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next week for 4', for sure, surprise if Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/16/2021 09:41:49 PM
buying 2's will be easier than winning the Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/16/2021 04:58:42 PM
There is only 3's to buy from us Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/15/2021 01:30:48 PM
I totally agree, that's why the volume is Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/15/2021 11:45:52 AM
i have actually seem more worthless pennies have Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/14/2021 11:32:23 AM
I would normally agree, but that 2.6b bid Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/14/2021 10:03:20 AM
something like that, yes.. i will see how Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/13/2021 03:37:38 PM
sooner than I thought too, BUT, i still Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/13/2021 01:00:52 PM
it is gambling here, but I swear I Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 10:31:43 PM
ya right, like all those who said we Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 10:30:22 PM
probably not,..my guess we see 2 x 3 Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 04:47:20 PM
3's are slowing getting chewed up, by this Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 12:45:38 PM
gambling yes, but only with free funds from Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 08:42:08 AM
yeah, I may have gone too low on Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 08:41:30 AM
man, i hope we go up 400% today Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/10/2021 08:40:17 AM
as I said yesterday, this will go lower, Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/09/2021 10:06:26 AM
Agreed on that..I just meant the volume was Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/08/2021 09:48:32 PM
Reality check. It had this kind of volume Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/08/2021 08:38:47 PM
see what happens tomorrow, this could go either way.. Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/08/2021 03:27:33 PM
i have balls, wherever they are, just need Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/08/2021 03:26:44 PM
I so wanted to buy about 25m 2's Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/08/2021 01:30:32 PM
well, maybe or maybe not, we will see NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/08/2021 09:50:35 AM
not sure about anything with new or launch NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/08/2021 09:45:09 AM
short covering alone should make this practically double soon.. Forte Biosciences Inc (FBRX) 09/08/2021 09:39:36 AM
i was referring to the comment that .029 NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/08/2021 08:56:07 AM
what?? you do know the low today was NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/08/2021 07:16:45 AM
not even going to check on that, but NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 09:52:22 PM
you can also be wrong, it could trade NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 09:22:03 PM
totally agree with you on that, everything you NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 08:37:55 PM
a reversal, in my eyes, does not close NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 08:36:34 PM
heck, i lie and steal every day, I Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/07/2021 07:55:29 PM
i thought the same thing at .035 , NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 07:54:01 PM
what else do they need then?? they just Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/07/2021 07:48:44 PM
True, I'm just going by the 3-day rule, Forte Biosciences Inc (FBRX) 09/07/2021 05:44:07 PM
ooooops, yes, 4.15, sorry about that... I do Forte Biosciences Inc (FBRX) 09/07/2021 03:09:08 PM
i did, 21k @ 3.15 avg....hoping this Forte Biosciences Inc (FBRX) 09/07/2021 02:56:12 PM
SO, my shares then are collectors items?? or Ecosciences Inc. (ECEZ) 09/07/2021 02:38:20 PM
trying to decide what to do here, i NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 11:30:40 AM
in here, but would love lower as well, NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 08:51:34 AM
the charts show bottoming out Outlaw, time for NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 09/07/2021 08:47:51 AM

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