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verb 1-855-250-2300     Email:                            (Right click links to open in new tab or window) 
Verb Technology Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERB) [formerly nFusz, Inc.] 344 South Hauser Blvd. Suite 414 Los Angeles, CA 90036

VERB Technology Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERB) transforms how businesses attract and engage customers. The Company’s Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, platform is based on its proprietary interactive video technology, and comprises a suite of sales enablement business software products offered on a subscription basis. Its software applications are available in over 60 countries and in more than 48 languages to large enterprise and small business sales teams that need affordable, easy-to-use, and quick-to-get-results sales tools. Available in both mobile and desktop versions, the applications are offered as a fully integrated suite, as well as on a standalone basis, and include verbCRM (Customer Relationship Management application), verbLEARN (Learning Management System application), and verbLIVE (Interactive Livestream eCommerce and Video Webinar application). The Company has offices in California and Utah. For more information, please visit:


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Verb is integrating with global cloud platforms for ERM & CRM applications to accelerate market penetration


Media Platforms: Text & email, business & social media, websites, landing pages & live broadcasts


Access to on-Screen clickable links from any connected device, from Cell Phones to Smart TVs.


Recent Developments

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Click Here For Latest Press Releases

VERB Acquires SoloFire, A Leading Platform for Healthcare Sales Enablement

VERB Beats SaaS Revenue Forecast and Reports Record Breaking 2020 Second Quarter Financial Reports

VERB Adds Livestream eCommerce App to Salesforce AppEchange Marketplace

VERB Announces Closing of $13.8 Million Underwritten Public Offering and Full Exercise of Over-Allotment Option


SeneGence International Unveils New Sales App With Verb’s Interactive Video Features

VERB Launches Interactive Learning Platform With New York’s Sachem Central School District

VERB Announces Strategic Partnership With Waymark Video Creation Platform

Verb Adds Market Leader Stream Energy to Growing Client Roster


VERB Announces Closing of Sound Concepts Acquisition



Verb Announces LOI with Getty Images for Upcoming Video Store Ecosystem

Verb Announces The Addition of Shopify For In-Video Product Purchasing

VERB Announces the Release of Tagg Video Real Estate Sales Mobile App

Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement with Salesforce

Verb Tech Co Reports 2018 Financial Results Early and Files Updated Registration Statement as Part of Nasdaq Uplist Plan

nFusz Joins the Microsoft Partner Network

nFusz to Launch In-App Video Template Marketplace and Content Creator Ecosystem 

nFusz and Instapage Announce Strategic Partnership

nFusz Files Patent Application for its Unique In-Video Call-toAction Technology For Mobile Devices


Due Diligence

About Verb - Verb Direct - TestimonialsEnterprise Clients 

Due Diligence - Verb Technology Co. Inc. (NASDAQ: VERB)

Conversion Rates -TaggCRM increases conversion rates by up to 1,000% or more.

Video Ecosystem - The ONLY Source for Tagg Video!

Alliance Global Partners Initiates Coverage with a "Buy" and $3.50 price target

Be wary of misleading information posted, do your own DD.

VERB's List-Of-Lies

Courtesy of TheLordsWrathV

LIE #5 - Rocky Wright

LIE #4 - The offering price or how Rory screwed SoundConcepts out of 4 million

LIE #3 - Microsoft Partnership or how Verb is coming to Office

LIE #2 - The reality of numbers, or how Rory makes them look good

LIE #1 - Oracle or how Rory got his lying stripes

BONUS LIE - The apps for MLM

BONUS LIE - Verb is a big happy company

BONUS LIE - Anything on every SHAC

BONUS LIE - All the integrations and anything Rory says

BONUS LIE - Confident Q2 revenues

BONUS LIE - "Revenue Sharing"

