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WordLogic Corp. (WLGC) offers a range of licensing options and Joint Venture opportunities, and leverages more than 10 years of advanced R&D to assume its position as a global leader in predictive text input technology. Backed by multiple patents and its predictive engine, WordLogic’s interface is revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses search and communicate on touch screen devices. Furthermore, WordLogic offers a range of licensing options of its technology and patent portfolio.

The company’s technology incorporates proprietary Gesturing™ and WordChunking™ features that accelerate typing speeds while reducing the effort needed for accuracy. This interface increased text input on mobile devices by five times, rapidly speeding communication via instant messaging, text messaging, captioning, email, and information searching. The iKnowU® keyboard uses state-of-the-art patented technology that becomes more accurate with each use, constantly learning about the user’s style and preferences. Utilizing the WordChunking and Gesturing, iKnowU enables the user to chain together phrases and create whole sentences in a matter of seconds.

For the business realm, WordLogic has developed a unique cloud solution to fit the specific needs of multiple industry sectors, enabling enterprises to create a single cloud-based dictionary specific to the company’s realm of expertise or multiple dictionaries specific for individual specialties or departments. This cloud solution creates continuity for users across multiple devices, boosting accuracy and productivity. WordLogic Reach™ enables users to select and insert meeting plans, contact information, and calendar entries from other apps in the mobile device.

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized WordLogic as the recipient of the 2014 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Predictive Keyboard Applications, saying, “WordLogic’s technically impressive product - WordLogic Predictive Engine and its associated products iKnowU® and Reach™ - offers key competitive advantages, such as market-leading word and phrase prediction capabilities, a context-aware advertising model; simpler integration, increased speed and accuracy; and reduced costs. Add to that the significant number of pending and issued patents and you can see how value a package of technology WordLogic has developed truly is.”



Investment Highlights

  • Global Leader in Predictive Text Input Technology
    More than 10 Years of Advanced R&D
    $20M+ Spent on R&D for Core Technology
    Multitude of International Pending, Issued Patents
    Recipient of Frost & Sullivan Industry Award



WordLogic develops, markets, licenses, and sells its advanced predictive platform software designed to accelerate information discovery and text input. The company’s innovations operate on a wide variety of devices including smartphones, PCs, cell phones, Smart TV, media players, automotive navigational systems, infotainment, and game consoles.

WordLogic’s technology incorporates proprietary Gesturing and WordChunking features developed to increase the speed at which people can type, as well as reduce the effort needed to do it accurately. WordChunking provides access to other forms of words and long phrases after entering only a few characters. WordChunking can be used to quickly enter complete phrases as well as company-specific information, and has demonstrated its potential to improve mobile text input by up to five times. It works with touchscreen devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and GPS units.

WordLogic Reach
Have a business meeting and need to send a colleague essential information stored in your calendar, contacts, maps, and Dropbox? All you need to do is type your message, and when you need to add links and information simply use WordLogic Reach to select and insert details from inside other apps or information sources with a few simple clicks.

WordLogic Reach’s revolutionary patent-pending technology understands the context of what you’re typing and instantly gives you access to the relevant app or data source to retrieve and share information. You’re then able to “reach” into these other sources and pull key information into the message you’re composing.

Rapid Info Retrieval
WordLogic’s patented multi-layer prediction technology can be used to rapidly retrieve data information from a multitude of different databases and network resources. WordLogic is the only company that delivers advanced multi-layer prediction for both mobile devices and tablets. WordLogic’s patented layer technology allows for refinement of searches, resulting in specific search results as easy as selecting an option from a menu.

Reach Advertising Search
The patent-pending technology provides context-aware search – including advertising search – within every app you are working in through the WordLogic predictive keyboard, superseding the need to exit core applications. Users will no longer have to navigate through numerous applications to obtain information such as directions, restaurant listings, ratings and reviews, travel information and other contextual data from Google or other mobile and content sites.

This unique ability to deliver precise and timely context-based and location-aware marketing messages gives WordLogic an advantage in the massive global pay-per-click advertising market. WordLogic Reach is truly the first technology to solve the problem of monitoring keystrokes in real-time in order to return contextual and location-based marketing messages in a timely and efficient manner while remaining unobtrusive and maintaining privacy of the user.

