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Where is the asshole JEFF BENZ now? shajandr 02/22/23 11:52 PM
glow seriously SHIBA.???? hahaha. The only that has WallWeeD 09/26/22 9:24 PM
Hey KR, I hope all is going well I-Glow 12/08/21 8:37 PM
no idea but there was 8x the normal ShizlDizl 11/29/21 9:56 AM
Hello brother iglow hope you are well! It's thecryptomarket 08/11/21 1:37 PM
The SKTO shell has been abandoned - it I-Glow 07/30/21 3:03 PM
There is basically no difference between the greys I-Glow 07/30/21 2:43 PM
Expert market (Private market to serve broker-dealer glens0 07/29/21 3:49 PM
What's the Expert Market? Never heard of it. rtrstock 07/29/21 3:43 PM
Here is a phone # 917-912-6906. I don't glens0 07/27/21 9:33 PM
I want to know if they have plans rtrstock 06/22/21 5:42 PM
#LOTTOPLAY Motba 06/18/21 7:53 PM
Is there a new management team, anyone knows? bcarefulwhatuwish4 06/18/21 4:09 PM
Can't afford at this time and would need bcarefulwhatuwish4 06/18/21 4:05 PM
So you wouldn't recommend buying? rtrstock 06/18/21 4:00 PM
This turd is tradable now. Check with your bcarefulwhatuwish4 06/18/21 3:57 PM
OTC BOUT TO BOOMAGE!!!!! Motba 06/18/21 3:07 PM
HELLO?!!!!??!?! Motba 06/18/21 3:06 PM
Can someone explain what's goin' on here? Won't bcarefulwhatuwish4 06/17/21 4:30 PM
There isn't a company - 2 of the I-Glow 06/02/21 7:44 PM
Says accepting closing transactions only, can't buy this rtrstock 06/01/21 9:07 AM
Honestly, I don't know the details, but we're rtrstock 05/25/21 10:29 AM
Did anyone else wonder why a turd such bcarefulwhatuwish4 05/03/21 1:24 PM
To my understanding, with the SEC's new rule bcarefulwhatuwish4 05/03/21 1:18 PM
Can anyone say Rest in Peace SKTO lol bcarefulwhatuwish4 05/03/21 1:15 PM
Anyone else wonder if this will bounce back rtrstock 05/02/21 11:47 PM
When the S/P reached around .0008 a while bcarefulwhatuwish4 04/22/21 2:34 PM
Well said. If it's possible, for a market bcarefulwhatuwish4 04/22/21 2:19 PM
Well it all depends on what we paint ShizlDizl 04/21/21 12:04 PM
So you’re thinking David may have taking this Stock Guy777 04/21/21 10:33 AM
What!? Stock Guy777 04/21/21 10:30 AM
You would hope that the governor, some insiders bcarefulwhatuwish4 04/16/21 5:29 PM
You seem to have an agenda-- the guv ShizlDizl 04/14/21 10:56 PM
Gavin Newsom , Governor California endorsed this shell Pyramid2 04/14/21 10:08 PM
It's true, unfortunately. I didn't lose much ShizlDizl 04/14/21 11:35 AM
Yes, many lost their a$$ following others and Rebel In The FDG 04/11/21 8:55 AM
The Larry King interview was beautiful. Then I-Glow 04/10/21 9:31 PM
SKTO is CE - it is on the I-Glow 04/10/21 9:23 PM
This is so funny!!! Thanks for the laugh. Budd Kind 04/09/21 3:54 PM
This scam made me lose thousands in 2015. PennyXpert 02/25/21 4:12 PM
How high can this go surfgreen 02/11/21 11:15 AM
Lolol it was a fun time for sure BigCloser 02/11/21 9:40 AM
IKR! Lol! 2013 WAS its year..... Good times $$thousands$$ SKTO Rebel In The FDG 02/10/21 6:13 PM
if this comes alive lmao idk what to BigCloser 02/10/21 5:30 PM
It was only a matter of time until Rebel In The FDG 02/10/21 1:31 PM
The whole OTC is coming back! LOL probably Stock Guy777 02/10/21 12:17 PM
Lol that would be epic BigCloser 02/10/21 11:52 AM
I heard the ticker is coming back as sydog13 02/10/21 11:48 AM
Lol something is up for sure BigCloser 02/10/21 11:42 AM
909.17% ..... thank you SKTO! SKTO SKTO2013 Rebel In The FDG 02/10/21 9:39 AM
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SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO)

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6/6/14 AEGY and SKTO -  SEC Suspensions: 






About SK3 Group, Inc.

SK3 Group, Inc. is a healthcare logistics and fulfillment consultancy and manager focused on delivery of alternative care and medicine. With seasoned management, breakthrough technology and best practices, SK3 brings standardization and transparency to a fast growing and economically valuable segment of the alternative care field.



