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$TSLA, Iconic investor Ron Baron says that Elon Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 09/16/2021 01:50:17 AM
Watch "SOFI STOCK - THIS COULD BE NEXT... SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/16/2021 01:08:01 AM
Yes, I am rolling with the ups/downs, buying SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/15/2021 03:15:24 PM
$SOFI, "Get your Money Right!" SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/15/2021 11:26:26 AM
PSFE, Paysafe more good news. Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/15/2021 07:03:23 AM
$CZR, Caesars PT $137, Wells Fargo Caesars Entertainment Corp (CZR) 09/15/2021 06:11:44 AM
MSFT, very nice. Microsoft (MSFT) 09/14/2021 09:38:09 PM
Well, hanging strong. Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/14/2021 09:18:42 PM
Yes, I just bought a starter , myself. Joby Aviation Inc (JOBY) 09/14/2021 12:01:27 PM
I was aware of JOBY Avaition, but was Joby Aviation Inc (JOBY) 09/14/2021 10:31:51 AM
$WISH, Cafe24 integrates Wish, expanding sales channels in Contextlogic Inc (WISH) 09/13/2021 09:00:18 AM
SOFI, Check out @memphart message on StockTwits http://stocktwits.com/memphart/message/378858491 SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/12/2021 08:59:31 PM
$WISH, Jackie Reses (Square, Yahoo, Goldman, Baba, Affirm) Contextlogic Inc (WISH) 09/12/2021 11:46:38 AM
Educational Assistance Programs / SoFi at Work SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/12/2021 07:11:23 AM
$SOFI, Check out @scisector9 message on StockTwits http://stocktwits.com/scisector9/message/37870725 SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/11/2021 07:13:14 PM
I woke up this morning, was having coffee. America First 09/11/2021 10:31:30 AM
9-11 today, filter out all the noise, disruption, America First 09/11/2021 10:24:15 AM
Thanks for posting the Avory Research on WISH. Contextlogic Inc (WISH) 09/11/2021 08:55:51 AM
Lol, but on this subject, it is soo Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/11/2021 07:25:18 AM
SOFI, Our Leadership Team / SoFi SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/11/2021 07:07:50 AM
Exactly! I kind of understand this bs that Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/10/2021 08:45:45 PM
$CZR, Caesars Entertainment, Inc. will have a price Caesars Entertainment Corp (CZR) 09/10/2021 07:45:37 AM
Check out @MankindCap message on StockTwits http://stocktwits.com/MankindCap/mes SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/10/2021 07:39:43 AM
This is how I feel: America First 09/10/2021 06:41:23 AM
I had the 'Freedom' to get a Flu America First 09/10/2021 06:25:07 AM
Crooked biden, is trying to be tougher on America First 09/10/2021 06:13:39 AM
SOFI & SQ, Square 10 yr Partnership! SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/10/2021 05:49:11 AM
$SOFI, money dance! SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/10/2021 02:31:41 AM
The NFL Super Bowl will be held at SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/10/2021 01:25:15 AM
PSFE, Paysafe,....2 Growth Stocks Crushing Dogecoin as a Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/10/2021 01:04:28 AM
Bears vs Rams at SOFI Stadium Inglewood Calif. SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI) 09/10/2021 12:07:07 AM
WISH, https://www.wish.com/local Contextlogic Inc (WISH) 09/09/2021 02:28:48 PM
Yes, cool...I like them, too. Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/09/2021 02:06:02 PM
Americans will bet over $20 billion on NFL Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/09/2021 10:58:07 AM
CZR, Caesars has $3 Billion coming for sale Caesars Entertainment Corp (CZR) 09/09/2021 09:09:16 AM
PSFE, we have so many Partnerships and Acquistions, Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/09/2021 08:42:19 AM
Paysafe Enhances Partnership with Betfred USA; Street Says Buy....PSFE. Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/09/2021 08:21:47 AM
Of course. :) Paysafe Ltd (PSFE) 09/09/2021 06:34:17 AM
So my conspiracy theory in me....thinks china once America First 09/09/2021 04:26:55 AM
I agree! The dem wits blame everything that America First 09/09/2021 04:24:34 AM

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