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Say good night to XMSR and hello to hexonx 08/02/08 9:49 PM
XMSR Looking for a bounce here soon. Chart: RagingStocks 06/26/08 11:25 PM
Florida: imo there should be a little movement trade2much 03/30/08 9:50 AM
Thanks Trade. I'm on the right page now. florida135 03/30/08 9:39 AM
Florida just type in SIRI up in the trade2much 03/30/08 9:22 AM
Does anyone know the link to the message florida135 03/30/08 9:09 AM
MERGER APPROVED! adar7 03/24/08 3:36 PM
Former FCC-Pro Comments on Siri/XM Merger trade2much 11/13/07 9:11 PM
hex I would assume so since they started trade2much 10/24/07 12:26 PM
Any chance you know if XM is also hexonx 10/24/07 12:17 PM
hex: XM has been in rentals for years trade2much 10/24/07 12:08 PM
Yep!!! I hear Sirius radios are in rental hexonx 10/24/07 12:01 PM
Hex and now if the 2 could just trade2much 10/24/07 11:30 AM
SIRIUS Satellite Named Fastest Growing Company in Deloitte's hexonx 10/24/07 9:23 AM
bluebird: once assuming it is a go, it trade2much 10/03/07 3:45 PM
Well they have a 6 month clock on bluebird50 10/03/07 1:30 AM
Blue Bird yes the FDA can FASTTRACK I trade2much 10/02/07 6:09 PM
This is concerning a merger (money) though and bluebird50 10/02/07 12:27 PM
Bluebird: getting anything thru government takes forever and trade2much 10/02/07 8:35 AM
This late in the game should be a go. bluebird50 10/01/07 11:21 PM
Bluebird: have not heard that it is not trade2much 09/28/07 10:50 AM
Are we merging? bluebird50 09/28/07 1:33 AM
XM Canada reports third quarter financial results hexonx 07/16/07 1:04 PM
NAB concedes that XM/Sirius are "winning the war hexonx 06/28/07 12:41 PM
By: roybean3 hexonx 06/18/07 1:25 PM
Hex: that makes sense. Even if the merger trade2much 06/11/07 2:12 PM
Of Course. The possible reason that the FCC hexonx 06/11/07 9:39 AM
Hex: so what is your latest thought? Is trade2much 06/10/07 10:18 AM
Sirius Calls Merger ‘Uphill Battle’ hexonx 05/24/07 1:04 PM
NPD Data out for April: hexonx 05/24/07 12:21 PM
Blue type stocks? I like ACAS and ALD trade2much 05/13/07 7:05 PM
Trade, you seem like a savvy investor. You bluebird50 05/13/07 4:21 PM
Looking from a business prospective. I can see bluebird50 05/13/07 4:02 PM
blue: to start with I didn't think it trade2much 05/13/07 3:51 PM
I agree there, I think if they wait bluebird50 05/13/07 3:45 PM
Blue: Mel K should do well he has trade2much 05/13/07 3:43 PM
Thanks, I have been watching these companies for bluebird50 05/13/07 3:39 PM
Bluebird: imo open the real story is at trade2much 05/12/07 9:14 PM
Hey no problem. I also have a free hexonx 05/12/07 3:02 PM
Thanks for your help, I ended up finding bluebird50 05/11/07 9:21 PM
It's in the latest 10K. Click: XMSR Quote/Level hexonx 05/11/07 11:19 AM
How many total subscribers does XM have. bluebird50 05/10/07 4:03 PM
Hex I can't imagine it harming the SP trade2much 05/10/07 3:16 PM hexonx 05/10/07 10:26 AM
Why Satellite Radio Will Succeed hexonx 05/09/07 2:37 PM
10-Q: XM SATELLITE RADIO HOLDINGS INC hexonx 05/04/07 12:52 PM
Hex I would want to get in within trade2much 05/02/07 9:53 AM
Hex nothing is guaranteed (other than the 2 hexonx 05/02/07 9:46 AM
Hex nothing is guaranteed (other than the 2 trade2much 05/02/07 9:38 AM
Hi T2M- I agree about the merger. Personally hexonx 05/02/07 9:32 AM
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1year Chart: 3 Month Chart: The Box above: Right Click and hit view image (stock target chart) it will load in a second look at the YELLOW line that is the current price target. WEBSITE: Click here for the XMSR IHUB SITE Theme Song!Takes a minute to download. XM SATELLITE RADIO First of its kind radio. First new substanial concept in radio since F.M. *It had its inital US national rollout in November of 2001. **As of this writing, it offers well over 150 channels, including CNBC, BLOOMBERG, CSPAN, USA TODAY, ESPN, plus aLL types of music, genre from the decades 40,50's 60's-90's, Country, Soft rock, Hard rock, be bop, and much, much more. *This satellite music service spans the American continent and is digital, it offers CD type quality with minimal dead spots. XM ready radios are sold currently at retail and offered also in many new GM vehicles just due out this year. *Through the use of 2 Boeing satellites,(Rock & Roll,) and numerous signal repeaters, each channel spans the entire country coast to coast. *XM, as of this writing, is 22% owned by Gen.Motors. It is offered in numerous GM car models. XM is carried by many retailers: Circuit City, Best Buy, Tweeter, Sears, Radio Shack, Walmart, and many other chains. It is being touted by some analysts as the Next Cable TV. **The company might be viewed in light of Price to Sales, since it is not scheduled to break even soon, due to a multibillion dollar start up investment and a climb from 0$ to ?. It service currently costs the consumer $12.95 USD/month as of Nov 15th, 06 I have had this in my vehicles since the 01 roll out and I love it! I have both Skyfi and Boom Box (Watch the SAC costs the Subs % growth very carefully, they are very key to the SP BREAKING NEWS: Latest Bridgeratings on the SAT merger. News for 'XMSR' - (=DJ Arbitrage Spreads On Pending Mergers & Acquisitions -5-) XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR), Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI) Premium offered: $2.56 or 16.8% Acquirer: SIRI Target: XMSR Shares offered per share: 4.6 shares Value of offer per share: $17.76 Value of outstanding common equity: $4,767,486,000 Acquirer share price: $3.86 Target share price: $15.20 Expected closing: End of 2007 12/31/2007 Annualized gain: 19.7% News for 'XMSR' - (DJ CORRECT: Sirius Satellite: XM Will Survive Sirius Subsidiary) XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR) will be the surviving company following the proposed merger between it and a newly formed, wholly owned subsidiary of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI), a regulatory filing said. (The headline "Sirius Satellite: XM Will Be Surviving Co Following Merger," published at 6:24 p.m. EST., incorrectly indicated that XM would be the surviving company in the proposed merger between the Sirius parent company and XM.) (END) Dow Jones Newswires February 21, 2007 18:49 ET (23:49 GMT) Copyright (c) 2007 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.- - 06 49 PM EST 02-21-07 Source: DJ Broad Tape The slide presentation from 2/20/07 SIRI/XMSR merger conference call: UPCOMING EVENTS: More merger hearings info here. FCC merger timeclock link: The slide presentation from 2/20/07 SIRI/XMSR merger conference call: Judiciary Panel to Examine XM-Sirius Merger Witness list: David K. Rehr President and Chief Executive Officer National Association of Broadcasters Gigi Sohn President and Founder Public Knowledge Mark Cooper Director of Research Consumer Federation of America Charles E. Biggio Wison Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Mel Karmazin Chief Executive Officer SIRIUS Satellite Radio BOL
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