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Posts by Bradshmj10BoardDate/Time
Says you. I'll continue accumulating here. IMD Companies, Inc (ICBU) 11/01/2020 11:02:08 PM
It's always the same. Somebody says it won't IMD Companies, Inc (ICBU) 10/29/2020 05:20:53 PM
Looking for 500%-1000% gains from here. IMD Companies, Inc (ICBU) 10/29/2020 12:24:34 PM
Just leave if you hate this stock so Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) 10/01/2020 12:27:26 PM
Much appreciated Georgie. Creative Realities Inc. (CREX) 09/01/2020 10:29:48 AM
Why $10 from a technical standpoint Georgie? Thank Creative Realities Inc. (CREX) 09/01/2020 09:26:45 AM
Startusingspacesbetweenyourwordsforstarters Premier Products Group Inc. (PMPG) 11/02/2019 08:22:47 PM
Will see this one through the early part Embarr Downs, Inc. (EMBR) 10/23/2019 06:00:49 PM
Have you got an estimate of the time Peer To Peer Network (PTOP) 10/22/2019 03:27:26 PM
So essentially we're expecting another big move like Peer To Peer Network (PTOP) 10/22/2019 04:34:02 AM
I agree. The best thing for any new Peer To Peer Network (PTOP) 04/19/2019 08:25:06 AM
FHAI with Lazar will be reinstated within a David Lazar, OTC SPAC’s/CUSTODIAN Plays 04/02/2019 07:38:43 AM
I really don't think so. A gap-up is Richland Resources Intl. Group Inc. (RIGG) 03/31/2019 03:47:02 PM
NTAH 19 filings dropped on 30/03 Custodianship - Reinstatement - Mergers - R/S Denied 03/31/2019 08:19:37 AM
BOOM FILINGS JUST HIT 2000-2018 Richland Resources Intl. Group Inc. (RIGG) 03/30/2019 05:17:25 PM
A brief pps appreciation on those filings allowed National Asset Recovery Corp (REPO) 03/27/2019 09:07:04 PM
BOOM reinstatement! Maxima Group Inc. (MXMG) 03/26/2019 05:27:22 PM
People will chase on filings which will presumably Richland Resources Intl. Group Inc. (RIGG) 03/23/2019 09:18:25 PM
Agreed. For TRDX and EORZ it took around National Asset Recovery Corp (REPO) 03/23/2019 03:42:00 PM
BOOM TIME!! Richland Resources Intl. Group Inc. (RIGG) 03/21/2019 05:24:00 PM
Maybe it'll move more when the reinstatement hits. Trip Technologies Inc. (TRPS) 03/18/2019 02:47:07 PM
Are you still going to hold man? ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 03/11/2019 10:15:13 AM
Just a bit lol. ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 03/10/2019 04:46:47 PM
Why are you here posting more than anyone else? Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 03/10/2019 07:28:45 AM
Some idiot(s) are dumping shares in the 0.005s Ilustrato Pictures International, Inc. (ILUS) 03/07/2019 04:02:11 PM
You've made your point. Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 02/27/2019 11:09:35 AM
It wouldn't surprise me to see it pre-market tomorrow. Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 02/26/2019 06:16:46 PM
Did he mention how soon can we expect it? Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 02/26/2019 05:32:30 PM
He sold around 1 M shares back in ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 02/25/2019 07:55:06 PM
If the idiot holds off selling and we ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 02/25/2019 07:48:03 PM
I think we rebound hard soon. ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 02/25/2019 06:08:24 PM
I feel confident that this will blow past Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 02/23/2019 04:46:47 AM
Thanks for the shares at 0.0117. Thunder Energies Corp. (TNRG) 02/22/2019 07:05:04 PM
FHAI was trading at double this yesterday. ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 02/21/2019 01:25:50 PM
Thank you for the shares at 0.004. It Fountain Healthy Aging Inc. (FHAI) 02/21/2019 09:36:30 AM
Hmmm I wonder why the ss was updated DTS8 Coffee Co., Ltd. (fka BKCT) 02/19/2019 01:04:23 PM
Very nice share structure down here. Maxima Group Inc. (MXMG) 02/19/2019 06:49:10 AM
Is this the first trading day that traders The next BIG CUSTODIAN play 02/19/2019 06:13:10 AM
It is strange how this is down. It Richland Resources Intl. Group Inc. (RIGG) 02/16/2019 04:34:43 PM
Good to see you my friend some of Demand Brands Inc. (DMAN) 02/13/2019 12:57:34 PM

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