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retireearly  leaving ihub so you will not see any more posts from me

Posts by retireearlyBoardDate/Time
taking a break from ihub so Poemstone, feel The Nooner 10/15/2012 01:39:15 PM
taking a break from ihub, just sharing as Otc Market Plays 10/15/2012 01:38:12 PM
will be leaving ihub hence removing myself as Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (SBFM) 10/15/2012 01:36:36 PM
utrm and tagg both with news premarket The Nooner 10/15/2012 09:08:43 AM
dtgi 25% looking nice imo The Nooner 10/12/2012 12:06:50 PM
gyst good volume up 13% The Nooner 10/11/2012 09:47:20 AM
eknl doing well today up 22% Otc Market Plays 10/04/2012 11:05:56 AM
SUTIMCo International, Inc. Announces Plans to Up list The Nooner 10/04/2012 09:22:30 AM
sugo bids building at .0005, might be ready The Nooner 10/03/2012 11:12:45 AM
morning! I got your PM and I agree...miss it too. The Nooner 10/03/2012 09:44:08 AM
Never pulled the trigger.... The Nooner 10/02/2012 11:24:45 PM
Congrats The Nooner 10/02/2012 09:20:04 PM
utrm looking very thin on ask The Nooner 10/02/2012 09:56:52 AM
utrm in the .003's The Nooner 10/01/2012 12:51:06 PM
utrm up 52% Otc Market Plays 10/01/2012 12:22:54 PM
utrm 0025's falling The Nooner 10/01/2012 12:14:56 PM
icty getting some hits The Nooner 10/01/2012 11:46:14 AM
utrm hits, chart looks great The Nooner 10/01/2012 11:35:57 AM
eknl up 12%, breakthru of .14 huge for $TOCKTAMER 10/01/2012 10:45:30 AM
gyst up 28% $TOCKTAMER 10/01/2012 10:35:25 AM
eknl up 8% buys starting The Nooner 10/01/2012 10:23:01 AM
gyst - bottom bounce? The Nooner 10/01/2012 10:08:30 AM
utrm up 17% Otc Market Plays 10/01/2012 09:55:29 AM
utrm and cmgo looking good Originalnewt''s Breaking Charts Club 10/01/2012 09:48:49 AM
cmgo and utrm opening nice this am The Nooner 10/01/2012 09:36:02 AM
strong news for cmgo CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) 10/01/2012 09:29:31 AM
yes I agree and chart looking nice after The Nooner 10/01/2012 09:25:50 AM
watching icty The Nooner 09/28/2012 11:00:47 AM
gbhl low floater with a history of big moves Otc Market Plays 09/28/2012 09:43:48 AM
watching for utrm continuation The Nooner 09/28/2012 09:28:41 AM
gosy news The Nooner 09/28/2012 09:28:04 AM
eknl hod up The Nooner 09/27/2012 03:41:50 PM
eknl getting some nice eod hits SMALL CAP GOODIES 09/27/2012 03:39:49 PM
nice hits on eknl The Nooner 09/27/2012 03:31:23 PM
yes daily chart looks nice on utrm $TOCKTAMER 09/27/2012 03:15:56 PM
utrm moving well today up 70% Estrella's Sizzling Hot Stock Plays 09/27/2012 11:41:55 AM
good to see you as always EM! Matchaah Holdings Inc. (MCHA) 09/27/2012 11:03:04 AM
nice to see .01 Matchaah Holdings Inc. (MCHA) 09/27/2012 10:36:09 AM
eknl moving on news The Nooner 09/27/2012 10:05:41 AM
nice I like halb Otc Market Plays 09/27/2012 09:44:09 AM

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