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At least my statements are not meant to PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 03/02/2021 07:31:46 PM
Those only show as buys because they are PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 03/02/2021 07:24:07 PM
Anyone have issues buying with TD? NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 02/26/2021 11:42:39 AM
That’s ok, relax. I’ve been in and out. PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 11:52:36 PM
I didn’t buy based on anything on this PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 11:33:44 PM
Look it up. In a book PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 11:01:11 PM
Put it this way, I bought at .06+ PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 10:39:13 PM
17B+ shares and counting. Nah, no way those PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 10:27:06 PM
Short volume is not the same as short PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 02/24/2021 10:20:41 PM
Sweet website. Last harvest was 2017, apparently. http://flyingcreek.ca Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 12/04/2020 07:33:05 AM
He’s suing California for setting their own standards DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 11/24/2020 01:13:01 PM
What’s the 10m in goodwill for the LED Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 11/20/2020 09:56:47 AM
30% of 10 day avg volume...but ok DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 11/06/2020 12:17:50 PM
The delisting you are referring to here has PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 09/21/2020 07:13:23 AM
Lol DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/19/2020 07:41:58 AM
Why are restricted shares no longer listed on DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/04/2020 06:06:39 AM
To be honest, I couldn’t afford it lol DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 09:19:16 PM
Much obliged DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 08:36:12 PM
Here’s from otc markets: “The Misleading” – Daily Short DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 08:33:05 PM
Lol read the first comment DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 08:30:49 PM
Ok, to use your words, prove it DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 08:20:58 PM
Short volume isn’t the same as short “interest.” DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) 09/03/2020 08:12:01 PM
And paying for pumps is a smart use Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/26/2020 03:38:52 PM
Goldman Small Cap Research did not make an Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/25/2020 10:02:16 AM
“Goldman Small Cap Research did not make an Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/25/2020 07:54:16 AM
So it’s only a crime if you’re convicted? Interesting... Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/23/2020 10:55:17 AM
Any info available on DHE? Or flying creek? Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/20/2020 12:27:39 PM
Your company is private, it’s not debt funded Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/20/2020 11:21:17 AM
Looks like their name has changed slightly but Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/20/2020 11:17:06 AM
What info do you have on Mac1? Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/20/2020 11:01:24 AM
$8M worth of goodwill and leads to a Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/20/2020 09:56:44 AM
What’s up with Mac1 energy Corp? Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/19/2020 11:06:30 PM
Goodwill accounts for 62% of assets here. Hope Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 04:33:56 PM
Wonder why the Goldman “research” report isn’t being Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 03:57:57 PM
What was your ticker symbol? Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 02:36:18 PM
Strange how these private companies didn’t provide audits Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 02:20:04 PM
Wonder what the auditors think of all that goodwill.... Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 12:07:28 PM
Passive aggressive remarks are evidence of being real? Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 08/18/2020 12:01:35 PM
L2 works. Probably won’t in a few weeks PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 08/12/2020 09:51:06 AM
That’s like standing between sh*it and a fan PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 08/12/2020 09:19:57 AM

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