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Posts by teq0904BoardDate/Time
No legitimate company worth millions even bid on Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 06/04/2021 03:10:18 PM
Then they can work on getting space for Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/30/2021 03:54:15 PM
The first thing MZEI needs to do to Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/30/2021 03:53:31 PM
This market cap implies MZEI is very valuable Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/30/2021 03:51:45 PM
50 B shares times $.013 = $650M market cap. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/30/2021 03:50:25 PM
3 possible big projects. The mine could be Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 04/14/2021 05:33:00 PM
Only pikers are trading mzei. $50 investments each. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/25/2021 11:13:02 AM
There is supposed to be an update this Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/20/2021 11:39:50 AM
1/3 of shareholders lost their rights because they Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/20/2021 11:38:04 AM
Only pikers are trading mzei. $50 investments. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/20/2021 11:08:19 AM
just piker trading $50 here and there makes Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/20/2021 11:07:01 AM
MZEI is dead so those who invest in Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/12/2021 07:29:16 PM
My friend has received his exercised shares but Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/10/2021 02:48:09 PM
If you can prove the buyers don't have Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/10/2021 02:45:58 PM
There will be an update on Tuesday morning Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/07/2021 07:12:33 PM
My guess is maybe another million maximum will Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/07/2021 07:07:58 PM
Does anyone here have shares a month ago Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/07/2021 07:06:20 PM
Does anyone here have rights they haven't exercised yet? Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWXRF) 03/07/2021 07:02:43 PM
Yes, it just takes some belief in the Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/17/2021 03:34:45 PM
I suppose you believe in other things that Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/12/2021 04:39:07 PM
The article says Medizone does not exist any Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/11/2021 02:04:57 PM
I heard that one roadblock is they need Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/11/2021 01:34:47 PM
Ed is not a "they" and he doesn't Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/11/2021 01:32:55 PM
I was thinking he would use the same Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/11/2021 01:28:21 PM
The old site is still dead. If they Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/06/2021 01:53:10 PM
I sold all my shares and used the EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. (EVLLF) 01/01/2021 11:09:51 PM
The future has arrived with a bang. This Cematrix Corporation (CTXXF) 01/01/2021 11:03:17 PM
Exciting new message on MZEI site, so it Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/26/2020 04:38:24 PM
As a matter of fact I was given Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/26/2020 04:24:04 PM
On the biggest day mzei traded $1,600. A Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/22/2020 01:30:34 PM
If you have to ask that question you Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/06/2020 01:15:59 PM
How are those charts doing? Just 2.5 straight EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. (EVLLF) 10/24/2020 07:31:13 PM
There was a big day on Friday with Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 10/24/2020 07:27:13 PM
If they get one of these communication gadgets Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 10/22/2020 08:07:51 PM
The first thing mzei needs is this gadget Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 10/22/2020 08:06:42 PM
It is difficult to make money owning a Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 10/09/2020 11:42:05 AM
That which is dead cannot live again. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/30/2020 08:14:25 PM
The medizone phone # 269 202-5020 shown on Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/30/2020 08:12:56 PM
He will replace the one who quit. T2 Biosystems, Inc (TTOO) 09/22/2020 08:17:28 PM
The medizone phone # 269 202-5020 shown on Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/22/2020 03:29:42 PM

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