Currently, Wordlogic is developing a version of the award-winning iKnowU keyboard that integrates Reach Advertising Search to create new revenue opportunities through partnerships with online deal consolidator and providers that offer thousands of local deals covering hundreds of cities in North America. WordLogic is expanding their portfolio of partnerships, creating unique opportunities for revenue growth and extraordinarily intuitive accessibility for users. The list of current partners and affiliates, including Groupon Partner Network and YP (Yellow Pages), is growing!

Refine Search
WordLogic’s prediction engine (gesturing) combined with the patented Refined Search technology can serve up layers of information when it matters most, quickly. The text now becomes interactive in the document in real time, consolidating searches instantaneously, ensuring more accurate results the first time!

A key competitive advantage of WordLogic’s technology is that it performs deep Internet searches more rapidly, saving time and raising productivity for executives, their staff, and individual consumers. WordLogic’s software code is built inside the keyboard and not in the operating system – a feature that the company believes is innovative for its industry. With the intelligence built into the software keyboard, WordLogic can immediately search databases for any information inputted on the device, bypassing several steps of the traditional search process by not being restricted to a single application’s scope of information. Each search request is intended to be able to access the entire web universe of available information, providing instant, multi-level predictive search with 50% fewer steps than competitive techniques.

Intuitive Search
WordLogic’s Intuitive Search technology can dramatically change the way mobile device users interact with the web and how they access key word advertisements thus providing new revenue streams for social media and app development companies. Today, with a rapidly growing utilization and dependence on mobile devices, an opportunity exists for companies to generate new revenue from key word searches from their existing customers. This capability is made possible through the WordLogic technology and a partnering company can receive revenue associated with the key word search.

This type of intuitive search simplifies the user’s ability to access web information via mobile or handheld devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs, as it eliminates the need for an individual to leave the application they are currently using, open the device’s Web browser, re-enter the search term, and wait for results. Instead, WordLogic’s technology performs the search as the individual is typing, without the need for an additional application opening.

Multi-level prediction
It is important to note that WordLogic is not simply text prediction like many standard prediction products. Rather, the company’s interface is designed to be a gateway to a wealth of information available at the user’s fingertips. The software works on a multi-level prediction approach, where the first layer is word completion. As a word is typed, the software predicts the word and offers choices. All text prediction products can perform this first-level prediction.

However, one of the defining features of WordLogic’s technology is that the company not only predicts on the first level but further refines predictions and searches with a single click or finger tap. Importantly, the second-layer search and beyond are patented by WordLogic and, to the company’s knowledge, it is the only entity offering multi-layer prediction that can be applied to both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Dynamic Text
WordLogic software can change data that is formerly static text into dynamic, interactive text. When a term that WordLogic recognizes is typed into the device – such as in a document, an instant message, or an email – the term is highlighted. If the user taps the highlighted term, a menu of choices is presented containing more levels of information related to that term. This information is obtained from Internet and dictionary databases and could include contact information, dictionary definitions, web searches, or Wikipedia entries, or any other information serving website.

The WordLogic Predictive Keyboard draws upon established, built-in linguistic databases as well as a special personal database that is customizable to each user’s preferences and needs. Thus, enterprise users can program the Predictive Keyboard to recognize and access company-specific information and unique terminology in concurrent databases. The more the technology is used, the “smarter” it becomes – adjusting to the user by learning and storing inputted text.

WordLogic’s software offers support for customized, professional semantic databases and special terminology, such as for the journalism, medical, engineering, scientific, and legal communities. As well, consumers may capitalize on the Predictive Keyboard as an assistive device in situations where there are learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, or where English is a second language.


iKnowU Keyboard

The WordLogic iKnowU’s award-winning keyboard uses state-of-the-art patented technology that knows what the user is about to type. iKnowU becomes more accurate every time it is used, constantly learning about the user and their style.

The WordLogic iKnowU’s award-winning keyboard uses state-of-the-art patented technology that knows what the user is about to type. iKnowU becomes more accurate every time it is used, constantly learning about the user and their style.

