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I had the same luck with the search. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/12/2018 07:21:20 AM
We all like these plays. You have an VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/09/2018 12:29:47 PM
What's your angle? What's your desired buy in VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/09/2018 11:59:41 AM
No, actually I was referring to the clean VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/09/2018 11:57:27 AM
Things should move quickly here now. Now we VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/09/2018 10:14:52 AM
No sir. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 07/03/2018 05:14:42 PM
Back from vacation. Holy crap. I just put VuMee Inc. (VUME) 06/29/2018 04:01:50 PM
I am on vacation in the Keys. I VuMee Inc. (VUME) 06/05/2018 01:47:50 PM
Fired off an email to them. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/30/2018 04:44:49 PM
All my digging today was fruitless. I did VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/30/2018 04:34:00 PM
This is a risk/reward view for me. I VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/30/2018 11:21:53 AM
Albeit very quiet. Someone is still loading. I'm VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/30/2018 08:49:16 AM
I didn't want to be "greedy" with CYP*. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/29/2018 09:47:57 AM
Kicking myself for getting out of this to Century Petroleum Corp (CYPE) 05/25/2018 10:25:58 AM
Interest is slowly building along with the PPS. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/25/2018 10:23:44 AM
Sweet! I firmly believe those were a gift. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/24/2018 04:53:14 PM
I have been loading from .006 to .01. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/24/2018 04:37:42 PM
What's the re entry point? I am bid Nutra Pharma Corp. (NPHC) 05/24/2018 12:23:38 PM
But until that said news is released, its VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/24/2018 12:21:21 PM
This is incredibly thin. 17k moves the ask. VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/23/2018 11:03:31 AM
@AlternativesolutionsDC If you haven't checked out VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/23/2018 09:04:43 AM
I believe we retrace to the .02 area VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/23/2018 08:37:57 AM
Maybe I should revise this. Ill be back Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 05/22/2018 04:32:53 PM
A nice day. Those .006s are really starting VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/22/2018 04:24:41 PM
Im back in when it gets to .004s Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 05/22/2018 09:57:57 AM
2.8 million shares being released to whoever wants them. Nutra Pharma Corp. (NPHC) 05/22/2018 09:52:07 AM
I certainly agree. With a P/E over 10,000, VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/22/2018 08:34:16 AM
NUGS P/E ratio 11,727.93 VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/22/2018 07:52:14 AM
Im out. My small business numbers look far Nutra Pharma Corp. (NPHC) 05/22/2018 07:39:20 AM
OK, I finished loading today. I would personally VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/21/2018 03:06:42 PM
475 P/E seems a might bit expensive to VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/17/2018 05:19:46 PM
NUGS---- VALUATION RATIOS VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/17/2018 05:15:02 PM
Keep the faith. I am much more comfortable VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/16/2018 03:22:16 PM
Market Capitalisation VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/16/2018 07:15:45 AM
I don't know who to thank!! VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 02:16:29 PM
Fish, spend a little time looking at the VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 02:13:27 PM
Welcome back BLight! I was just floating my VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 02:09:35 PM
Im just considering this a gift! VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 11:49:47 AM
I would do your DD quickly. We haven't VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 11:46:49 AM
That would be awesome! Ask back to .008 VuMee Inc. (VUME) 05/15/2018 10:43:23 AM