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Posts by chilar4567BoardDate/Time
Else Prepares to Launch Wide Range of Nutrition Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/27/2021 08:36:11 AM
Fun day in PAYSLAND. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/24/2021 04:10:52 PM
jp It continues to mistify me that there are Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/24/2021 12:12:08 PM
lot of paranoid people still walking around all Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/24/2021 10:54:45 AM
Mr D, glad to see you're back on Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/24/2021 10:14:49 AM
HE'S BACK: Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/23/2021 01:23:04 PM
bot @ 2.71, bidding 2.70. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/23/2021 01:21:36 PM
OK, jp, I'm on the bid. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/23/2021 09:48:28 AM
Janey, nowadays, it's whatever you feel like. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/17/2021 04:00:59 PM
Blonde wig will complete the transformation. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/17/2021 02:43:18 PM
Seller faded, now @ 1.92 Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/17/2021 02:39:20 PM
WOW, If that person decides to let it Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/17/2021 01:14:08 PM
WOW, only effective if you've got the whole Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/17/2021 09:46:16 AM
pual, The good news is you've opened the Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/17/2021 09:43:38 AM
just rummaged around my closets, found and dusted Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/16/2021 01:31:30 PM
pual, why don't you drop a note to IR: Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/14/2021 07:25:04 PM
jp, I DK, but feel free to call Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/10/2021 12:56:52 PM
5,000,000 SHARES ALREADY TODAY. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/10/2021 11:16:51 AM
A few of us here have a daddy Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/09/2021 09:37:07 PM
WELCOME IN ADVANCE TO ALL NEW VISITORS. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/09/2021 09:06:09 PM
Sold em way to early, but didn't really Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/09/2021 06:31:03 PM
WOW, Apparently college kids are donors, they need Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/09/2021 12:12:02 PM
couldn't stop myself from buying a few. What Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/08/2021 02:12:54 PM
new low. )-; Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/08/2021 01:25:32 PM
Seeking Alpha Article: Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/07/2021 10:37:21 AM
From time to time, I check to see Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/02/2021 03:26:06 PM
Else Nutrition to Expand into Roche Bros. with Else Nutrition (BABYF) 09/02/2021 12:07:58 AM
dipped toe today. Grifols, S.A. ADS (GRFS) 09/01/2021 02:59:52 PM
WOW, little rally, but as usual nada follow Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 09/01/2021 01:53:00 PM
Else Nutrition Receives Good Housekeeping's Parenting Award for Else Nutrition (BABYF) 08/30/2021 09:59:56 AM
very solid 2.25 bids Else Nutrition (BABYF) 08/26/2021 03:17:14 PM
janey, NASD listing PR= GAPVILLE Else Nutrition (BABYF) 08/20/2021 11:03:31 AM
jp, "Covid resurgence is the unknown and that Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/19/2021 02:35:58 PM
SA Breaking News Team <account@seekingalpha.com> Unsubscribe Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/19/2021 12:35:56 PM
I'm accumulating a bunch as of now. Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/19/2021 09:12:53 AM
janey, if Americans are killed and atrocities are Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/18/2021 10:31:08 AM
I'm beginning to fear all the new restrictions Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/18/2021 08:32:44 AM
exactly 1 year ago today, pps was $10.67 Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/13/2021 01:18:14 PM
It's possible this is one of the new Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 08/13/2021 09:11:50 AM

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