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They tweaked the S-1 again. No time to TomFromYahoo 06/05/23 4:30 PM
Good insights there Tom. Sadly, 2.5 years grandslam68 06/02/23 3:13 PM TomFromYahoo 05/31/23 11:16 PM
They freshened up their web site, updating forward-looking TomFromYahoo 05/30/23 12:23 PM
Tom, sounds promising indeed. Thanks as always grandslam68 05/12/23 4:48 PM
Still haven't read it, and won't. But it TomFromYahoo 05/10/23 10:18 AM
They refiled the S-1. No time to read TomFromYahoo 05/08/23 10:29 PM
@Dirk... They fully understand the perilous situation. A TomFromYahoo 04/03/23 2:09 PM
Tom, send your post/plan to Musick with a Dirk12 03/30/23 1:15 AM
jesus,,, are you still here? Blue and Black Blood 03/29/23 11:00 PM
Tom, I like your thinking here, a sound grandslam68 03/24/23 9:43 AM
I don't think this is complicated. Musick and TomFromYahoo 03/15/23 2:59 PM
10-Q for Q1-FY23 was filed. Blah blah blah. TomFromYahoo 03/14/23 7:40 PM
If nothing else -- and if they can't TomFromYahoo 03/02/23 12:10 AM
And of course 2.5 years since the SEC grandslam68 02/27/23 10:47 AM
March 12 will be 6 months since they TomFromYahoo 02/22/23 10:24 PM
I am impressed with the level of detail grandslam68 02/08/23 9:58 AM
@grandslam.. Yeah, all that stuff, and a bunch TomFromYahoo 02/06/23 11:03 PM
I too skimmed it and I see there grandslam68 02/06/23 12:29 PM
The 10-K is out, as expected. TBH, I TomFromYahoo 01/31/23 4:47 PM
You'd think the upcoming annual report would shed grandslam68 01/20/23 2:30 PM
They filed another amendment to their Form 10 TomFromYahoo 01/19/23 10:49 PM
They filed an 8K with the SEC today. TomFromYahoo 01/17/23 10:39 PM
@Dirk... When the IPO is completed, new message TomFromYahoo 01/15/23 11:37 PM
Hi guys,It occurred to me that if the Dirk12 01/13/23 9:35 PM
Thanks Tom. I've never heard of this grandslam68 12/30/22 12:48 PM
@grandslam... Best I can do is summarize my TomFromYahoo 12/29/22 12:50 PM
Tom, thanks for the heads up. Seems grandslam68 12/28/22 11:51 AM
FYI... They refiled the Form 10 again last TomFromYahoo 12/26/22 6:41 AM
Hey VB inner circle, if you're reading this... TomFromYahoo 12/07/22 7:28 PM
Working with the FDA instead of around it. grandslam68 11/29/22 9:21 AM
More on the Zamora move... I just wrote TomFromYahoo 11/28/22 10:57 PM
The Zamora Era Is Over. They just TomFromYahoo 11/28/22 5:52 PM
Tom, thanks, I do see progress here. grandslam68 11/21/22 12:28 PM
Correction to prior post, as I wrote quickly TomFromYahoo 11/15/22 8:52 AM
They filed a bunch of Form 3's today. TomFromYahoo 11/14/22 4:42 PM
Tom, great finds, this is very encouraging. grandslam68 11/07/22 10:01 AM
The original Form 10 automatically goes into effect TomFromYahoo 11/04/22 11:05 PM
They refiled the Form 10 as well. It TomFromYahoo 11/04/22 8:20 PM
I found the filing. See link below. It TomFromYahoo 11/04/22 1:19 AM
It appears that they filed a Form S-1/A TomFromYahoo 11/03/22 11:55 PM
Yes, as you say, just a simple update grandslam68 10/28/22 3:51 PM
@grandslam... Yes, sadly, there are way more paths TomFromYahoo 10/25/22 6:49 PM
That's an interesting take Tom. It does grandslam68 10/21/22 3:18 PM
Partner news... (link below). This is a bit TomFromYahoo 10/20/22 12:27 PM
Tom, yes, the fact that they are a grandslam68 10/03/22 1:34 PM
@grandslam... By now, it is clear that the TomFromYahoo 09/29/22 11:13 AM
Nice find Tom. It's significant that, as grandslam68 09/28/22 12:42 PM Link to Pitt Hopk TomFromYahoo 09/26/22 10:39 PM
Much appreciated Tom. Yes I would certainly grandslam68 09/22/22 4:37 PM
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Vitro Diagnostics Inc. (fka VODG)

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Chairman, President & CEO

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc.4621 Technology DriveGolden, CO 80403

(303) 999-2130

(303) 762-1240 – FAX

SIC Number: 2836
Fiscal Year End: 10-31

Transfer Agent: Securities Transfer Corporation
2591 Dallas Pkwy Ste 102
Frisco, TX 75034
CIK: 793171

Outstanding Shares: 17,214,000 Public Float: 11.577M
Authorized: 55M
All Share data is up to date Taken from the 10K & 10Q 2008:
In the last 12 years the OS has only been raised 8M shares
The company has been fully reporting since 1996
There has never been a Reverse Split

Nevada Secretary of State:
Copy link into your browser for Authorized Share Info

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in the contents transmitted on this board should be construed as an investment advisory, nor should it be used to make investment decisions. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The author(s) most likely will have positions in the stock, and may/will trade a portion or all of the position in the stock mentioned. Readers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to considering buying or selling any stock. All information should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange has approved or disapproved of the information

Patent Info:
Vitro's cell immortalization patent allowed.

Press Release: Vitro granted additional fertility drug patents.
PAT. NO. 6,414,123

PAT. NO 5,990,288

Vitro Awarded Cell Immortalization Patent By United States Patent Office
PAT. NO 6,458,593

Recent patent Application that the company expects to gain a Notice of Allowance with an issued patent to follow
June 23,2008 Wall Street Transcript interview...

2007 Interview with The Wall Street Transcript

Business Summary:

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. dba, Vitro BioPharma (OTC Bulletin Board; VODG) is a publicly traded biotechnology firm committed to “Harnessing the Power of Cells”. The Company has generated over 30 adult human stem cell lines that drive numerous commercial opportunities in medical research and treatment of disease. Our business plan focuses on initiatives to: 1) commercialize products for use in drug development & discovery, 2) develop and commercialize products to treat animal diabetes and 3) develop and commercialize a stem cell-based treatment of human diabetes. Our advanced stem cell technology has broad application to several high-value medical products. We intend to leverage our platform technology to build a Company based on high-margin products targeting a variety of diverse markets in medical research and treatment of previously untreatable or under-treated diseases.

Executive Summary:

Informative Links regarding Pancreatic Islet Therapy:

Shortage of Islets: major obstacle to widespread use of islet transplantation is the shortage of islets.

Nearly 600 diabetes patients worldwide have now received islet transplants, and enough patients have been transplanted that long-term benefits can be documented.

Cell Therapies For Diabetes, Cancer May Be Coming Soon

Pancreatic Stem Cell Transplantation

Researchers are a step closer to a cure for type 1 diabetes after the successful transplantation of insulin-producing cells into eight patients.

Cell transplant dramatically changes diabetic's life
Published: Wednesday, 19-Mar-2008

Six centres are receiving nearly £10m of government funding ( London) to offer transplants of insulin-producing cells.

Transplants of own stem cells may let diabetics forgo insulin,0,7517225.story?coll=bal-health-headlines

In Vivo Imaging of Immune Rejection in Transplanted Pancreatic Islets

SEC EDGAR Filings: Fully reporting for 12 years OS grew by only 8m shares since that time

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