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This company is believed to be a shell controlled by Goldman Sachs
There is no solid proof,only speculation.


Videolan Technologies Inc.

Authorized Shares, 505,000,000 From Deleware Secretary of State
Shares Outstanding 126.5 M accoring to etrade 3-27-07
Float: 65.8 M accoring to etrade3-27-07
Transfer Agent: Formerly Continental

New MM's last two weeks AUTO, FRAN, & VFIN on the line up as of 3-16-07

VLNT majority owned by Goldman Sachs, R/M with Avistar (AVSR) and CPI (Collaboration Properties Inc), a wholly owned subsidary of Avistar Communications Corp., maintains, supports and licenses the intellectual property used in the video conferencing systems (using Videolan hardware/software now called Avistar VideoLAN(TM)) that Avistar makes most thier money off of!!

It seems that AVSR, a publicly traded NASDAQ company owns the trademark for the newly created VLNT logo. Avistar Communications Corp. acquired the Videolan trademark from VLNT in Oct 2006. Which includes hardware and software.

CPI (Collaboration Properties Inc), a wholly owned subsidary of Avistar Communications Corp., maintains, supports and licenses the intellectual property used in the video conferencing systems (using Videolan hardware/software now called Avistar VideoLAN(TM)) that Avistar makes half their money off of.

Goldman Sachs uses their systems in thier Rediplus platform.

The "AvistarVOSTM technology" possibly infringes upon VLNT patents.

Goldman Sachs buys the majority of shares in VLNT.

More Info connecting Goldman Sachs with Videolan Technologies, Spears Lead, & Kellog, AVISTAR and CPI!!
Due to the Restrictions Impowered by the "Rights Agreement"(see agreement details below) a R/M post Feb 8th, 2007 is now possible

WebET, the firm’s electronic trading platform for futures, is gradually being integrated with Rediplus, which Goldman took over as part of its acquisition of Spear, Leeds and Kellogg several years ago. Rediplus currently has connectivity to all the major electronic futures markets in Europe and the U.S.; Goldman plans to incorporate Asian market connectivity into the platform later this year, complementing existing connectivity to this region through its WebET platform.

Goldman is widely respected as a financial advisor to some of the most important companies, largest governments, and wealthiest families in the world. It is a primary dealer in the U.S. Treasury securities market. Goldman offers its clients mergers & acquisitions advisory, provides underwriting services, engages in proprietary trading, invests in private equity deals, and also manages the wealth of affluent individuals and families.

Goldman Sachs has added connectivity to several Asian financial markets to its Rediplus electronic trading platform. Starting in August, customers will be able to use Rediplus to trade futures in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea as well as cash equities in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Goldman Sachs expects to continue expanding the platform's reach in Asia, with Singapore's futures market slated for early 2006. Currently, almost 2,000 client sites in North America and Europe are using Rediplus for direct access to electronic stock, futures, options and currency markets. Goldman Sachs acquired the Rediplus platform when it bought Spear, Leeds & Kellogg in 2000.

From what I've seen in the SEC filings S,L & K has over 23% since 2000, hmmm!

Avistar Communications Corp. The Group's principal activity is to develop, market and support a suite of networked video communication services. The integrated suite consists of video and data collaboration applications and management software. It is managed by the AvistarVOSTM video operating system and is used by enterprises for interactive video calling, content creation and publishing, video-on demand and for integrated data sharing. The Group's wholly owned subsidiary, Collaboration Properties Inc, develops, maintains, supports and licenses the intellectual property used in the systems. The systems are sold directly to enterprises in select markets in 33 countries in North America, Western Europe and Asia. The Group's customers include the Bank of America, Boeing Corporation, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and others. Networked video communications systems accounted for 50% of 2002 revenues and Services, maintenance and support, 50%.

VIDEOLAN Technologies, Inc. (the "Company") is a development stage enterprise established to acquire certain technology and the rights to a U.S. patent application and several pending foreign patent applications for an analog video distribution communications system designed to provide real-time, interactive video to and from a desktop personal computer over local and wide area networks ("VIDEOLAN Technology"). Since inception, the Company has primarily been engaged in research and development.

The claims under VideoLan's U.S. Patent application for "bi-directional transport of video bandwidth signals" have been approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The U.S. Patent (No. 5537142) was issued on July 16, 1996.

VideoLan Technologies, Inc. (the "Company") is a development stage enterprise established to acquire certain technology and the rights to a U.S. patent application and several pending foreign patent applications for an analog video distribution communications system designed to provide real-time,interactive
video to and from a desktop personal computer over local and wide area networks ("VideoLan Technology"). Since inception, the Company has primarily been engaged in research and development. On July 16, 1996 the US Patent and Trademark office
issued the Company a patent (No. 5537142) for a bi-directional transmission of video banded signals, including a switching matrix.

