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CEO Mike's Oct 23 Message:

We continue to move forward on all the initiatives I outlined in my Message last week.

We are very pleased to announce we have filed for our name change to Xcelerate, Inc. Our Board believes this name exemplifies the ability of our team to accelerate future growth for businesses in the medical and dental industries. Due to the diverse skill set of our Management Team and Board of Directors, we have developed contacts throughout these sectors. With the Fortune 500 contacts that Mr. Steve Gravely and Mr. Jason Householder have through their extensive work in these fields; we believe we can accelerate the growth of these companies either through our public vehicle or through our unique skillset. The name came from our extensive negotiations with numerous entities where the common theme was we could accelerate their growth.

We were told by the Secretary of State it would take a month to process our request if we sent the forms directly (we experienced that exact problem when we had to change the name back to Union Dental after the hijacking). We located a service in Tallahassee that can process the name change in a day. We would like to thank one of our shareholders who contacted TransMedia after reading last week's message regarding the potential name change and recommending this company. That’s teamwork!

On the OTCIQ front, we have still not received our username and password. We felt the name change was important to file now with the State so we can include the name change in our filings. Along with the filing, we will request a ticker symbol change to XCEL, however, we have been informed by counsel that this symbol change may not be granted and could take some time. Please understand with our negotiations for potential acquisitions we understand the importance of the Stop Sign being lifted. We have called to check and are told they are still processing our application. Our attorney is ready to move forward once we have access.

Finally, things are progressing with negotiations to fill a key medical position to work with Dr. Glisovic. We believe his unique skill set will accelerate our growth and bring extensive value to our team and shareholders.

Have a great weekend!

Mike O’Shea, CEO

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