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Email to info@viewsystems.com was sent on Nov. 4 harr449 12/01/22 6:42 PM
That’s .20 cents. Institution? Yooo 12/02/22 3:32 PM
200,000 trade, .000001.
harr449 12/02/22 3:13 PM
Email to info@viewsystems.com was sent on Nov. 4 harr449 12/01/22 6:42 PM
How are those notes looking? Yooo 12/01/22 5:51 PM
I think we've been talking "what ifs" for bildo 11/13/22 1:36 PM
So if VSYM applies for “OTCM DNS (Disclosure harr449 11/09/22 5:50 PM
Scampo at it again. LIES Yooo 11/09/22 2:58 PM
Sent an email to info@viewsystems.com with questions shown harr449 11/09/22 2:07 PM
Scampo PUMPED VSYM with bogus and misleading PR’s Yooo 11/07/22 4:10 PM
That’s called being Scampoed. Some tried Yooo 11/02/22 2:07 PM
Yes, but it's dying a slow death. Most glennbama 11/02/22 12:44 PM
Is he still posting on Discord VSYM? harr449 10/24/22 3:07 PM
Scampo Yooo 10/24/22 9:37 AM
DC Comics! Today, tomorrow, next week for months, glennbama 10/21/22 10:22 AM
It’s dead. First this: Sept. 22, 2022. SEC harr449 10/21/22 10:09 AM
harr opinion on where this can go 2business 10/21/22 8:56 AM
Scampo !! Yooo 10/13/22 5:45 PM
DC has everybody brainwashed. They all ganged up harr449 10/13/22 2:45 PM
Yes, that DC character is something else. He glennbama 10/13/22 10:05 AM
Scampoed Yooo 10/11/22 1:47 PM
I got banned months ago by DC for harr449 10/11/22 12:20 PM
That’s what you think ;) Longer Than Most 10/09/22 10:16 AM
All lies Yooo 10/09/22 9:28 AM
All discords are hype and lies. By nature. bildo 10/08/22 5:39 PM
Is the Discord conversation all hype and lies?? glennbama 10/08/22 2:39 PM
If Scampo would have filed financials ON TIME Yooo 10/07/22 9:18 PM
That’s called being Scampoed!! A lot Yooo 10/07/22 7:40 PM
Scampo!!! Yooo 10/07/22 7:39 PM
If SEC didn’t suspend them, VSYM would not harr449 10/07/22 6:32 PM
If SEC didn’t suspend them, VSYM would not harr449 10/07/22 6:32 PM
Clarifying what you said about them being suspended before. harr449 10/07/22 6:25 PM
Irrelevant to the current situation. The Form 15 Lime Time 10/07/22 12:52 PM
That was for a news media article released harr449 10/07/22 11:28 AM
Form 15 way too late. Can't rob a Lime Time 10/06/22 9:18 PM
But 6M volume yesterday. And I tried placing harr449 10/06/22 5:51 PM
You are not wrong. It’s called Yooo 10/06/22 2:07 PM
Rule 12g-4(a) addresses the termination of registration under bildo 10/06/22 1:18 PM
I don’t get meaning of it. harr449 10/06/22 12:08 PM
No buying. Probably Scampo selling Yooo 10/06/22 6:24 AM
Form 15 and folks are still buying? I bildo 10/05/22 8:12 PM
Whopping $600 Yooo 10/05/22 7:47 PM
Volume 6M. harr449 10/05/22 3:24 PM
Zero licenses Yooo 10/04/22 1:46 PM
VSYM Gunther Than never approved Merger harr449 10/04/22 10:38 AM
It means sometimes it is better to be bildo 10/03/22 2:12 PM
What does it mean Longer Than Most 10/03/22 11:23 AM
Woefully, less real estate to broker in FL now. harr449 10/03/22 11:05 AM
Discord DC pumped VSYM and Canadians bought VSYM. harr449 10/03/22 10:40 AM
$VSYM FORM 15 TB 10/03/22 7:57 AM
Severely? lol. harr449 09/28/22 9:57 AM
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View Systems, Inc. (VSYM)

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John (Juan) Campo, Chief Executive Officer and President

View Systems, Inc.
John Campo, Chief Executive Officer, President

View Systems International - Planned Subsidiary
Gunther Than, Director and Chairman

6526 Point View Road, Benton, AR 72019

 View Systems, Inc. provides security and surveillance metal detection systems to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military, and commercial businesses.

View Systems' products are used by commercial businesses and residential customers that desire to be able to monitor their assets and limit their liability. Our Metal detection scanners and walk-through metal detection systems work to expose metal ingress as well as costly metal egress (employee theft) which results in shrinkage and loss to your bottom line.


