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Posts by avlncoBoardDate/Time
Are these guys still in the micro grid Cleanspark Inc. (CLSK) 09/14/2021 07:42:27 AM
Reverse split and share increase were not approved Surna Inc. (SRNA) 08/18/2021 08:33:31 AM
Looks like they’re trading around 1x equity on Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (SHWZ) 08/16/2021 07:58:06 PM
What’s even more interesting is this last quarter Surna Inc. (SRNA) 08/13/2021 07:48:45 AM
Great revenue this quarter, back to normal pre Surna Inc. (SRNA) 08/11/2021 07:23:25 PM
If they say 4.5mil in preliminary revenue and Surna Inc. (SRNA) 08/01/2021 08:30:22 PM
Super low volume today after two consecutive days Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/30/2021 12:34:39 PM
The scared money is exiting, those who haven’t Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/27/2021 07:11:57 PM
I agree insider buying is probably one of Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/26/2021 02:22:46 PM
They’re definitely going to wait until the end Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/25/2021 06:43:02 PM
Everything passed. Let’s see how they go about Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/23/2021 06:15:19 PM
Your post makes CLSK an even better example. Surna Inc. (SRNA) 07/01/2021 06:33:36 PM
Why would a company make a decision based Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/30/2021 06:59:34 PM
Right now share structure is great, but if Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/30/2021 04:01:26 PM
You have to read the proxy, otherwise you’re Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/30/2021 01:13:40 PM
Bought 50k shares today at .06. Love these Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/28/2021 02:36:21 PM
Tony is by far the best leader this Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/26/2021 06:19:15 PM
Tony interview https://technical420.com/cannabis-article/ceo-spotlight-tony-mcd Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/03/2021 08:39:29 PM
Hold through the dividend date, then you can Meta Materials Inc (MMAT) 06/02/2021 12:09:48 AM
8K and proxy just posted. Looks like they Surna Inc. (SRNA) 06/01/2021 05:06:26 PM
Oh yeah, I thought today was Thursday. Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/26/2021 10:35:10 PM
Annual meeting tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/26/2021 06:21:33 PM
Big week for $SRNA Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/24/2021 07:48:11 AM
I listened to it today. Tony is pretty Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/14/2021 05:46:14 PM
This would explain a 4K share sell (short) Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/11/2021 05:13:08 PM
How on earth does a 4000 share sell Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/07/2021 09:33:07 AM
Maybe they’re getting as much info out as Surna Inc. (SRNA) 05/04/2021 05:19:42 PM
Just broke it at .091, a break of Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/29/2021 09:55:57 AM
We need to break through the 50ma resistance Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/29/2021 09:51:04 AM
It’s between 2:1 and 150:1. The ratio will Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/28/2021 03:38:53 PM
Anyone notice that their bio in their most Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/27/2021 12:34:47 AM
Good point. Share value is more important than Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/26/2021 02:12:19 PM
In Q3 and Q4 of 2020 Surna booked Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/22/2021 10:13:43 PM
After today’s PR they don’t need to do Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/22/2021 10:06:50 AM
You should get the email from your brokerage, Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/18/2021 12:11:56 PM
Just got the link to vote on the Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/16/2021 10:48:39 PM
Good point. Even before the proxy I have Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/16/2021 04:54:30 PM
Looks like it was a buy of 330k Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/15/2021 01:36:06 PM
https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/04/15/2210936/0/en/Surna-Announc Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/15/2021 09:33:20 AM
Exactly. Went from pennies to $20. Seems pretty Surna Inc. (SRNA) 04/13/2021 10:00:49 AM

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