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 VOYT  8K- From Q1 2010 Link-->

VOYT DD FROM 8K- Effective March 22, 2010, Nathan Johnson, age 43, has agreed to serve as the Registrant’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary on an interim basis and until his successor is duly elected and qualified. There are no family relationships or agreements with other officers or directors to report. Since December 2001, Nathan Johnson has served as managing partner at Gemini Partners, a Los Angeles-based investment bank which he co-founded. At Gemini Partners, Mr. Johnson is responsible for advising clients on all matters relating to corporate finance including capital raises, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and other strategic opportunities. Gemini Partners is not a parent, subsidiary or other affiliate of the Registrant.  This Nathan Johnson seems like a CEO/CFO that can handle a r/m with this...why else would named in the 8K in Q 1 2010.

New VOYT CEO/CFO shell -->
Look at Nathan Johnson's Resume...he is the active CFO/CEO for VOYT now according to 8k.

Nathan Johnson, Managing Partner, Head of Restructuring Mr. Johnson brings to Gemini Partners over twenty years of investment banking, international finance, and turnaround operational experience. Most recently, Mr. Johnson served as an executive with several funded by JP Morgan Partners working specifically on financial and operational turnarounds. In addition, Mr. Johnson worked at General Motors Corporation in their New York Treasury Office serving as Director of Overseas Corporate Finance, focusing on divestitures and operational turnarounds. Previously, he served as a Vice President in the investment banking group of Deutsche Bank. Additionally, he is a board member of several companies funded through Gemini Partners. Mr. Johnson holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business and an M.A. in International Studies from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania]Nathan Johnson of of Gemini Partners has acquired a new company called Telescape Communications early this year to serve the growing hispanic community in US.


Nathan Johnson of of Gemini Partners has acquired a new company called Telescape Communications early this year to serve the growing hispanic community in US. (See links below)

So there is a possibility that Nathan Johnson is on the verge of reviving the now defunct Voyant, the in-flight broad band internet service provider for airline companies.   

Can Voyant re emerge as a stand alone player or is it going to merge with an already successful private company, it remains to be seen.

Can VOYT serve as a shell to help a private company to go public?  This seems logical as well from this dd, but nothing is known for sure or confirmed as of yet.


 BROWN FAMILY STILL HOLDING large amount of stock well they were principal lenders as well now if you see from sep 2007 to sep 2009 following link 

This stock traded from .01 to .82 levels and infact in 2007 this was well traded above .50 for the
whole year with volumes from1 mil to 4 mil every day that shows there are many in this stock at very high levels and surely they will not sell at the prices of today. The brown family was granted warrants which could be converted in stock at a conversion price of .11 to .1375 which will come i n play in 2013 while other lenders at .075 which also will come in play in 2013 well the real O/S here is 253 mil shares there was a typing error from me last time quoting 120 Mil. Well even in this 253 mil shares most of it is locked up and the ones they are out must be at prices of above .10 so this stock has been intentionally kept down many months. When ever i have tried to buy say at .0007 the MMs used to make the bid high this play has been there between me and the MMs for last one year,then i used to keep quite for 2 weeks suddenly the MMs uses to make a Monster run.  Read my old posts first they made a run with a volume of 4 mil shares to .0022 then next time with 6.5 mil shares the second run to .0032 and now 3 days back the 3rd run with 21 mil shares to .005... that means since last 4 months since nathan has taken over there has been silent accumulation.  I will not be surprised in Nathan comes out strongly by making this current on pink sheets by filing all documents disclosing the new developments i will not sell this below .50 even people think its junk at now these levels will go on adding as i get more funds in to my account.
GTLA lets see this in dollar land in 2011

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