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St. Louis FED Economic indicator charts: dabonenose 03/14/18 12:37 AM
For anyone who wants to peruse Fed Minutes dabonenose 10/05/17 2:45 PM
Another link for those that follow the Yield Curve: dabonenose 11/16/16 6:57 PM
Here's a nice little link to seasonality probabilities dabonenose 11/16/16 6:31 PM
Nice lil tool they added to,,,when you dabonenose 01/14/16 4:42 PM
Explanation of trading with the summation dabonenose 11/12/15 3:53 PM
You as well. Icanslim 06/07/23 8:47 PM
On the ground report: vlispxpert 06/07/23 4:46 PM
V B L T volumes there... vlispxpert 06/07/23 3:46 PM
He's never seen anything like this either...says it vlispxpert 06/07/23 3:40 PM
I've never heard of anything like that happening Icanslim 06/07/23 3:17 PM
No, if you watch that video, he zooms vlispxpert 06/07/23 3:11 PM
you likely minted money on your Put trades! Icanslim 06/07/23 3:04 PM
Is it that dry in that area of Icanslim 06/07/23 3:03 PM
So this earthquake guy was VERY freaked out vlispxpert 06/07/23 2:52 PM
been a craaaaazy day for puts here, many vlispxpert 06/07/23 2:39 PM
LOL! Icanslim 06/07/23 1:50 PM
Haven't been posting puts today, it's fish in vlispxpert 06/07/23 1:24 PM
V B L T .25+ is huge break...radar vlispxpert 06/07/23 1:22 PM
...I'm not worthy. :) Icanslim 06/07/23 11:04 AM
you and the 'chart master' Larry Williams: Icanslim 06/07/23 11:03 AM
V B L T-alerted .15's...keep on radar vlispxpert 06/07/23 10:58 AM
Well, wasn't a home run day, but it vlispxpert 06/06/23 3:42 PM
Out 355's at .55 for another double :) vlispxpert 06/06/23 3:40 PM
added 355s .25...I think this bounce overdone... vlispxpert 06/06/23 3:10 PM
in 355 puts .32 vlispxpert 06/06/23 3:03 PM
13276 in sight... vlispxpert 06/06/23 2:57 PM
oops, missed my puts buy op...DOH! oh well, vlispxpert 06/06/23 2:04 PM
Looking for 13276ish Naz to reload puts... vlispxpert 06/06/23 1:35 PM
Nice. Active relaxation with some work close to jerzybondon 06/06/23 12:51 PM
out 355 puts +0.50...making money :) vlispxpert 06/06/23 12:42 PM
back in 355 puts vlispxpert 06/06/23 12:37 PM
Great day so far on puts...didn't get double vlispxpert 06/06/23 12:28 PM
Scalped out puts, will reload hod test... vlispxpert 06/06/23 12:26 PM
Only added 355's at .46, holding rest vlispxpert 06/06/23 12:02 PM
Averaged puts .11, .26 and .54.. vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:59 AM
back in 353-355 puts .15, .33, .68 vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:49 AM
This is exactly why I scalped all 3 vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:44 AM
Scalped puts 2x again, hope they don't fly vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:28 AM
new puts...weeeeeee ;) vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:26 AM
loaded 353-355 puts .18, .36 and .75...all todays...stay tuned! vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:20 AM
We went to beach, worked in yard, went vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:18 AM
They kicked the can down the road for vlispxpert 06/06/23 11:15 AM
Welcome back! What's your preferred destination for vacation? jerzybondon 06/06/23 12:04 AM
I am still waiting for the crash that antman 06/05/23 10:45 PM
Geez. What was the expiration date on Icanslim 06/05/23 4:54 PM
but wait, it gets worse .25's hit 2.13...8x+ hit...DOH! vlispxpert 06/05/23 3:02 PM
3x?? You are an Options beast. Icanslim 06/05/23 1:54 PM
OUCH, not wow, triple plus now...Sold too early...LOL vlispxpert 06/05/23 1:50 PM
wow! Icanslim 06/05/23 1:43 PM
Scalped 356's for double, nice way to start vlispxpert 06/05/23 1:35 PM
took lotto 356 puts for .25...dipping toes in vlispxpert 06/05/23 12:54 PM
Back from vacation...unplugged everything for 10 days...was a vlispxpert 06/05/23 11:30 AM
oops meant 6/2 5/30 vlispxpert 05/26/23 2:37 PM
V, what are 5/2 and 4/30 dates. Icanslim 05/26/23 1:09 PM
I agree. usd and 10yr continue up Icanslim 05/26/23 1:08 PM
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Welcome to Vlispxpert's Underground. This board is mainly for undervalued, oversold stock plays. The price of the stock is not of concern, so .10 to $20+ picks are welcome if they meet the criteria below. (No pinks or otcbb please) I will be placing my watch picks once a week or whenever I find one I really like...These days it's quality over quantity of picks...


Anyone who is considering investing in any of my oversold picks, needs to understand that there is usually a reason the stock is oversold in the first place. 9 times out of 10 there was some bad news that caused a major sell off...

These plays are risky in nature because of this factor alone. I am playing the odds when I buy an oversold stock. The theory behind my picks is the price shouldn't go much lower, due to the oversold indicators & the shorts are close to covering. JMHO

If the price does go lower, I average down, which I believe just causes more pressure on the stock rather than relieving pressure by selling. I usually wait for a 25-35% drop before averaging down, depending on the volume & activity of the market.

I also believe in holding the stock through the turbulant bottom when it is trying to correct itself. It may take a day or it may take months, but the theory is, it will turn around at some point...JMHO

There are 4 things that will make me sell a stock immediately:

1) Strong dilution (over 50% addition to O/S).
2) Bankruptcy.
3) Reverse split.
4) Bad news, usually of the financial nature (Big losses, bad quarter, losing major client, etc.)

I just wanted to post this as a reminder to those who do decide to buy one of my picks that there is a high risk factor & that my picks aren't really daytrades. They are buy & hold until the market comes to you. Sometimes they play out like daytrades, and sometimes it's like water drip torture for weeks on end...

I believe in my method, however contrary it is to the daytrade crowd, who wants instant gratification or it's a complete failure in their minds....

Good luck & good trading, I hope this helps in future decisions on buying any future picks...Thanks

Terminology you may hear:

Starter=1%-2% amount to keep eye on stock while it's trying to find support.
Add=2%-6% tripling of position after a 20-35% dip.
Back up Truck=20%-30%

"If you want to get rich, stick your head above the crowd, see which way it is going, and immediately head in the opposite direction" -My Favorite Quote-

"The stock market is a vehicle to move wealth from the impatient to the patient". -Another Great Quote-

My other board strictly for trading gold/silver stocks is located at:


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