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$ABCCF all systems GO——-> STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 01/23/2018 10:29:22 AM
ABCCF still on the rise looking for 3s BB's Stock Haven 01/23/2018 10:26:09 AM
Breaking out !!! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/23/2018 10:23:56 AM
Hahaha ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 10:21:00 AM
Geroooooooooonimo look out below!! SCAM!!! ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 10:04:22 AM
Tiiiiiimberrrrrrr ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 10:03:26 AM
Looking Good?? What screen u lookin @ hahahaha SCAM!!!! ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 09:53:28 AM
SCAM!! PnD ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 09:50:33 AM
I don’t buy stinky pinky scams I invest ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 08:38:03 AM
Still Up up and away!!!! Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/23/2018 08:28:10 AM
Lets see what ticker preforms better this week. ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/23/2018 08:22:51 AM
!!!!!NEWS!!!!!! ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 08:18:41 AM
This is a share selling scam pump n ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/23/2018 07:54:35 AM
3 this week? ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 03:46:11 PM
Nice hits!!! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 03:28:23 PM
Buys pouring in @ $ABCCF whohooooo BB's Stock Haven 01/22/2018 03:28:02 PM
Lets go baby!!! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 03:26:53 PM
Wall @ 2.30 lets see what she has ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 03:14:29 PM
One of the prettiest charts ive seen in ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 01:29:09 PM
$ABBCF breaking 52 week high this week Australia BB's Stock Haven 01/22/2018 10:16:38 AM
$ABCCF Canadian Powerhouse weed Company Hits keep STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 01/22/2018 10:12:05 AM
Vol picking up charts set lets Go!!! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/22/2018 09:59:48 AM
$ABCCF Canada Cannabis powerhouse bout to breakout majorway!!! BB's Stock Haven 01/22/2018 09:58:49 AM
No joke.. probably a billion new bag holders ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/21/2018 05:48:33 AM
Yep Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/20/2018 01:51:43 PM
Don’t forget $SIGO likes that end of day Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/19/2018 02:58:29 PM
Load up strong buy !!! $ABCCF BB's Stock Haven 01/19/2018 02:34:47 PM
Load up STRONG BUY!! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/19/2018 02:34:10 PM
She should pop charts setup to boom out! ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/19/2018 02:32:02 PM
The boards alive Now! Patients paid off, and Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/19/2018 02:15:26 PM
MM MAXM on the ask, no longer ihub Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/19/2018 12:18:24 PM
Cali weed $SIGO real Cali grow op no STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 01/19/2018 12:08:51 PM
SIGO ripping it up with the news! BB's Stock Haven 01/19/2018 12:07:59 PM
All under 300K vol$$$ Lets see five bucks soon! Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/19/2018 12:06:40 PM
Come on already ABcann Med. USA (ABCCF) 01/19/2018 10:23:47 AM
Alright Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/19/2018 09:18:41 AM
$SIGO all systems go BB's Stock Haven 01/19/2018 09:17:31 AM
No Water how can one grow Cannabis? TXTM ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) 01/19/2018 09:13:38 AM
Cannabis laws smfh Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO) 01/18/2018 10:45:36 AM