And Some TRUTHs


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8-K filing after yesterday’s close… jobynimble 04/23/2022 01:12:58 PM
VERB's Biggest LIES (& TRUTHS)...A Sample Homebrew 10/15/2019 09:45:07 PM
So many people are in denial. Rory is ChuckBits 10/05/2022 10:29:12 PM
And his mother wears combat boots...... beaz 10/05/2022 05:27:59 PM
You are so right. His sales crew susa 10/05/2022 05:10:58 PM
The reason we are where we are is Hooter50 10/05/2022 03:29:08 PM
Curious as to what you mean by this: dukeb 10/05/2022 01:54:37 PM
“He likes his status and from here can TenKay 10/05/2022 12:19:11 PM
I too have been in this a long Hooter50 10/05/2022 11:53:38 AM
Could go back to .30 and if so susa 10/05/2022 10:31:01 AM
“may buy more too“ TenKay 10/05/2022 08:25:05 AM
rory will keep raiding the piggy bank until bluesky70 10/04/2022 09:42:48 PM
Very sad response. Holding til March and susa 10/04/2022 07:26:09 PM
You know, I share your sentiment. I realize Anvil 10/04/2022 07:20:25 PM
susa..I think the next announcement we will hear mister 10/04/2022 07:00:12 PM
Unfortunately for Rory, a pivot to crypto is dukeb 10/04/2022 02:01:32 PM
Ah hah! Real McCoy 10/04/2022 11:22:02 AM
My VERB and MARKET are about to DOMINATE chibeira 10/04/2022 11:21:00 AM
“Please, no more delays. Announce contracts“ TenKay 10/04/2022 10:52:29 AM
Rory better have a plan in place with susa 10/04/2022 10:37:10 AM
Minimal livestream shows, terrible chart, CEO announcement fell JibJabber 10/04/2022 08:49:16 AM
Agree completely, looking to move higher. Our biggest clairvoyant_ 10/04/2022 02:52:14 AM
How could anyone make money? Look at the JibJabber 10/03/2022 08:28:21 PM
I'll put $100k on it going up into Cynomus 10/03/2022 05:36:03 PM
The sync problem is evident when I play dukeb 10/03/2022 05:35:49 PM
That Problem Was Fixed Months Ago. yerboss 10/03/2022 03:57:45 PM
Go here: dukeb 10/03/2022 01:59:53 PM
Honestly I havent had a problem with that. Hooter50 10/03/2022 12:53:18 PM
Rory was on Facebook with an ad. susa 10/03/2022 12:51:25 PM
Kiosks were not at all successful. Granted susa 10/03/2022 10:32:01 AM
Verb is the worst. Real McCoy 10/02/2022 10:41:44 PM
It's because their code is beyond basic. It's an The_Dohminator 10/02/2022 08:51:28 PM
What they also need is to fix their dukeb 10/02/2022 08:30:11 PM
Kool-Aid drinkers on the other board. lol JibJabber 10/02/2022 05:55:03 PM
Im talking about an aggressive marketing and promotion Hooter50 10/02/2022 05:49:56 PM
A pump? This could result in a halt. JibJabber 10/02/2022 05:45:20 PM
You’re confident of a 100% increase in 6 months? Real McCoy 10/02/2022 05:32:15 PM
The only solution to Verb problems is PUMP Hooter50 10/02/2022 05:19:10 PM
“What verb needs…” TenKay 10/02/2022 04:35:12 PM
What verb needs are huge saas contracts sales susa 10/02/2022 03:48:50 PM
No, I am confident it will meet NASDAQ yerboss 10/02/2022 02:43:53 PM
Perhaps. The problem will be funding becomes TenKay 10/02/2022 12:11:43 PM
If they agreed it could be many multiples Real McCoy 10/02/2022 08:52:02 AM
Don't put the cart before the horse! chibeira 10/02/2022 12:19:38 AM
So it’ll just go back to the OTC? Real McCoy 10/01/2022 11:40:08 PM
I don't know a single shareholder with 100K+ yerboss 10/01/2022 11:36:49 PM
That’s true. Real McCoy 10/01/2022 09:11:52 PM
I Actually Think Moving Back To The QB yerboss 10/01/2022 08:58:25 PM
Requires Shareholder Approval. yerboss 10/01/2022 08:55:39 PM
You have avoided this question: do you not Real McCoy 10/01/2022 08:50:57 PM
Nasdaq dd is important. Directly From Nasdaq - JibJabber 10/01/2022 08:08:16 PM
Wrong stock_observer_77 10/01/2022 07:55:11 PM
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