WordChunking™ - Displays possible predictions allowing you to find the word or phrase you’re looking for more quickly accurately

Word and Phrase Prediction - Create whole sentences and phrases in a fraction of the time that you’d normally take to type them

Gesturing™ - Enter words and phrases with sub-second input resulting in blazing fast entry speeds with full accuracy

Auto Learn- iKnowU learns and monitors your style and use of words, adjusting to better predict what you want to type

Smart Learn - Predicts names of people & places, email addresses, website & more

Right or Left Handed Preference - iKnowU adjusts its actions and displays based upon the setup for either right or left-handed

Multi-keyboards & Themes - Customize your iKnowU experience with different themes and layouts



WordLogic now brings the incredible power of its patented predictive text technology to the workplace in one cost-effective solution that enables companies to offer their workers the ability to rapidly and seamlessly enter industry or company-specific words and sentences into a multitude of devices from PCs to mobile phones and tablets.

These solutions are tailored to each company’s specific requirements. Whereas other predictive text solutions offer single word prediction, WordLogic is the only company that has the ability to predict entire phrases and sentences. Powering the predictive input is a bespoke cloud-based company dictionary that enables company/industry-specific words and phrases to be managed centrally and continuously updated so that they can be synced across every worker’s devices.

Key Features

  • Bespoke implementation regardless of company size
    Works across PC, tablet, and mobile (optimal for Android devices)
    Powered by WordLogic’s patented Wordchunking™ technology
    Rapidly enter whole phrases using patented Gesturing™ technology
    Create a single cloud-based dictionary specific containing thousands of words and phrases or multiple dictionaries specific for individual specialties or departments
    Simple to deploy across a workforce.
    Significantly boosts accuracy and productivity, saving businesses time and money.
    Can be implemented into existing IT infrastructure using WordLogic’s simple SDK


2014 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award
for Predictive Keyboard Applications

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products, but also enables the development of newer products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of the recipient’s technology.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

Frost & Sullivan presented WordLogic Corporation with the 2014 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology Leadership, specifically highlighting the company’s context-aware applications such as WordLogic Reach™ and WordLogic iKnowU®.

“WordLogic's software is very accurate in predicting the words and phrases that a user is going to type, making it easy and more convenient for users to fully utilize their mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. The speed and ease of implementing WordLogic’s technology gives it a definite competitive edge. Frost & Sullivan believes this edge will continue to make WordLogic a market leader in predictive keyboards.”

--- Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sathya Vendhan.

WordLogic’s prediction technologies are expected to have a huge impact on verticals such as healthcare, legal, insurance, consulting, and journalism, which produce voluminous documents and reports and use complex terms. Within one to two years, Frost & Sullivan expects the WordLogic Prediction Engine and the associated technologies to be embedded in digital appliances and wearable technologies. Its context-aware abilities will allow the systems to read user preferences with respect to consumer electronics, such as set-top boxes and remote-controlled systems.

“At a time when mobile computing is growing at breakneck speed and phone manufacturers are looking to stand out from the clutter, WordLogic’s array of technologies and robust intellectual property portfolio make it an ideal partner for tier-one mobile device manufacturers.”

--- Vendhan.

Frost & Sullivan expects WordLogic’s technically impressive WordLogic Predictive Engine and its associated products, iKnowU® and Reach™, to find considerable traction in various industries. Its key competitive advantages, such as word and phrase prediction capabilities, context-aware advertising model, simpler integration, increased speed and accuracy, and reduced costs, are expected to make WordLogic a market leader in predictive keyboards and continuously search categories.

“WordLogic’s technically impressive product … offers key competitive advantages, such as market-leading word and phrase prediction capabilities, a context-aware advertising model; simpler integration, increased speed and accuracy; and reduced costs. Add to that the significant number of pending and issued patents and you can see how value a package of technology WordLogic has developed truly is. In recognition of the innovative capabilities of the technology, Frost & Sullivan is proud to recognize WordLogic Corporation as the recipient of the 2014 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Predictive Keyboard Applications.”

--- Vendhan.


