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Posts by odegaBoardDate/Time
He goes on to say he uses a DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/19/2021 06:29:22 PM
This is the way to buy Doge:BRD wallet DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/19/2021 06:23:00 PM
Correct and some peeps are saying they don’t DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 06:59:36 PM
Wow you really are way off base you DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 06:58:39 PM
Lol. Sorry if you read the posts I’m DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 06:56:30 PM
Bozo is fixing to print 6000,000,000,000 more dollars DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 04:11:09 PM
What do you mean what does it have DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 04:04:26 PM
I don’t know why it’s funny I mentioned DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 12:47:40 PM
LOL I hope you don’t think I’m supposed DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 12:00:03 PM
And not only that you said in your DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 11:36:47 AM
You’re on the wrong board… DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 11:29:08 AM
Yeah right he didn’t lose anything unless he DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/18/2021 10:56:32 AM
I’m glad the bozos is sitting behind behind DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/17/2021 01:30:08 PM
Stock markets down another 300 points today looking DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/17/2021 01:01:44 PM
Crypto is doing better than the stock market… DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/16/2021 04:05:05 PM
Oh yeah and for the people living up DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 12:32:28 PM
One thing I’m saying though that’s not gonna DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 12:29:15 PM
Don’t forget democrat donors and Biden’s people are DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 12:04:46 PM
I wouldn’t worry so much about the crypto DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 11:40:49 AM
The Beast has been let loose… DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 11:33:24 AM
The end agenda is hidden to those who DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/15/2021 11:31:41 AM
Thank you for the compliment to infinity and beyond…BaaWaaaaaaaWaa DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/14/2021 09:48:42 AM
LOL and when it starts going up on DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/14/2021 09:18:30 AM
This is where musk needs to focus his resources… DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 07:18:43 PM
Just like I mentioned nothing about the electric DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 07:18:13 PM
So now you’re twisting what I said I DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 07:07:58 PM
You still don’t get it it’s happening right DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 04:26:28 PM
Or it was a second most Mentioned name DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 04:05:09 PM
Lol…Sensitive no you’re not taking it the right DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 04:03:12 PM
Oh yeah it is just too much for DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 01:48:20 PM
What Musk needs to do is get established DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/09/2021 01:00:51 PM
Yeah but just like now we’re being told DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 06/01/2021 10:40:38 AM
Just load and hold it don’t matter what DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/31/2021 11:42:43 AM
these were quotes from a CNBC article they’re DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/26/2021 09:01:23 AM
Bitcoin traders using 100-to-1 leverage or driving the DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/26/2021 08:54:09 AM
Well you’re showing your Lack of reading and DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/25/2021 01:51:43 PM
Fact still remains…It all comes down to what DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/25/2021 01:35:53 PM
Sorry to burst your bubble but I do DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/25/2021 01:13:38 PM
Lol…You’re one person too We live in a DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/25/2021 01:09:43 PM
LOL…Thank you for let me know there’s no DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) 05/25/2021 12:52:12 PM

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