VideoLan's mission is to be the leading supplier of end-to-end high bandwidth multi-media distribution networking systems, providing cost effective visual communications solutions via transparent broadband switching and dynamic gateways to local and worldwide area networks.

Description of Business

VideoLan Technologies, Inc. is a premier developer of video conferencing and video broadcast solutions based upon its Metallic FiberTM transmission and broadband switching technology. VideoLan's technology enables broadcast-quality
transport of high-speed, bi-directional, real-time voice, data and video over existing unshielded twisted pair ("UTP") copper wire infrastructures. The Company's business strategy is to market the VideoLan System and to develop additional products utilizing its proprietary technology. Since the Company's
technology could be adaptable to additional applications, including home to home video, voice and data conferencing, it may undertake other initiatives in the future.

Videolan not giving up fight to stay in business

11/12/97 Videolan Technologies Inc/DE 8-K
This prospectus ("Prospectus") relates to 14,946,104 shares (the "Shares") of common stock, $.01 par value per share (the "Common Stock"), of VideoLan Technologies, Inc. (the "Company") that may be offered for sale by persons (the "Selling Stockholders") who have acquired such Shares by the conversion of certain shares of the Company's Series 1996A Convertible Preferred Stock, $.01 par value (the "Series 1996A Preferred Stock"), acquired in a private placement transaction. The Shares are being registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"), on behalf of the Selling Stockholders in order to permit the public sale or other distribution of the Common Stock. None of the proceeds from the sale of the Common Stock will be received by the Company. See "Selling Stockholders," "Plan of Distribution" and "Use of Proceeds." The Common Stock of the Company is
traded on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market under the symbol "VLNT".

On October 21, 1997 the Company named Achille (AC) Tedesco to the board of directors. Mr. Tedesco will replace former board member John Glankler, who has stepped down due to increased responsibilities resulting from his promotion to partner of the law firm Sebaly, Shillito, & Dyer.

Authorized Shares of Common Stock Raised to 500,000,000

In October of 1997, the majority of the shareholders approved an increase in the authorized shares of common stock from 10,000,000 shares to 500,000,000 shares. Due to some conversions of the Regulation S 8% Convertible Debentures and the Regulation D Convertible Preferred Stock, the number of shares issued and outstanding as of November 10, 1997 is approximately 40,000,000.

On November 3, 1997, the Registrant amended its
Certificate of Incorporation to increase its authorized
number of shares of common stock from 10,000,000 to
500,000,000. The increase was required by the terms of
contractual agreements entered into by the Registrant
with certain of its preferred shareholders whereby the
Registrant agreed to take all actions necessary to
maintain a sufficient number of shares to permit the
preferred shareholders to convert their shares into
common stock.

On or prior to January 29, 1998, Norman Barkeley, Achille Tedesco and Jack Shirman resigned from their positions as directors of the Company. On February 17, 1998, Don Clark and James Cooney were appointed as directors of the Company effective immediately.

Open Letter to Shareholders Dated January 9, 1998

Dear Videolan Shareholders:

It is with considerable sadness and regret that I now write you to describe the status of Videolan Technologies, Inc. (the "Company"). As I'm sure you are aware, lack of continued funding has forced the Company to effectively cease operations. The senior management of the Company has agreed to stay on without compensation in an attempt to obtain maximum value for the Company. I would like to take this opportunity to review with you what has brought the Company to this position since my arrival in October.

During most of 1996 the Company operated without a President, Vice President of Engineering, or Sales and Marketing Executive. Mr. Ted Ralston, Chairman of the Board, served as acting CEO during this period. The Company underwent numerous management and personnel changes during that year. Your Board of Directors made a decision in the Spring of 1996 to hire an experienced executive to enhance the Company's ability to supply broadband video products to the market. I was hired in October of 1996 and given the charter by the Board of Directors to develop a fully integrated product company. On my arrival in October I found an excellent product, the VL2000, that had
been installed at key customer sites. However, as is typical of any new, highly complex product, the VL2000 needed continuing development efforts and marketing support. With the approval of your Board of Directors, the Company proceeded to hire a very competent Vice President of Engineering, a Vice President of Operations, and a Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This tem continued the product development and shipments.

The continuing deterioration in the Company's stock price and the failure of the Company's underwriter and principal market maker, Kensington Wells, precluded the Company from raising funds in a traditional offering during the first three quarters of 1996. By October 1996, the Company had spent nearly all of the funds obtained in its Initial Public Offering. The expenditures were consistent with those outlined in the Prospectus and the Company anticipated obtaining some form of additional financing as required. Therefore, when I arrived, besides the operating issues discussed above, the Company was
faced with the need to quickly raise additional funds. The video conferencing market had not developed as rapidly as expected and other companies in the industry were facing financial problems as well. This made raising additional funds under favorable terms impossible. The Company's management explored numerous ways to raise both short-term and long-term financing and finally had to settle for a Regulation D offering of a convertible security in the amount of $5.5 million. Several months later the Company was promised an additional
$4.0 million. When the money for the $4.0 million investment was in escrow and the papers were signed, the Company was hit with a shareholder class action lawsuit. As a result, the investors for the $4.0 million transaction immediately revoked the deal. Although management and the Company's attorneys believe the shareholder class action lawsuit has no merit, the suit scared away numerous potential investors. This left the Company with limited operating funds throughout 1997. However, the Company was able to secure a number of prestige customers during this time period as a result of advertising and product marketing. Such customers included the Pentagon, Time Inc., Andersen Consulting and Rockwell International, just to name a

