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U.S. Precious Metals, Inc.
U.S. Precious Metals, Inc.
1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite 178
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Investor Relations
Keith Ritson

Transfer Agent 
Direct Transfer, LLC
500 Perimeter Park Drive Suite D
Suite D
Morrisville, NC 27560

                                                                                                                                                                           Strategy & Vision

At U.S. Precious Metals, we are committed to responsible mining. We value building strong relationships with our partners and the communities in which we work. We strive to revolutionize mineral mining by driving technological innovation and strategically targeting capital to maximize return on investment. Realizing our vision requires diligent leadership, informed strategy, and long-term planning. Our strengths in these areas help provide the foundation for future success.

Daily Chart


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Our Vision

The new Board of Directors made up of seasoned corporate managers is committed to increasing shareholder value first and foremost

Our business model is to vet and acquire revenue-generating companies and add value for our shareholders by retaining residual interests in the projects. The residual interests may be in the form of royalties, minority interests or equity positions. We look for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage driven by a proprietary product or differentiated business model. Our management team’s focus is on companies in the energy and technology industries as well as select emerging markets. Ultimately our goal is to acquire numerous businesses generating cash flow, and we would then remit proceeds to our shareholders in the form of a dividend.

USPR Holdings is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. We actively monitor developments in best practices and applicable laws to ensure that we meet that commitment.


Our Team


John Leufray

Mr. Leufray is a member of the Company’s Board of Directors and also serves as its interim Chief Executive Officer. Since 2010, Mr. Leufray has and continues to work for JM Studios, currently located in Miami, Florida, as an advertising consultant. He began his career as an industrial designer where he developed a “Lightweight Modular Swing Arm” to hold LCD monitors on hospital beds. During his studies in Industrial Design and Marketing at University of Michigan, he advanced to the corporate world designing a marketing campaign for Reebok and the Houston Rockets. After college, Mr. Leufray continued in the design space developing websites and internet-based applications for Nike, Ford, Walmart, and Audi, where he was the lead designer of the German company’s U.S. website. Following his career as a designer, Mr. Leufray began a website development firm where he led a team of designers and programmers focusing on brand development and measurable ROI for their clients.

Mr. Leufray also has an extensive technical background in mining technologies, which, combined with his experience in design and marketing provides the company with the valuable ability to translate complex technological concepts into layman’s terms. We believe that Mr. Leufray’s expertise in design, marketing, and advertising provides the Company with a valuable skill set.

Michael Green

Mr. Green serves the company as its Chief Financial Officer and as a member of its Board of Directors. For the last 8 years, Mr. Green was and continues as the Managing Director of Valley Tax Advisors, LLC., located in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has 39 years of professional accounting experience, with an emphasis in taxation. Mr. Green built his career working for one of the prestigious “Big Four” accounting firms with expertise with a full range of businesses and individuals. His vast knowledge covers everything from corporate tax management to forensic accounting regarding shareholder disputes. Through his onsite tax service work internationally, Mr. Green has authored guides for multinational company tax policies and lectured on various tax issues impacting business. Mr. Green has directed all tax aspects of client engagements, including planning, supervision, billing, and final technical review. He has served as manager for consolidated filings and focused on minimizing interstate corporate tax burden. Mr. Green also authored and compiled a corporate policy manual for a global investment bank, focusing on tax minimization for worldwide employees on international assignment. He developed and evaluated evidence of compliance as well as exposure to liability, and assisted counsel with tax implications of proposed settlements, including long-term computations.

Carlos Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez serves on the Board of Directors. Since 2012, Mr. Hernandez has and continues to work for ICS7, Inc., a privately held IT Support company that he founded in 2012, located in Miami, Florida. He has built a substantial base of corporate clients that includes a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Hernandez began his career managing information technology systems for Opus Financial where he served abroad as the company’s Director of Network Operations. He later went on to establish his own technology consulting firm working with clients such as Rotech Healthcare, Harmony Development Corp. and others to provide them cost effective multimedia based integrated application development solutions which lowered operating overhead and improved business processes. Among his technical skill set, Mr. Hernandez is an expert on predicative analytics and software modeling tools, including those used for data mapping and mineral evaluation.

