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Is the Sales Org being fixed or not? fishhunter 06/05/23 10:57 PM
Per public commentary, seems headsets are on the sharpchicity 06/05/23 5:57 PM
Any chatter of Virtra / Vision Pro connection? Twister 06/05/23 5:40 PM
coincidence...my father is also 87. He's declining, Fantom19 06/03/23 8:50 PM
Name at gmail.com. sharpchicity 06/03/23 4:35 PM
Hey Sharp! I was wondering if I Gordon Shumway2 06/03/23 4:25 PM
Thanks, W... Trying to be strategic with VTSI... Gordon Shumway2 06/03/23 4:19 PM
Another day, another "A"... The Rhein is beautiful! Gordon Shumway2 06/03/23 4:18 PM
He said October weeblewobble09 06/03/23 12:10 AM
OT. PdC...Prairie du Chien. Born there, raised there, Fantom19 06/02/23 9:39 PM
Does anyone recall when Givens said we might
Gordon Shumway2 06/02/23 8:59 AM
Someone reported both CEOs would be on May Gordon Shumway2 06/02/23 8:52 AM
IMO, the last Story Trading interview with the gbb777 06/02/23 7:11 AM
I have the same question about the Story Gordon Shumway2 06/02/23 7:03 AM
Gordo, I'm sure N WI fishing great, I grew Fantom19 06/01/23 8:41 PM
I am a river guy, love fishing rivers. fishhunter 06/01/23 8:35 PM
Used to fish the Pigeon River in Clintonville Gordon Shumway2 06/01/23 8:53 AM
Walleyes...fun to catch, tasty to eat. Jealous Fantom19 05/31/23 9:07 PM
I’ve been up north fishing for the last fishhunter 05/31/23 9:04 PM
Hey fish, I was out fishing and missed dlewisfl 05/30/23 4:20 PM
Excellent buy….I wish I had been smart enough fishhunter 05/27/23 8:00 AM
These steep dips usually get bought up. I weeblewobble09 05/26/23 11:21 AM
I like your observation about big mess into fishhunter 05/23/23 7:42 AM
Givens did good, like a real CEO should! Twister 05/23/23 2:46 AM
Volume 300k Fantom19 05/22/23 7:49 PM
Another good day, good volume, good price movement. fishhunter 05/22/23 7:45 PM
Glad those 33k are gone in short order. Fantom19 05/18/23 8:12 PM
fish: This stock is like chicken little.... dlewisfl 05/18/23 10:57 AM
Congrats!…in todays small cap market that is a fishhunter 05/18/23 9:59 AM
Full Disclosure: I sold my trading position yesterday, dlewisfl 05/18/23 9:48 AM
Premarket today (30minutes before the open) shows 33,000 fishhunter 05/18/23 9:05 AM
The stock looked like it was in a rado 05/17/23 1:39 PM
That was a stupid move by someone to fishhunter 05/17/23 7:52 AM
https://breakingdefense.com/2023/05/last-stand-for-ivas-new-challenges-delays-as Ellington 05/16/23 11:45 PM
Someone unloaded a healthy amount in the morning dlewisfl 05/16/23 9:42 PM
Great questions, of course... Given what went on Gordon Shumway2 05/16/23 3:15 PM
Stock behaving nicely today. It does sorta fishhunter 05/16/23 1:37 PM
Stock behaving nicely today. It does sorta fishhunter 05/16/23 1:37 PM
Wow great quarter and nice market reaction here Schneidku40 05/15/23 10:04 PM
I think in the conf call they said fishhunter 05/15/23 9:47 PM
Any mention of current backlog ? LaGolfer 05/15/23 9:41 PM
PFC...Fish, hope you're low on your wags in Fantom19 05/15/23 9:20 PM
Well done on the predictions sharp and fish... D theG 05/15/23 7:07 PM
NASDAQ says it hit $7.8. chainma1l 05/15/23 5:51 PM
I had a limit sell for half my bborden51 05/15/23 5:25 PM
Thanks, Utah! Just saw $7.66! Gordon Shumway2 05/15/23 5:13 PM
77k and counting. Best place for checking that utahstock12 05/15/23 4:52 PM
I see it topped $7 after hours... Can Gordon Shumway2 05/15/23 4:50 PM
I see it topped $7 after hours... Can Gordon Shumway2 05/15/23 4:50 PM
I wouldn't mind being wrong like this more often sharpchicity 05/15/23 4:44 PM
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Gordon Shumway2
06/03/23 4:25 PM
Gordon Shumway2
06/03/23 4:19 PM
Gordon Shumway2
06/03/23 4:18 PM
06/03/23 12:10 AM
Gordon Shumway2
06/02/23 8:59 AM
Gordon Shumway2
06/02/23 8:52 AM
Gordon Shumway2
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05/15/23 5:51 PM
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Gordon Shumway2
05/15/23 5:13 PM
05/15/23 4:52 PM
Gordon Shumway2
05/15/23 4:50 PM
Gordon Shumway2
05/15/23 4:50 PM
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VirTra Inc (VTSI)

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VirTra Systems, Inc. develops, sells, and supports use-of-force and marksmanship firearms training simulators in Arizona and internationally. Its products comprise V-300 simulator, a 300 degree wrap around screen for simulation training; V-180 simulator, a 180-degree screen for smaller spaces and budgets; V-100, a single-screen based simulator system; V-ST, a realistic single screen simulated shooting range simulator; and Top SME Content, a content supplied with its simulators. The company also offers V-Author, a software that allows users to create, edit, and train with content specific to agency objectives; Simulated Recoil, a range of realistic and reliable simulated recoil kits/weapons; and Threat-Fire, a return fire device that applies real-world stress on the trainees during simulation training. It serves law enforcement judgement use-of-force simulation training, military firearms simulation training, and civilian simulation shooting markets. The company sells its simulators and related products through a direct sales force and distribution partners. The company was formerly known as Ferris Productions, Inc. and changed its name to VirTra Systems, Inc. in April 2002. VirTra Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

VIRTRA SYSTEMS WEBSITE: http://www.virtra.com/
VIRTRA SYSTEMS FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtra-Systems-Inc/100717131887
VIRTRA SYSTEMS TWITTER: http://twitter.com/VirtraSystems
VIRTRA SYSTEMS YOUTUBEhttp://www.youtube.com/user/VirtraSystems

Bob Ferris, CEO
VirTra Systems, Inc.
7970 S. Kyrene Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85284
telephone (480) 968-1488 x5014
telecopier (480) 968-1448 fax


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ThreatFire Patent:

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