WordLogic as an Assistive Technology


It is estimated that between 15% and 20% of people in the U.S. have a language-based disability. One of the most common language disabilities is dyslexia (Source: the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health [NIH], March 2010). As dyslexia is a learning difficulty affecting the development of literacy and language skills, spelling can be very difficult. For over three years now, WordLogic’s predictive text solution has been used as an assistive technology for dyslexia sufferers. While there are other predictive text and voice recognition software packages available, testimonials for WordLogic’s product emphasize the software’s flexibility and intuitive nature versus competing products. Testimonials also referenced the technology’s compatibility with other Windows – compatible software, such as word processing or spreadsheet packages as well as any custom software the user may already be using to assist their communications.

The WordLogic Predictive Keyboard’s ability to display a list of words that all start with the entered information, and then offer several word options as people type, helps dyslexics focus more on their word choices. Further, if typists are unsure whether the offered word is correct, they can simply click the word to access a dictionary database and confirm the definition. Users of the WordLogic software for assistive purposes have stated that it bestows extra confidence in their typing skills.

Cerebral Palsy

WordLogic’s patented predictive text solution has also been adopted to help overcome challenges that people living with cerebral palsy face with everyday written communication. The symptoms of cerebral palsy make daily tasks extremely frustrating and time consuming. As a consequence of the involuntary movements accompanying the disease, sufferers of cerebral palsy may have to type using only one finger. WordLogic’s software has had use overcoming these limitations, and has served as an affordable option for cerebral palsy patients.

Nearly 800,000 children and adults in the U.S. are believed to be living with one or more symptoms of cerebral palsy. Going forward, approximately 10,000 children born each year in the U.S. may also develop the condition (Source: the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, part of the NIH, May 2010). Cerebral palsy is currently incurable and patients must rely on finding ways to manage their disabilities. Daily challenges increase as patients reach middle age, although some individuals are able to continue work and other activities using assistive equipment and adjusted schedules.



WordLogic is guided by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals passionate about applying their expertise to the company’s revolutionary technology and dedicated to bringing its product to the forefront of the mobile communications industry.

Frank Evanshen - Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Frank Evanshen has been the president and CEO of WordLogic since May 27, 2003. Evanshen previously served as president and CEO of MCC Meridian Capital Corp., and has been a venture capitalist and merchant banker for more than 25 years, acquiring extensive experience in raising capital for private and public ventures. He has been a director of WordLogic since 2003 and of MCC Meridian Capital since 1997.


Mark Dostie - Chief Technology Officer

Mark Dostie, one of the pioneers and developers of WordLogic technology, has more than 20 years of professional software engineering experience, and has performed as CEO, CTO, architect, and project manager at numerous companies including MDA Corp., PriceWaterhouseCoopers, eMediaIT, and other corporations including both military and commercial concerns. Dostie’s expertise is diverse and deep with specific expertise in mobile, machine learning, AI and 3D/Gesturing technology.


Charles Lawson - Chief Predictive Intelligence Officer

Charles Lawsome has more than 15 years of experience developing key advances in digital video and audio, 3D voxel imaging and applied predictive technologies. Lawsom held positions as the CEO and founder of Worldwide Infrastructure Technologies (WIT) and Digimedia Corp. He has also helped structure and provide critical insights into hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions, including the financing and planning of DreamWorks, Universal Studio, Domino’s Pizza, Amazon, and Exxon-Mobil.


Darrin McCormack - Chief Financial Officer

Darren McCormack is a Certified General Accountant (CGA), certified fraud examiner, and the managing partner of the firm, D. McCormack & Company Inc. Darren has been a CGA in public practice since 1988 and received his diploma in Financial Accounting from Malaspina College in Nanaimo, BC, in 1986.



Daniel Lim - Controller

Daniel Lim has extensive accounting experience in accordance with Canadian and U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and Canadian and U.S. Corporate Income Tax Act. Additionally, Lim has completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Uniform exam in Washington State. Prior to joining WordLogic, Lim worked at James Stafford Chartered Accountants, a professional full-service accounting firm based in Vancouver, BC, as well as Cantronic Systems Inc., which is a publically listed surveillance equipment global company.



WordLogic Corp.
1130 West Pender St., Suite 230
Vancouver, BC v6E 4A4
Phone: (604) 257-3660

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