In an effort to broaden the Company's market position, the Company was able to acquire the assets of ImageLink, Inc., a supplier of low end videoconferencing systems. As a result of this acquisition, the Company received a $10.0 million multi-year product order. Deliveries on this order were recently started. This activity encouraged the Company's management to seek other opportunities for mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures. The Company even hired an outside consultant to assist in finding possible partners or investors.

Although a number of deals were discussed, no deals were ever

During most of 1997, management of the Company continued to actively seek both favorable long-term and short-term financing. Between the class action lawsuit and the hostile takeover attempt by previous employees, management was forced to spend both time and funds on essentially nonproductive activities. Funding sources continued to be limited.

With the Company unable to find suitable partners and unable to obtain long-term financing, management was forced to resort to continued short-term financing. The terms of such financing allow for the conversion of preferred shares or debentures at a discount to market. With the short-term horizon these investors have, the result was a flood of shares on the market with a corresponding price erosion. The decision by your Company to proceed in this direction was based on management's strong belief in the Company's products and technology and the assumption that favorable long-term financing would eventually
become available

Unfortunately, even though the Company's volume of business has
increased in the last few months, without adequate funds the Company could not continue to operate. The Company realizes that the action taken by management of the Company is not pleasant. However, we would not in good conscience ask employees to work without assurance of payment. The senior management has agreed to stay, without pay, to continue to find a viable solution for the Company's problem and we are in active discussions with numerous group that have expressed an
interest in the Company and its technology
. However, any such deal will most likely not result in any distribution to shareholders due to the significant accounts payable that have accrued over the last several months.

The present management came to the Company because it believed in the technology and no member of management has benefited from the present situation. All of management's stock options are worthless. Our ownership value is no better than any other shareholder, and none of us have profited during this entire year. Any statements that you may have heard that management disposed of stock through a Rule 144 transaction are incorrect. Only investors who acquired shares of the Company through the Regulation D offering or recent Regulation S
offerings have sold shares in this manner.

We will continue to keep you informed of any developments.

Jack Shirman, CEO

Most Recent SEC Filings$/SEC/Filings.asp?CIK=946345&As=BFOCS&AsFiler=F&AsOwner=BO&As....

2/14/06 Wachovia Corp New SC 13G (Parent Holding Co Sold to?)
2/10/04 Prudential Financial Inc SC 13G/A
6/13/03 Dumont Dean S SC 13D
2/11/03 Prudential Financial Inc SC 13G/A
2/14/02 Prudential Financial Inc SC 13G/A
1/29/01 Prudential Ins Co of America SC 13G/A
2/14/00 Spear Leeds & Kellogg LP/BD SC 13G
2/07/00 Prudential Ins Co of America SC 13G
2/12/99 Spear Leeds & Kellogg LP/BD 13G
3/04/98 Videolan Technologies Inc/DE 8-K{3,5,7}
2/24/98 Herzog Heine Geduld LLC SC 13G©
12/05/97 Windward Island Ltd SC 13D
11/25/97 Videolan Technologies Inc/DE 8-K{7,9}
11/18/97 Legong Investments NV SC 13D
11/13/97 Videolan Technologies Inc/DE 10QSB®

"Rights Plan" Highlights revisited:
"The rights plan was adopted to protect the interests VideoLan shareholders and to help ensure that they receive fair
treatment in the event of a takeover attempt," said Jack Shirman, Chief Executive Officer of VideoLan. "The rights plan is not intended to prevent an acquisition of the Company for a full and fair price in a transaction that is in the best interest of the Company. The rights are not being distributed in response to any effort to purchase control of the Company and the Board is not aware of any such effort."

Under the plan, the rights would be distributed:

* Ten days after a public announcement that a person or group had acquired 15% or more (defined in the plan to be
an "Acquiring Person") of VideoLan's outstanding common
shares, or
* Ten business days after the beginning of a tender offer
or exchange offer that would result in a person or group
owning 15% or more of the outstanding common shares.
When distributed following the announcement of a tender offer,
each right would entitle the holder to purchase 1/100th of a share of newly issued Junior Participating Preferred Stock of VideoLan for a purchase price of $19.00.
Meaning a R/M post Feb 8th, 2007 is now possible

None of us are stockbrokers, nor licensed investment advisors. There is always a risk that you could lose your entire investment in any penny play. Be aware of the risks before investing money! There are no guarantees on any of these plays.


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