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Posts by Tradescott818BoardDate/Time
How long have you been here? I’ve been Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/05/2018 03:08:40 PM
I’m ashamed to own this stock. Industry wide Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/05/2018 03:04:06 PM
This should be running with the other stocks. Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/04/2018 01:24:32 PM
How that’s this Company not been listed on Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 08/24/2018 10:56:28 AM
Hi guys Terrible company what makes s bunch of Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 11/09/2017 12:04:33 PM
I'm sorry I can't reach you, you'll understand Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 04:06:56 PM
You can fool "shareholders" once maybe two times... Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 03:52:13 PM
Oh and gotta love the fact Derek buys Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 03:50:01 PM
But but but you guysssss we got all Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 03:47:10 PM
I will bet anyone this stock NEVER touches Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 03:45:12 PM
Also don't forget Derek doesn't use lube Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 03:43:43 PM
POS pump n dump get mad every time Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/13/2017 11:43:48 AM
I'm sorry Didn't mean to kill your hopes and dreams Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/12/2017 12:48:17 PM
This stock is dead. So much insider corruption Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 06/12/2017 12:40:34 PM
No ones buying lol I guess people are Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 05/05/2017 10:19:44 AM
Dead cat bounce This will drop more Much more Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 04/28/2017 01:25:11 PM
This will be a good trade below .05 Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 04/25/2017 11:22:57 AM
Any day now this will be single digits Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 04/24/2017 01:44:43 PM
Actually surprised this hasn't crashed down the .10 Only Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 04/21/2017 12:58:22 PM
LOL if you guys still have hope in Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 04/13/2017 09:17:21 AM
Not too smart holding over weekend This will consolidate Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TTPH) 03/10/2017 03:15:03 PM
Sell and buyer cheaper lol that's what smart Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 03/10/2017 02:07:36 PM
Somone take on the TRTCASH Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 03/10/2017 11:29:34 AM
Buy at mid to low teens Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 03/09/2017 04:10:35 PM
Buy limit set at .16 Might go lower but Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 03/09/2017 02:08:08 PM
Shares on sale at $24 This will be $27 BLUE BUFFALO PET PRODUCTS, INC. (BUFF) 02/28/2017 04:38:40 PM
#ClassicPumpNDump lmfao at those attacking me for saying DryShips Inc. (DRYS) 02/27/2017 04:37:54 PM
Your right, maybe at .15-.18 Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 02/24/2017 04:40:53 PM
Long here for $3-4 Soligenix, Inc. (SNGX) 02/22/2017 10:47:15 AM
Halted what happens now? I feel a parabolic CIGNA (CI) 02/14/2017 02:48:59 PM
If this drops below .20 it's dead for life Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 02/09/2017 03:34:44 PM
Pump n dump BIONDVAX PHARMACUETICALS LTD (BVXV) 01/12/2017 11:18:06 AM
Pos pump n dump stock Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/23/2016 05:53:58 PM
Unbelievable NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) 12/14/2016 03:10:10 PM
Going way lower been saying it since .55 Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/14/2016 12:42:00 PM
The gig is up .10 here we come Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/09/2016 06:04:42 PM
Volume drying up Lowered buy limit to .16? Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/05/2016 12:42:47 PM
Simple DD look at the balance sheet & income Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/01/2016 02:49:03 PM
Pump n dump is over I have buy order Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/01/2016 02:46:28 PM
Should put it lower pump n dump is Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 11/28/2016 04:35:05 PM