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He will lock up till April. His shares NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 11/28/2020 12:09:30 PM
Agreed. This is the week if they considered timing. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 11/28/2020 10:11:54 AM
Nikola has to have a press release of NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 11/27/2020 05:47:02 PM
Almost at the average volume in less than 1hr Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 11/17/2020 10:12:25 AM
What is your pps prediction for today Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 11/17/2020 08:48:00 AM
I don’t think so. Tesla is down about NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 11/10/2020 11:24:53 AM
Why the drop? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 11/10/2020 09:49:02 AM
What percent of NKLA do you think GM NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/21/2020 10:11:12 AM
Last time you will see it this low. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/16/2020 02:03:09 PM
Wow. It’s not like he said the deal NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/16/2020 11:24:32 AM
What happened NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/16/2020 09:56:07 AM
Thank you NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/08/2020 05:40:41 PM
Where? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/08/2020 05:36:31 PM
That will be great news if they finalize NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/07/2020 02:49:13 PM
Could we see an announcement about the GM NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/07/2020 12:12:49 PM
We need the GM deal to happen ASAP. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/06/2020 09:59:35 AM
Anyone think That the Good Morning deal will NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 10/02/2020 05:53:20 PM
Is there new out? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/30/2020 11:30:00 AM
PPS after GM finalizes? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 03:15:34 PM
No NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 02:22:57 PM
I also think Milton stepped down because of NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 02:14:49 PM
Milton approached Nikola's board of directors and asked NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 02:13:43 PM
I think this is an opportunity for GM NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 01:58:36 PM
What news? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 09/29/2020 01:54:26 PM
I’m holding. I don’t think “insane” is priced in. Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 09/22/2020 03:44:38 PM
This is going to be amazing Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 09/22/2020 01:53:15 PM
Who is ready for takeoff?? Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 09/22/2020 01:47:10 PM
Sold today. I will buy back in next week!! Park Hotels and Resorts (PK) 09/04/2020 06:57:08 PM
I’m hoping we get a vaccine in the Park Hotels and Resorts (PK) 08/25/2020 01:13:02 PM
Looks like they have taken all precautions they Park Hotels and Resorts (PK) 08/06/2020 10:47:12 AM
How did they free up some liquidity? Park Hotels and Resorts (PK) 05/14/2020 03:39:09 PM
Ok I understand that view. Can you see Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) 05/11/2020 01:14:27 PM
Thanks I had not idea q2 was going Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) 05/11/2020 12:40:52 PM
Even if the lows were baked in, that Carnival Corp (CCL) 04/12/2020 09:21:59 PM
No clue lol. I’m out Astrotech Corp. (ASTC) 03/31/2020 11:17:22 AM
For the testing technology Astrotech Corp. (ASTC) 03/29/2020 11:05:10 PM
Could this be bought out? Astrotech Corp. (ASTC) 03/29/2020 06:20:08 PM
March 29th. I’m hoping the numbers are better Switch (SWCH) 03/17/2018 12:01:36 PM
DIVIDEND!!! https://investors.switch.com/news-releases/2017/12-07-2017-21302929 Switch (SWCH) 12/07/2017 04:53:47 PM
SWITCH buying land. https://www.reviewjournal.com/post/1233739 Switch (SWCH) 11/10/2017 10:20:42 AM

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