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Tomorrow is game time boys and gals Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/24/2019 12:58:49 PM
I think I make 7? :) Lolz Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/22/2019 08:53:59 PM
Nice and steady here for $1+ Pet CBD Link Reservations Inc. (LRSV) 03/21/2019 09:47:32 AM
Took a starter here. Company heading on the Link Reservations Inc. (LRSV) 03/20/2019 07:02:23 PM
Another day tomorrow everyone :) Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/19/2019 11:18:04 PM
Old article. Old CEO. Nice find Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/11/2019 11:20:38 AM
Looking good. 10s up Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/11/2019 10:59:01 AM
8s falling. Big bids coming in Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/11/2019 10:31:30 AM
Agree magic mike. $LEAS and co $BBDA they Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/10/2019 06:51:44 PM
I agree isn’t getting better than this....or is Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/10/2019 06:29:49 PM
You know what happened last Monday? Check chart Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/10/2019 11:46:29 AM
People that know what is coming. Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/10/2019 11:44:33 AM
Great day here folks! Let them keep talking. Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/08/2019 04:32:45 PM
GM! Glad to hear things are cleared up. Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/08/2019 09:13:54 AM
People believe in your DD and the facts Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 10:20:01 PM
Tomorrow should be a good day. This ticker Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 10:15:41 PM
Looking good boys :) Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 01:23:37 PM
Makes sense for the recent move/volume. New 52 Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 09:28:25 AM
wyobiz.wy.gov/business/Filin… Bebida Beverage Company is once again "Active" in Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 09:23:36 AM
Gm let’s see a continuation today :) Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 09:03:42 AM
Flying under the radar love it Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/07/2019 12:38:52 AM
Glad old ceo is not part of the Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/05/2019 10:18:18 PM
She doesn’t seem like a bloated pig by Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/05/2019 10:17:36 PM
Might take a starter tomorrow Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/05/2019 10:12:07 PM
This looking interesting to say the least hmm Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) 03/05/2019 10:11:13 PM
Eyes on $KYNC Whale Team 03/04/2019 01:59:04 AM
Monday Monday’s it’s Going to a good one :$ KYN Capital Group Inc. (KYNC) 03/03/2019 03:42:08 PM
Still holding here. Should see updates no reason KYN Capital Group Inc. (KYNC) 03/02/2019 11:12:28 AM
I couldn’t agree anymore there’s a lot of SOHM, INC (SHMN) 02/26/2019 09:41:02 PM
Looking good today $pgus ProGreen US Inc. (fka PGUS) 02/26/2019 05:57:33 PM
Added here today, imo some updates about to EnviroTechnologies International Inc. (ETII) 02/21/2019 01:05:35 PM
I’m hearing some chat about this one today? EnviroTechnologies International Inc. (ETII) 02/21/2019 09:25:11 AM
1st entry point was 0.50 2nd entry $1.00, Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 02/19/2019 01:14:42 PM
Love that dip and accumulation going on here. Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc (UITA) 02/18/2019 11:21:58 PM
This is still under radar and i like Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 02/18/2019 11:20:37 PM
https://www.foxbusiness.com/retail/eddie-lamperts-new-plan-for-sears-including-p Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 02/15/2019 07:28:36 PM
Weee Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 02/15/2019 06:33:20 PM
Tuesday * Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 02/15/2019 05:25:10 PM
Buying it up Monday chart still intact and Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 02/15/2019 05:24:42 PM
Before lunch cheapies than back up imo Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 02/15/2019 01:23:21 PM

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