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World Surveillance Group Inc (fka WSGI)

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Welcome to the World Surveillance Group Inc.(WSGI) Board

The WSGI board was created to provide existing and potential investors a forum to discuss the fundamentals of WSGI. This is forum to learn and gain understanding of all WSGI's business segments and events as they occur. This is a forum for knowledgeable investor to share due diligence with the board. Whether you've been invested in WSGI since the early days or you are considering investing in WSGI and have found information you find important, we encourage you to share it.

A few points we would like you to keep in mind while posting

• Keep your posts on topic and WSGI related, discussion of technical analysis, price movement and market reaction belong on the WSGI TA board.
• Keep posts civil without pumping or bashing if you feel a need to, there are many places you can do that but not here.
• Posts from boards or anecdotal stories generally are just hearsay if you feel the need to post such information the board would appreciate it if you shared your opinion of the information and not just the information.
• There are negative opinions everyone should be respectful of them, if you are presenting a negative opinion it should be presented in a respectful, thoughtful and reasoned manner. Everyone has something at risk and to taunt only inflames emotions, whereas information even negative can be appreciated if presented properly. If you can't accept a posters negative view point the ignore feature works great and no response works even better.
• Every post is appreciated it should go without saying. If you feel the need to thank or agree with a poster for their contribution feel free to as long as you add to the discussion a simple "thanks" or "I agree" will do nothing to further ones understanding on any subject.
• Please follow all IHUB Terms of Use review here if needed. http://www.investorshub.com/boards/Terms.asp

Posts not meeting guidelines will be deleted without explanation we don't have the time or desire to justify every deletion. If you feel strongly enough PM or email me and if I have the time or desire I'll try to provide a reason. From time to time we may post a public explanation if it serves a larger purpose but don't expect it every time.

Just a final note this board is only as great as we make it. If you have any suggestions PM or email us. This board won't be great because of the moderators it will be great because of the posters, which there are many outstanding ones on this board and hopefully we attract more that may only read right now or may be looking for refuge from less civil forums. So let's all work toward the goal of having one of the finest boards on IHUB.

Please visit our other board for all discussion related to technical analysis, price movement and the market related to WSGI stock




WSGI Information



World Surveillance Group Inc SEC Filings

Industry: Aerospace Defense services SIC: 4813
Employees: 5
State of Inc: DELAWARE 2008
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
New York, NY 10005
Company Authorized Shares: 1 Billion

Outstanding Shares: 706,057,033 as of May 5, 2014

Fiscal Year End: December 31                                

Officers and Directors as a Group: 31,983,672
All executive officers and directors of the
Company as a group hold 9.3% of the O/S

Board of Directors:

Drew West - Chairman

Glenn Estrella - Director

Kevin S. Pruett - Director

Anita Hulo - Director

Management Team:

Chairman of the Board

Drew West

Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Estrella 

Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey Sawyers

VP and General Counsel


EWA Government Systems, Inc.
Command Post Technologies, Inc.
Eastcor Engineering
Space Florida
Oklahoma State University -- University Multispectral Laboratories, LLC

US Technik, Inc.
The Trident Group LLC
Ohio Lighter Than Air UAS Consortium
ADS, Inc.
A-T Solutions




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