His proficiencies specifically include exploration and 3D design solutions and the integration of digital technology for modeling, estimation, design, optimization and scheduling. He aslo has a strong background in advanced grid applications, rotated block modeling, dynamic slicing and grade estimation tools that will be highly useful in providing the direct link between the Company’s decision makers and its engineering and drilling teams. Moreover, Mr. Hernandez’s expertise is expected to play a critical role in the managing and validation of drill hole, geophysical, financial analysis, lithological and analytical data from explorative and exploitative mineral mining activities. These competencies include, but are not limited to, 3D geological interpretation, compositing for non-stratigraphic and stratigraphic topographies, as well as ensuring the business can make informed decisions by identifying, planning, and communicating extraction strategies, critical path and high exposure areas as part of an interactive scenario planning process. Inasmuch, Mr. Hernandez brings a unique combination of understanding and experience to the Board through the lenses of a digital technology perspective that is focused upon maximum return on investment by carrying out optimization, design and evaluation work; calculating ore reserves in accordance with established planning policies such as cut-off grades and legislative requirements; and a commitment to continuous improvement by contributing to the optimization of systems, processes and practices.

Keith Ritson

Mr. Ritson serves the company as its head of Investor Relations. Mr. Ritson has been both a business professional and entrepreneur for over a decade. Having been an investor in USPR continuously over the past five years, he was recently offered a position assisting the company on regulatory matters and public relations, which he graciously accepted. Mr. Ritson can be reached at or by clicking the button below.



Shareholder Sues Former U.S. Precious Metals CEO Jerry Pane



One of U.S. Precious Metals's largest shareholders has sued the company's former CEO Gennaro “Jerry” Pane, joining the company's new CEO in accusing Mr. Pane of fraud. Below is an excerpt from the recently filed complaint, and outlines the extent of Pane’s fraud:

Califon, NJ -- February 2, 2018 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (“Company”)

During the course of the business relationship with Defendant PANE, he concealed the following essential and important information and facts in an effort to personally profit at Plaintiff’s expense:

a. That Marigold was not a safe investment nor financially sound business, but the fact is it was a shell company less than one year old when Plaintiff was first asked to invest, and had nowhere close to the multimillion dollar capital funding Defendant claimed it had.

b. That Marigold did not have a “uniquely knowledgeable and an experienced senior management team with specific expertise in the mining sector,” but the fact is the company had no management team at all, and had absolutely no experience in the mining sector or any other sector of business as it was a nascent entity.

c. That Defendant PANE did not have “a vast knowledge of mining operations,” nor did “he fully understood the details necessary to explore and extract gold from the property in Mexico,” but the fact is his background was as a stock broker prior to raising money for the project (and according to the SEC he lost his Series 7 license to be a broker and cannot sell stock anymore), and before that he was a pizza shop operator (see exhibit X).

d. That Defendant PANE did not have “extensive knowledge, experience nor an understanding of regulatory authorities, nor navigating the intricacies of government agencies” concerning the mining property, but the fact is Defendant PANE does not speak Spanish, has never dealt directly with any of the regulatory agencies in Mexico in the past and has absolutely no knowledge of the requirements regarding government mining agencies and permitting in Mexico.

e. That Plaintiff subsequently learned from U.S. Precious Metals de Mexico, Authorized Legal Representative, Carlos Hernandez, Jr., that Marigold was not registered in Mexico as a company authorized to conduct business in the country at all, nor was it specially registered in the country as a designated and approved mining company, which is a mandated requirement for any company wishing to engage in the mining industry within the country of Mexico.

f. That Defendant PANE did not have “a pre-established gold extraction plan for a dried river bed project that Defendant was in the process of implementing,” but the fact is Plaintiff spoke with U.S. Precious Metals de Mexico, Authorized Legal Representative, Carlos Hernandez, Jr., in Mexico and stated that there was no such gold extraction plan currently scheduled for any aspect of the Mexican mining property, and that USPR had not even pulled a permit to begin a gold ore extraction operation.

g. USPR’s Legal Representative, Carlos Hernandez, Jr., basically told Plaintiff that there was no “Gold River Bed Project” nor was there any plan or even capital to buy mining extraction equipment currently on the company’s agenda, and that any such statements were emphatically not true.

h. That Defendant PANE does not have a “state of the art mineral refining and recovery technology in Reno, Nevada” but the fact is this company similarly incorporated in Nevada (like Marigold Minerals Holdings LLC) is basically a fraudulent operation, and currently being investigated by the Nevada EPA division, District Attorneys Office, and listed on SCAM ALERT websites like “yscam” and “RipOffReports” as being total frauds. (See exhibit IV and V)

i. Despite Defendant PANE’s numerous guarantees to Plaintiff, Defendant fraudulently concealed that his gold recovery technology company (Modern Mining Solutions, LLC) in Reno, Nevada did not have a contract with Marigold and U.S. Precious Metals to process all of the gold concentrate extracted from the Mexican mining property; the fact is that when Plaintiff inquired into USPR about this statement from Defendant and the company’s CEO stated that it did not have any contract with a Modern Mining Solutions, nor did it ever have any communication with Modern Mining Solutions, nor it even know the name of this company or have any records of communication with it, and especially did not have a gold processing agreement with Modern Mining Solutions.