IHUB SKTO news feed
OTC Markets company filings

Kevin Allyn, Chairman of the Board


Kevin Allyn, Chairman (pictured with Bill Gates, Gov. Schwarzenegger, Pres. Clinton, Beatles' Ringo Starr) has broad experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur in entertainment, television, film, music, sports, licensing, and talent management. Mr. Allyn was formerly a president of King World Productions, one of the most successful television companies in history. King World is the leading worldwide distributor of first-run programming, including the two highest-rated, first-run strips in syndication, "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy," as well as "Oprah," 'CSI," "Inside Edition," "Dr. Phil," "Everbody Loves Raymond," "Hollywood Squares," and "The Little Rascals." Mr. Allyn's legendary list of contacts, his ability to innovate and his management expertise allow us to form a team that can scale effectively into the lucrative MMJ market. Advisor to companies that include multi-billion dollar public and private firms.

Jeffrey Benz, M.B.A., J.D.,General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business, Legal, and Government Affairs, has broad experience as a senior executive, lawyer, and entrepreneur in entertainment, sports, licensing, intellectual property, and technology. Jeff is Fox Sports TV legal analyst and has been a trusted advisor to a variety of companies, both private and public. He has advised a number of high-profile executives. Among other things, Mr. Benz was the General Counsel and head of business and government affairs for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, and a variety of private companies in sports, entertainment (television, film, and online), and technology (mobile phone applications, computer software and hardware, and medical devices), and has lead high profile legal and operational functions in a wide array of industries, including internationally. Jeff's extraordinary experience and background, and his legal leadership skills, uniquely fit our current needs and will lead SKTO into lucrative new markets. Mr. Benz received B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Michigan and Juris Doctor degree from the University of Texas. Mr. Benz is an also accomplished arbitrator and mediator, and has served as a private judge in, among other things, disputes over athlete-doping issues in sports, having led the function of anti-doping at the USOC when he was there.

 Michael Choo, Director of Operations, has over 30+ years of experience in healthcare with expertise in Operational Executive Management, Hospital Turnarounds, Hospital Acquisitions, and Ground Floor Start-ups. He is presently the Chief Executive Officer for Pacific Health Corp and previously served as Principal, Managing Partner, President & Chief Executive Officer of Integra Healthcare, Inc., Principal, Managing Partner, & Chairman of The Board of Directors of Doctors' Hospital of Shreveport, and Principal, Managing Partner & Senior Vice President of Operations for Ethicus Healthcare Management, LLC. Mr. Choo was also previously the Senior Vice President of Promise Healthcare, Inc., Chief Executive Officer of Promise Specialty Hospital of Shreveport, Chief Executive Officer of HealthSouth in Reno, and Vice President of NPSI. In addition, Mr. Choo was a director at Alternative Energy Partners, and serves as a director at ALZM Allezoe Medical Holdings, now under NOHO Novation Holdings.

Roy Laughlin, Director of Media Relations, was the General Manager of Clear Channel Los Angeles and Magic Broadcasting. Mr. Laughlin led KIIS-FM to the #1 billing radio station in the US for 9 years. As Market Manager of the CCLA 8 stations, he delivered record billing of $300 million annually.  Mr. Laughlin and his brother launched GAP Broadcasting in 2006 which purchased 52 stations from Clear Channel in Texas for $139M (GAP later merged into TownSquare Media). Laughlin continues as an equity partner in Rincon Broadcasting which he co-founded with Sr. Partner John Hearne through the purchase of the Santa Barbara Clear Channel Cluster in 2006. Mr. Laughlin also re-launched the Steve Harvey Radio Show in L.A. Radio while upgrading the signal at 93.5 KDAY / 93.5 KDAI. Mr. Laughlin later teamed up with Mr. Hearne to purchase
KQIE-FM Q104.7, an additional FM move into the Riverside/San Bernardino market in 2010.

SK3 Group (SKTO) Website

SKTO/Medical Greens Twitter:

SKTO/Medical Greens:

Berkeley Bio-Organics Research Laboratories (SKTO acquisition)

Kevin Allyn Assembling Greatest Business Minds

SKTO Reports Q2 Revenues of $13.7 Mil, Up $8.6 Mil Over Q1 Revenues
SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO) Retains Research and IR Firm Rubicon Capital Advisors
SKTO Announces Auditor Engagement    
SKTO Announces Merger Approval and Change of Company Name, CUSIP and Ticker
SKTO Chairman Allyn and D. Gold Guests on Rick Dees Nationwide Radio Show

 Larry King to Interview SKTO Chairman Kevin Allyn on Ora.TV / RT Network

SKTO Announces Record Date (06/05/2013) for AEGY Stock Dividend

SKTO Announces Stock Dividend of AEGY Shares

SKTO Secures Additional Acres for the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana
SKTO to Acquire Major Medical Cannabis Research Firm

SKTO Secures Over 40 Acres to Develop State-of-the-Art Growing Facilities
SKTO Bridges the Gap Between Collectives and Patients
SKTO Signs Accomplished Legal Executive Jeff Benz
SKTO Announces $30 Million in New Contracts

SKTO Announces New Chairman
SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO) Announces Acquisition of Medical Cannabis Company

This information box is not maintained by SK3 Group, Inc. and is intended solely as a quick information source.  Invest in stocks at your own risk. For up-to-date information on SK3 Group, Inc.,  please visit company website:
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