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Who is buying 4s when they are dumping CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 09/22/2021 03:12:32 PM
ENSC morning S-1A ORIONS Money Stocks 09/22/2021 07:15:36 AM
ENSC halted up? ORIONS Money Stocks 09/21/2021 02:02:28 PM
Sitting on the sideline ORIONS Money Stocks 09/20/2021 02:50:23 PM
Yep ORIONS Money Stocks 09/14/2021 01:54:29 PM
I’m sitting mostly cash until debt ceiling raised. ORIONS Money Stocks 09/14/2021 01:50:53 PM
Hope so, have plenty of cash on hand ORIONS Money Stocks 09/10/2021 04:19:11 PM
Yep, MKD looking good going into next week ORIONS Money Stocks 09/10/2021 01:43:35 PM
Looks like anyone wanting 3s are getting them today. CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 09/10/2021 01:28:10 PM
May want to add MKD to that list. ORIONS Money Stocks 09/10/2021 11:53:06 AM
NMTC halted on FDA news. May move ORIONS Money Stocks 09/07/2021 02:26:40 PM
Any what? Lol ORIONS Money Stocks 09/02/2021 11:46:37 AM
Don’t understand why they would convert at fixed Alkame Holdings Inc. (ALKM) 09/01/2021 08:32:09 AM
PMCB picked some up at $3.93 for a scalp ORIONS Money Stocks 08/19/2021 10:12:16 AM
Thanks, will put a couple of buys in ORIONS Money Stocks 08/19/2021 07:51:54 AM
PMCB, whats a good price to get in? ORIONS Money Stocks 08/19/2021 07:44:31 AM
Good luck, hope it works out for you again. BB's Stock Haven 08/17/2021 04:53:17 PM
It’s a prop bid to get people to BB's Stock Haven 08/17/2021 04:44:32 PM
Congrats so far on your MRNA buy. ORIONS Money Stocks 08/12/2021 09:08:18 AM
There’s a big gap around $260-$270, good luck, ORIONS Money Stocks 08/11/2021 03:39:58 PM
ITP, looks like it could breakout soon, in ORIONS Money Stocks 08/10/2021 11:37:22 AM
GXXM, anyone have a clue what is driving BB's Stock Haven 08/09/2021 10:39:36 PM
What’s happening over here? Stock has been GEX Management Inc. (GXXM) 08/09/2021 01:36:19 PM
Both have great potential if they lay off Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. (GRSO) 08/07/2021 12:37:21 PM
Lots of volume/dilution. You think it’s over CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 08/07/2021 12:15:56 PM
What makes the stock you are excited about Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. (GRSO) 08/07/2021 12:14:35 PM
Between 25-30 billion most likely. CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 08/06/2021 12:23:49 PM
Many many billions CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 08/06/2021 12:22:32 PM
Don’t worry, it should fill before end of CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 08/06/2021 12:12:52 PM
I doubt no bid, but 2s or 3s Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. (GRSO) 08/05/2021 04:36:19 PM
More dilution on the way, wait for 4s now. Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. (GRSO) 08/05/2021 04:30:23 PM
MMAT running ORIONS Money Stocks 08/05/2021 09:07:43 AM
Metx moving ORIONS Money Stocks 08/04/2021 11:37:23 AM
Bought some BDSI, migraine play ORIONS Money Stocks 08/04/2021 07:41:06 AM
HJLI, next PURA? ORIONS Money Stocks 08/03/2021 08:19:46 AM
MDIA, moving after a halt, no idea why ORIONS Money Stocks 08/02/2021 11:40:53 AM
I will survive being in 90% cash. ORIONS Money Stocks 07/29/2021 09:05:57 PM
Black Monday 2011 refers to August 8, 2011, ORIONS Money Stocks 07/29/2021 09:03:20 PM
Remember what happened in 2011? ORIONS Money Stocks 07/29/2021 08:51:26 PM
It definitely can spook the market into a ORIONS Money Stocks 07/29/2021 08:33:31 PM

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