j. Defendant PANE fraudulently concealed the fact that his company never “secured Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000.00) in new capital to continue exploration of additional concessions owned by USPR, and to begin extraction of alluvial gold deposits in a dried river bed.”

k. Despite Defendant PANE showing and providing to Plaintiff written documents and verbal assurances that Defendant had “adequate capital financing and that his company was financially stable and well funded,” Defendant PANE fraudulently concealed that the company had no money in its bank account, and that Defendant PANE had personal financial instabilities and was far from being as financially well off as he stated.

l. Defendant PANE concealed the fact that he never had a “solid buyer for 20% of his company in exchange for Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000.00);” but the fact is the company did not even have a Letter of Intent to this assertion or any preliminary documents to support Defendant’s claim which was withheld from Plaintiff.

m. Defendant PANE fraudulently concealed the fact to Plaintiff that Defendant was never offered $20 Million for 20% buy any person or entity; and concealed the fact the it was never “entering the final stages of a deal for $40 Million for 20%; and stated he needed to get in now before he totally misses out.”

n. Defendant PANE fraudulently concealed that he was not able to issue or sell a single share of Marigold Mineral Holdings, LLC to Plaintiff.

o. Defendant PANE fraudulently concealed that he did not own any stock in USPR and had no involvement with the company’s internal affairs at all.

p. Defendant PANE also failed to disclose that USPR’s current CEO, PAUL MUNCY, had a very low opinion of Defendant PANE and said he only spoke to 3 or 4 times while CEO. He also mentioned one time Defendant PANE threatened to have him removed from office if he didn’t listen to Defendant. Mr. Muncy he could not take a word he said seriously and could think of nothing nice to say about Jerry Pane.

Defendant PANE failed to advise Plaintiff of these key material facts, and it was only upon Plaintiff’s request for his money back, Defendant’s inability to provide any use of his funds, and Plaintiff’s independent investigation that he discovered these fraudulent concealments.

Source: U.S. Precious Metals, Inc.


About Recent Unauthorized Contact


Dear Fellow Stockholders,

On January 22, 2018, an email was sent to a number of U.S. Precious Metals shareholders by former CEO and Chairman, Gennaro “Jerry” Pane, that was not authorized or sanctioned by the company. It appears that Mr. Pane failed to return all corporate records when he was terminated from his position, and wrongfully used company property to illicitly contact some of our shareholders intending to rally them to institute a special meeting to remove the corporation’s current executive team. And from recent threatening messages sent by Mr. Pane, it is clear that these actions are directed at having the current litigation against him dismissed. However, Mr. Pane is not a Board member, an executive officer, an employee, nor does he own one share of stock in USPR, and thus has no authority to solicit the company’s shareholders.

As many of you already know, on January 2, 2018, I authorized the filing of a lawsuit against Mr. Pane asserting multiple causes of action for conduct and practices during the time of his governance that seeks damages on behalf of U.S. Precious Metals. The details of the complaint are outlined here:

Please know that I am fully committed to serve this company’s shareholders by seeing this litigation through, and pursuant to the allegations therein, it is my fiduciary responsibility to uncover any and all funds that have been misappropriated by Mr. Pane and used to support his lavish lifestyle at the expense of your hard earned investment dollars. The days of Mr. Pane and others like him using this company as their own personal piggy-bank have come to an end.

Also, one of our fellow shareholders has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Pane for fraudulently inducing the investor to give him $260,000 towards a “Riverbed Project” that Mr. Pane stated he was exploiting on the mineral concessions in Mexico via a joint venture. However, any riverbed that he may have been exploring is not within the boundaries of any of the concessions held by U.S. Precious Metals. Moreover, none of the money given to Mr. Pane was ever deposited in the company’s accounts. According to the complaint, and in accord with my due diligence investigation, the money ended up in Mr. Pane’s private bank account, and was once again used to support his personal lavish lifestyle. More details of the complaint may be found here:

The reason I mentioned this litigation by one of our fellow shareholders, and the reason you should read it, is because I don’t want any other of our valued stakeholders to be scammed or defrauded by such unauthorized activities.

I will be releasing an 8-K warning all existing and potential shareholders of Mr. Pane’s antics in furtherance of my duties to protect the company’s investors. Should anyone be contacted by Gennaro “Jerry” Pane regarding his intentions to manipulate, overturn, dismantle, divest, sell stock, and/or any other action for or against U.S. Precious Metals, please notify the company at 786-814-5804 immediately so we may properly document and address this tortious and illicit interference of our business’ operations.