ViewScan Demonstration:

ViewScan Demonstration: Detection of guns, knife, cell phone, box cutter blade in shoe and in mouth:

                                                                                                        "View Scan II" Real-Time Temperature Results
                                                                                                                                   Thermal Imaging
                                                                                                                        Concealed Weapons Detector


ViewScan Background/OverView:

April 15, 2019 - The Security Industry Association (SIA) has named ViewScan Passive Weapons Detection System as the 2019 Best Anti-Terrorism/Force Prevention New Product Award winner at the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase Awards, the flagship awards program at ISC West recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions.

April 11, 2019 - “Anti-Terrorism/Force Prevention Winner IPVideo Corporation: ViewScan (ISC West Booth 20001)

ViewScan Award (Blue Ribbon) with Josh Than on the left.  Josh is the son of VSYM CEO Gunther Than and now works for IP Video Corp.


The ViewScan was developed in 2002. "We (View Systems) acquired exclusive licenses to manufacture, use, sub-license and distribute technology and processes for the concealed weapons detection technology and the first response wireless video transmitting system from Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC.  Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC manages and operates the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering Laboratory ("Idaho Engineering Lab"). The development of the concealed weapons detection technology was funded by the National Institute of Justice and development was performed by the Idaho Engineering Lab. The ViewScan concealed weapons detection technology was patented by the Department of Energy and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.


We have accreditation from the DPS Police who have implemented our machines in the Detroit Public School System.

View Systems, Inc. School Security Products Clients

  • East Orange High School, East Orange, NJ
    Detroit Public School System, Detroit, MI
    Metro Public Schools, Nashville, TN
    Lookout Mtn Youth Svcs Center, Golden, CO
    Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Pennsylvania Courthouse

Prominent New Jersey courthouse. ViewScan units have been in place at correctional facilities throughout the state of New Jersey for more than three years.

SEC's new headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Inglewood Unified School District, (IUSD) Inglewood, CA.

New York City's Department of Transportation.

 "In February 2005 we tested the ViewScan at the pre-game venues of the Super Bowl football game in Jacksonville, Florida. During that installation, the portal scanned up to 3,000 to 4,000 people and at various times throughput ranged from approximately 600 to 1,200 persons per hour".

 2005 Major League Baseball's All Star Game at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI on July 12th.

 2008 Olympics in Beijing. ViewScans were placed at the VIP entrance to the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium. This unit
placement was facilitated by View's dealer representative in China, Shanghai Zhongbao Security Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

ViewScan UltraLite Portable, Battery-Operated Security Screening System

The new  ViewScan UltraLite is View's latest and most compact concealed weapons detection model, taking up little space but providing immensely accurate screening.  ViewScan  is the most technologically advanced walk-through Concealed Weapons Detection System (CWD).  Its easy-to-use, PC-based software displays and tracks persons who are carrying threat objects, greatly simplifying the process of discriminating suspicious items from harmless ones. Its highly sensitive, completely passive sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of threat objects such as knives, guns and razor blades. Simultaneously, it ignores personal artifacts like coins, keys and belt buckles. The graphical user interface (GUI) displays an object's location  on the image of the scanned person (see screen shots on reverse). ViewScan does not interfere with any medical devices including pacemakers and is safe for pregnant women. 

•  Unit is totally portable and folds in half for easy transport
•  Arrives packaged in an SKB travel case
•  Battery operated (optional)
•  Unit weighs only 23 lbs (Approx. 45 lbs shipping weight)
•  V.S.U.L. is so compact  that it can be checked on an airline flight


State of Incorporation:

View Systems, Inc.:
CO: http://www.sos.state.co.us/biz/BusinessEntityCriteriaExt.do?resetTransTyp=Y
MD: https://egov.maryland.gov/businessexpress/entitysearch

tinyurl.com/ydzyobe (OBSOLETE)
: Status INACTIVE. Event Date Filed 08/29/2003 http://tinyurl.com/2gpz9h

SEC Financial Filings:
View Systems Inc. Ownership Information: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/own-disp?action=getissuer&CIK=0001075857

SEC Edgar System:  http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=VIEW+SYSTEMS&owner=exclude&action=getcompany
Sec.gov: tinyurl.com/yckrqzu

Marketwatch: https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/vsym
Yahoo Finance:
Globe NewsWire: https://globenewswire.com/Search/NewsSearch?keyword=view%20systems%20inc.&organization=View%20Systems%2C%20Inc.
AccessWire: https://www.accesswire.com/viewarticle.aspx?id=479289

