60220   Profit taking could drive the market down now Duma 01/10/12 01:59:52 PM
#60219   nice, that works, still thinking this gap fills spdpro 01/10/12 01:23:57 PM
#60218   In @ 23.91. We'll see if this Duma 01/10/12 12:19:39 PM
#60217   Duma > looking that way, I'll see if spdpro 01/10/12 11:31:14 AM
#60216   I'm waiting for that reverse. Tried a Duma 01/10/12 11:22:30 AM
#60215   hoppa > same ole game, different day, the spdpro 01/10/12 10:23:40 AM
#60214   Would lead to a head fake before a grasshoppah 01/10/12 10:09:36 AM
#60213   Desert > if gap is huge like today spdpro 01/10/12 10:08:24 AM
#60212   That's a very good answer! Do you desertcynlite 01/10/12 09:59:23 AM
#60211   Desert > I always use the MA's thru spdpro 01/10/12 09:54:34 AM
#60210   we shall see spdpro 01/10/12 09:48:05 AM
#60209   I suppose a false break of the wedges grasshoppah 01/10/12 09:45:36 AM
#60208   I don't trade before RH so I don't gloe 01/10/12 09:33:11 AM
#60207   I'm curious how everyone is using the extended desertcynlite 01/10/12 08:54:46 AM
#60206   if we catch even 50% of a gap spdpro 01/10/12 08:16:05 AM
#60205   AA earnings have definitely been an excuse for grasshoppah 01/10/12 07:51:27 AM
#60204   oops, let see if I can peddle my spdpro 01/10/12 07:40:38 AM
#60203   you mean you're short here spd? grasshoppah 01/10/12 07:22:19 AM
#60202   Hope it works out for you. I Duma 01/09/12 11:38:26 PM
#60201   Rolling the Dice for AM, I don't see spdpro 01/09/12 08:30:46 PM
#60200   Later, I'm holding on this 750 load with spdpro 01/09/12 01:07:25 PM
#60199   Duma > excellent, looks super topped out here spdpro 01/09/12 12:39:31 PM
#60198   Way late on my exit and long entry. Duma 01/09/12 12:37:44 PM
#60197   thanx spdpro 01/09/12 11:38:20 AM
#60196   Saw it all right before my TOS eyes. LKB Trader 01/09/12 11:24:04 AM
#60195   a couple of min early spdpro 01/09/12 11:23:33 AM
#60194   Out 11:14:02 TZA 500 @ 25.621 spdpro 01/09/12 11:16:31 AM
#60193   10:41 25.06 for me. Duma 01/09/12 11:10:19 AM
#60192   ditto on the comment LKB Trader 01/09/12 10:59:28 AM
#60191   Looking good, Spdpro LKB Trader 01/09/12 10:59:24 AM
#60190   In 10:31 TZA 500 @24.99 spdpro 01/09/12 10:41:51 AM
#60189   Looking for TZA 25.07 or lower for fill spdpro 01/09/12 08:18:53 AM
#60188   Hmmm, wait and watch time again spdpro 01/09/12 07:54:03 AM
#60187   See Ya in the early AM spdpro 01/08/12 11:27:36 PM
#60186   Looking at a 5min TF chart, it look Duma 01/08/12 11:17:14 PM
#60185   Ratz at play, ES 1269.25 / TF 744.00, spdpro 01/08/12 08:46:03 PM
#60184   Yes Duma the June and Aug VTO trades Y worry Murray 01/08/12 12:12:13 PM
#60183   OpEx SPY 122, will see how that plays out spdpro 01/08/12 12:02:20 PM
#60182   MACD weekly went neg week ending 8/5 and Duma 01/08/12 11:23:32 AM
#60181   There is never going to be any perfection gloe 01/08/12 10:08:10 AM