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Xeriant Inc has had NO REVENUE for the past THREE YEARS!

Company is in huge debt, so how does it survive if not for dilution?

Please take the time to review the pathetic financials before throwing money away! Folks should make their own informed decision based on solid DD.


O/S HAS GONE FROM 321,000,000 TO 350,000,000 NOW 352,000,000!!!!!!

NOW 354,199,770 : 8 NOV

NOW 358,349,770 : 10 NOV

NOW 361,487,770 : 11 NOV

NoW 364,278,386 : 14 Feb

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Highlights Conference August 3rd 2022: 

DeFeudis, Xeriant Director –  
• Extended the Auctus loan until November  
• Pushing for uplist by end of the year  
• Pursue significant revenue generation in 2023  

Brig. General (Ret.) Blaine Holt, Senior Advisor –  
• Strong belief in Xeriant  
• May take on a more significant role in the near future  
• Reviewing technologies to enable smart prototyping, manufacturing, anti-counterfeiting, counter cyber attack & cutting edge supply chain risk management with block chain provenance. These technologies could fit into Xeriants long term strategy and create substantial value for share holders  

Mike Hinderberger XTI CEO–  
• Xeriant contributed $5.5m to help XTI complete a major FAA milestone, preliminary design review. Validated the configuration and engineering of the TF600 that it will perform as intended based on the aerodynamics, structural arrangement, flight mechanics and many other design features.  
• In the process of expanding our relationship and creating a world class aviation company. Look forward to our future with Xeriant and obtaining certification of the TF600  

Martin Stloukal, Head of Xeriant/MovyChem JV –  
• Directing the R&D team to support Xeriants commercialization of Retacell products  
• Network of leading chemists who are involved with the analysis, testing & certification of these products  
• Engineered a flame retardant & water-resistant panel made from retacell, recycled plastics and recycled cardboard fibers. The board has been well received by major homebuilders with potential to replace drywall, OSB, plywood and other construction products in certain applications  
• Also working on textile application to use retacell in caulking adhesives  
• Working with Center of Polymer Systems at Tomas Bata University in Czech Republic for plastic products  
• Working with the Faculty of Forestry and wood technology at Mendelu University in Czech Republic for wood products  

Dave Zajac, Xeriant – Managing Director of Advanced Chemicals and Materials Division –  
• Develop commercial applications of Retacell fire retardant  
• Most impressive so far is a game changing wall board panel that is fire, water, mold and insect resistant and can be used in the residential construction market as a replacement for drywall and various wood products  
• This retacell infused eco-friendly wallboard was recently introduced into the building product segment with great success. Last week visited manufacturing, testing and certification facilities in eastern Europe to formulate our plan for U.S based manufacturing to meet customer demand  
• The wallboard is the first major Retacell product to gain commercial acceptance but there will be many more applications to come as they continue to work with various companies in the home building textile, automotive and aerospace market.  

Keith Duffy, Xeriant CEO –  
• Planning to manufacture Retacell infused boards in the U.S to meet demand, which will be subject to Xeriant raising sufficient capital.  
• Recently signed a LOI with . Innovator and environmentally friendly quickly constructed building systems for affordable quality housing. If Xeriant can ramp up manufacturing and fill the order, the boards will be used in the construction of tens of thousands of homes for walls, ceilings, roofing and subfloors. It could generate well over $100m of revenue for Xeriant over 5 years. This is just the first order  
• Several other national and multinational companies are in the process of testing retacell for use in various plastic, textile and wood based applications  
• Continue to negotiate with XTI aircraft to consummate a merger.  
• Xeriant is engaged with an investment bank to effectuate an uplist to NASDAQ (by the end of the year) which will require a capital raise and regulatory approval


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