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Posts by BIGJJBBoardDate/Time
Market up on good news on virus. Fake Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 06/16/2020 05:38:44 PM
Correct Energy Transfer LP (ET) 05/08/2020 05:00:11 PM
Blackrock didn’t buy 7% to get crappy earnings. Energy Transfer LP (ET) 05/08/2020 02:28:40 PM
5or 6 days to move 50 m McRae Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 05/08/2020 02:14:42 PM
Get lucky once in awhile! Blackstone is in Energy Transfer LP (ET) 04/30/2020 10:43:06 AM
Sorry wasn’t directed at you just a comment. Energy Transfer LP (ET) 04/29/2020 12:03:35 PM
Trying to capture a .30 dividend not the Energy Transfer LP (ET) 04/29/2020 11:52:31 AM
Not all bankruptcy is bad . Need to Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 04/21/2020 11:55:54 PM
Cool cool got some for trade at 4.04 Energy Transfer LP (ET) 04/03/2020 07:27:30 PM
If dips than 5 not support . The Energy Transfer LP (ET) 04/03/2020 06:59:47 PM
Also time to borrow on the cheap may Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 04/02/2020 06:51:50 PM
Would like the numbers before the SHTF . Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 04/02/2020 06:48:54 PM
Trump is ETs friend . Will be pressing Energy Transfer LP (ET) 03/31/2020 04:49:29 PM
Quite the setback for sure. Going to buy Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/28/2020 08:01:04 PM
Merger? TILRAY, INC (TLRY) 03/26/2020 06:34:01 PM
No such thing Riot blockchain (RIOT) 03/22/2020 11:01:21 PM
Customer’s holed up will be dying to get Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/16/2020 06:33:17 PM
To have gone thru the trouble of existing Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/16/2020 06:23:42 PM
China back up and running Roger don’t wait Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/16/2020 06:16:28 PM
If this new attorney partner is worth his Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/16/2020 06:14:00 PM
When the split comes and the ECB and Riot blockchain (RIOT) 03/13/2020 07:12:31 PM
Outdoor grows ! Vertical is Dead . To Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/05/2020 10:08:46 AM
Unless you don’t believe the push for 10 Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 02/21/2020 12:39:49 PM
Whatever happened to the bread and snack business Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 02/19/2020 10:12:47 AM
They can say regulate but it can’t be done Riot blockchain (RIOT) 02/18/2020 03:17:46 PM
Pat let’s look a little bit more forward. Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 02/14/2020 06:50:01 PM
The patents and basic platform will have value Riot blockchain (RIOT) 02/14/2020 06:34:56 PM
Clay what you think Riot blockchain (RIOT) 02/12/2020 04:37:38 PM
Bitcoin 10,250 Riot blockchain (RIOT) 02/11/2020 12:25:20 PM
No shit ! W/O Nelson this would be Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/07/2020 10:08:26 PM
Looks like no 4th quarterly. Show us the Riot blockchain (RIOT) 02/04/2020 10:51:05 PM
So when they report , the shorts are Energy Transfer LP (ET) 01/30/2020 03:38:03 PM
Reality no one wants to hear on this board. Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 01/28/2020 10:41:14 PM
2 million shares bought in last hour I Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 01/23/2020 12:36:27 PM
Roger and Rogan has a nice ring to Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 01/21/2020 10:10:15 AM
Rogan Chhabra out of Mississippi where they find Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 01/21/2020 09:16:17 AM
Have some faith it’s all coming together. Best Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 01/10/2020 04:41:58 PM
I wish you were right about the criminal Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 01/09/2020 03:14:35 PM
Altria getting their ass kicked in vape . MedMen Enterprises (MMNFF) 12/18/2019 03:47:31 PM
Anyone else get bombarded by Motley Fool yesterday Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 12/04/2019 10:04:03 AM