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Investors Hub Trading Application

Dear iHubbers, we are pleased to announce a brand new site feature which allows you to securely connect your iHub account to an E*trade account (if you have one) and perform trades directly through iHub. I expect most of you have noticed the new "T" button on the bottom right of the page which is the access point to the "Stock Order Page" once you have connected your accounts.
We understand that not all iHub users have an E*trade account but we needed to start this project somewhere. It would be helpful to us if we could have all the feedback possible in making this new service work for all ihub users. So if you are interested in trading through iHub but have a different broker to E*trade, please let us know who it is and we will start to work on bringing them.
If you would like to use the service but do not have an E*trade account you can apply on the following page -

Allow us to answer a few questions which have already been raised:

What is an API?
API stands for Application Program Interface, and it is an online industry practice that enables two or more software applications to connect to each other in a secure environment - In this case allowing Investors Hub Users access to the E*trade platform via the Ihub Website. For more information on E*trades own API program please follow this link -

Why can I not close the "T" button completely?
For the first 30 days we wanted to make sure every existing user and all new users to iHub became aware of this new feature so we decided to have a minimize function instead of a close function on the "T" button. We felt the floating button on the bottom right hand side of the page when minimized does not interfere with the top navigation nor does it impede the reading experience of iHub pages. We would welcome comments from users on different placements on how to access the "Stock Order Page", for example, would you prefer for a simple "trade" text link in the navigation etc etc….

Is the application secure?
Trading through the iHub/E*trade API is as secure as trading through your normal E*Trade account, in-fact there is an extra security step within the logging in process - a verification key is obtained from your E*trade account which you then submit to access E*trade through iHub.
The process is explained on the following page:

Lastly and as always we will listen to your views and adapt this new and exciting service to fit them accordingly - please keep the feed-back coming.

#95   I would love it if this could also siddin 05/18/12 04:10:38 AM
#93   nice, thx. I never saw this option lol. Lucky_Charm$ 02/21/12 10:13:30 AM
#92 IH Admin [Shelly] 02/21/12 09:27:50 AM
#91   Did you see the link at the top IH Admin [Shelly] 02/21/12 09:15:52 AM
#90   any updates on when the "link" should be Lucky_Charm$ 02/20/12 11:22:19 PM
#89   lol, thought it was supposed to be gone Lucky_Charm$ 02/15/12 04:20:04 PM
#88   Yep, so much for getting rid of it. Ichauway 02/15/12 01:38:11 PM
#87   the link is still showing. Lucky_Charm$ 02/11/12 02:30:48 AM
#86   No thanks. Dont trust my info being secured Lucky_Charm$ 02/11/12 02:29:06 AM
#85   You need a ST button than.. imo. You Penny Roger$ 02/09/12 02:02:34 AM
#84   Who is #1...ST welderscott 02/09/12 12:28:56 AM
#83   Thanks! ADVFN Support [Erwin] 02/02/12 10:15:17 AM
#82   8/10 Erwin, I like your style THE_YAK 02/01/12 10:04:13 PM
#81   Happy to hear that. Ichauway 02/01/12 04:29:41 PM
#80   Bless you Shelly. LexTrader 02/01/12 11:23:30 AM
#79   Good news! Those Premium members that don't IH Admin [Shelly] 02/01/12 11:06:29 AM
#78   My understanding is that embedded videos go pooof Ichauway 02/01/12 10:10:31 AM
#77   use "adblock plus" and all the ads goooooo PROPHET-of-PROFITS 02/01/12 09:19:46 AM
#76   You read my mind! pos_stock_hoarder 02/01/12 09:13:46 AM
#75   I do not like the idea of creating farfromrich 02/01/12 08:44:29 AM
#74   Unneeded, unwanted, undesirable IMO. Hole shot King 02/01/12 06:35:11 AM
#73   not what I paid for........ Ichauway 02/01/12 03:22:33 AM
#72   well not being able to turn it off Trinityz1 02/01/12 02:02:20 AM
#71   That's all fine for someone that wants to Essence Of Wealth 02/01/12 01:52:19 AM
#70   Very Bad Idea! gap434 01/31/12 11:45:30 PM
#69   Exactly. Whoever sold ihub this idea is laughing timmage 01/31/12 10:39:48 PM
#68   I can express my opinion of your new asdfghj 01/31/12 10:14:00 PM
#67   that helmet wont help that mouse any...he gets V63 01/31/12 08:28:02 PM
#66   I still don't get why anyone would want Ichauway 01/31/12 08:25:00 PM
#65   make one for scottrade...since half the stocks if V63 01/31/12 08:22:24 PM
#64   If I used Etrade, I would feel a LexTrader 01/31/12 07:18:29 PM
#63   E-trade video ---> Penny Roger$ 01/31/12 06:41:59 PM
#61   Ask stratfor about that. timmage 01/31/12 05:08:16 PM
#60   I understand that some will like and use Ichauway 01/31/12 04:22:33 PM
#59   Tabbed browsing is the way to go. This Ichauway 01/31/12 04:19:45 PM
#58   I'm no programmer but feel very confident that IH Admin [Shelly] 01/31/12 04:08:42 PM
#57   Ihub does not use https. Seems like a timmage 01/31/12 04:04:33 PM
#56   I personally think that the button is an Penny Roger$ 01/31/12 03:55:38 PM
#55   From the iBox and first post here: IH Admin [Shelly] 01/31/12 03:54:50 PM
#54   And we would want a secure trading site timmage 01/31/12 03:13:20 PM
#53   I'm very interested in hearing from someone who IH Admin [Shelly] 01/31/12 03:03:42 PM
#52   If it's just a click-thru put it as timmage 01/31/12 03:02:47 PM
#51   We never see your login credentials. You enter IH Geek [Ben] 01/31/12 02:47:00 PM
#50   In the past new features were often introduced ergo sum 01/31/12 02:44:17 PM
#48 There are things I don't care for ADVFN Support [Erwin] 01/31/12 02:41:43 PM
#47   But then again, it's actually your-Job-to-like-it. Essence Of Wealth 01/31/12 02:40:08 PM
#46   I actually like it. It would be very ADVFN Support [Erwin] 01/31/12 02:28:58 PM
#45   Indeed :) PENNYBUSTER 01/31/12 01:58:32 PM
#44   Didn't Jimmie Rodgers sing that too? Stock 01/31/12 01:57:55 PM
#43   hey! Hank sang it better, almost Stock 01/31/12 01:55:45 PM