Outstanding Shares, Per SEC Filings:

3,925,641,882 shares as of December 31, 2020
1,909,926,481 as of July 1, 2020
474,309,727 as of November 4, 2019
368,520,421 as of June 14, 2019
326,705,526 as of November 21, 2018
326,705,526 as of August 28, 2018
326,705,526 as of August 14, 2017
312,205,526 at November 23, 2015
311,205,526 at August 13, 2015
308,605,526 Outstanding at May 18, 2015
280,605,526 Outstanding at November 14, 2014 per 10-Q dated November 19, 2014.
133,179,400 Outstanding at November 9, 2011 per Form 10-Q filed November 21, 2011.
127,987,092 Outstanding at August 2, 2011 per Form 10-Q filed August 9, 2011.
102,440,492 Outstanding at May 11, 2011 per Form 10-Q filed May 16,2011.
March 21, 2011 - 102,440,492 shares of common stock are outstanding. Per March 23,  2011 Form 10-K/A.
March 7, 2011 - 97,410,189 shares of common stock are outstanding.
As of December 10 , 2010, there were 94,343,369 shares of our common stock issued and outstanding and 89,647 shares of our preferred stock issued and outstanding. (12.14.10 S-1/A)
November 10, 2010: 94,343,369 shares were issued and outstanding (11.15.2010 10-Q).
September 10, 2010: 93,343,369 shares were issued and outstanding (09.13.2010 10-Q/A).  Authorized shares: 950,000,000.
April 2, 2010, 83,903,369 shares were issued and outstanding (04.28.10 DEF14C).
March 30, 2010, 83,903,369 shares of common stock are outstanding.
January 11, 2010, there were 79,442,369 shares of our common stock issued and outstanding...
December 16, 2009: 79,442,369

Float: 36,144,942

"Shareholders of Record

As of December 31, 2010, there were approximately 273 holders of record of our common stock, not including holders who hold their shares in street name.  
As of September 30, 2010, there were approximately 364 holders of record of our common stock, not including holders who hold their shares in street name".

VSYM Technical Chart:




Marijuana has chemicals called cannabinoids.
Medical researchers usually focus on the health effects of two in particular: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the substance that makes you high; CBD doesn’t have mind-altering effects.

eCalc Calculator: tinyurl.com/mf6kdr

TinyURL.com: http://tinyurl.com/create.php


Coordinated Legal Technologies: http://www.coordinatedlegal.com/SecretaryOfState.html
Edgar Filing Deadlines: http://www.secfile.net/SEC_calendar.htm
TheFreeDictionary.com: http://financial-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com
Financial Web Sites: http://stockcharts.com/education/links.html
Holidays (Nasdaq Exchange): http://www.nasdaq.com/about/schedule.stm
Investor Terms and more: http://www.investopedia.com/dictionary/
Nasdaq Glossary, including Stock Symbols: www.nasdaq.com/reference/glossary.stm
OTC Equity Short Interest: http://www.otcbb.com/asp/OTCE_Short_Interest.asp
OTCBB Daily List: http://www.otcbb.com/DailyList/
OTCBB Other-OTC/Portal Daily List: http://www.otcbb.com/OtherDailyList/
Regulation SHO Threshold Security List: http://www.nasdaqtrader.com/aspx/regsho.aspx
SECINFO.COM: http://www.secinfo.com/

Securities and Exchange Commission: http://sec.gov/
Administrative Proceedings: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/admin.shtml
Edgar Company Search: http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html
Fast Answers: http://sec.gov/answers.shtml#r-entries
Form Types/Definitions: http://www.gsionline.com/support/formtypes.html
Litigation: http://www.sec.gov/litigation.shtml
News Digest: http://www.sec.gov/news/digest.shtml


Chart Analysis: http://stockcharts.com/education/ChartAnalysis/index.html
Investopedia.com: http://www.investopedia.com/UNIVERSITY/TECHNICAL/
Technical Analysis: http://stockcharts.com/education/Overview/techAnalysis1.html
Technical Indicators: http://stockcharts.com/education/IndicatorAnalysis/index.html

Market Makers (partial list) said to handle promotions, insider transactions, S-8's, and Convertible Debentures.

FANC: major S- 8 player: if there is an S- 8 on a Stock most likely he will be there on the ask until it dries up
HDSN: major CD Seller Handles a lot CD transactions.
CLYP: heavy seller if you see him on the bid it's unusual

MARKET MAKER UPDATE 04-03-2008 By Bill Panetta

Source: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=28187244



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