You have my commitment: we will not be intimidated, we will not be bullied, we will not go back to the wasteful “do nothing” ways of the past. We will move forward each and every day to return our company to the market value I know it has, and refocus management’s attention on prioritizing the maximization of our shareholders’ wealth.

In closing, I want to assure you that the actions I am taking toward “draining the swamp” have not distracted me from pursuing the company’s primary objective: mining for gold. Rest assured that we are working diligently to resume activity at the mine, and though I am not able to announce anything at the moment, I will be releasing positive and productive news about our mining operations in the coming weeks.


John Leufray


Legal Action Against Former CEO & CFO


On January 2, 2018, U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (“Company”) filed a legal action against the Company’s former CEO and Chairman, Gennaro “Jerry” Pane, and its former CFO, David Cutler. The lawsuit against Defendants asserts multiple causes of action for conduct and practices regarding the time of their governance, and seeks damages on behalf of U.S. Precious Metals for (1) Conversion, (2) Breach of Fiduciary Duty, (3) Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity, (4) Constructive Trust, (5) Civil Conspiracy, (6) Embezzlement, (7) Negligence, (8) Fraud, (9) Unjust Enrichment, (10) Sterilization of Stock. The litigation is filed in the Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County, Florida under the caption: U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. vs. Gennaro “Jerry” Pane, David Cutler, Does 1-5 Roes 1-2, Dept 22, Case No: 18-00003 CA 01.

The Company designates in the Complaint that in additional to the named Defendants, Gerrano “Jerry” Pane and David Cutler, other individuals may have been involved in the charges claimed that are unknown with certainty to the Company at this time, and are therefore sued by such fictitious names as “John Does” and “Jane Roes.” The Company states in its Complaint that it reserves the right to seek leave to amend this Complaint to allege their true names and capacities as they are ascertained.

Under the Complaint the Company is seeking damages against Defendants Gennaro “Jerry” Pane and David Cutler for: Temporary and permanent injunctive relief against Defendants personal bank accounts and assets that can be directly shown to have received funds from Defendant’s pseudo-company “USPR, INC” (a Colorado corporation) and it’s bank account; Temporary asset freeze against any and all assets that can be directly shown to have received funds from Defendants’ sham company, and the correction of wrongly transferred or sold equities, including but not limited to wrongful loan documents and convertible equity notes passed along to earnest shareholders intending to invest in U.S. Precious Metals, but were told to direct their funds to pseudo-name companies, such as USPR, INC; Compensatory and punitive damages of an amount to be proven at trial, but not less than $750,000.00; Pre-judgment and post-judgment interest at the maximum rate permitted by law; An award of Plaintiff’s costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in this action, and; Other relief as the court deems proper.

U.S. Precious Metals, under its new executive officer, is committed to pursue any and all wrongdoers, regardless of their prior status or affiliation with the company, who are suspected or connected with the wrongful, wasteful, unauthorized, clandestine or illicit use of shareholder funds.


From the CEO – January 2018


Dear Fellow Stockholders,

2018 is expected to be a year of positive growth for U.S. Precious Metals. Last year was a period of rebuilding and restructuring the company’s foundation, and though this has been an arduous endeavor, it remains ongoing. For years, the company was operated by executives that, from reviewing the corporate books and records, were more focused on raising quick cash and than developing the company’s mineral reserves. As the company’s newly appointed CEO, I assure my fellow shareholders that I will avoid the mistakes of my predecessors, and will focus my acumen on realizable, identifiable, and concrete goals. But rebuilding this company to its fullest potential is not going to be fast or easy. However, greatness is never achieved suddenly, it is attained over time by making consistently smart decisions and finding ways to turn business adversities into opportunities. To this end, I am committed to working diligently to make the correct choices that will lead our company on a pathway to fully realize its innate value and, most importantly, maximize our shareholders’ wealth.

Here’s an update on our progress thus far on the goals I set for the first 100 days of my tenure:

Mining Campaign – The company has been working to assess the results from the 2015 drilling campaign recently provided us from our Mexican counterpart. Many of the aspects of this drilling campaign were left opened or unattended by the drilling company, ACT. We are in the process of rectifying these omissions as to not hinder any future drilling campaigns. I am currently seeking to obtain the secondary source data that will back up the 2015 Technical Report 43-101. Once this is complete, I, along with a team of experts, can evaluate the feasibility of further drilling at this location.

SEC Reporting – The company has compiled all financial documents for the past two years that were made available by the past board and executive staff, and has generated the necessary financial reports for 2015 and 2016. However, prior to filing these financial documents they must be reviewed by a Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) per SEC rules and regulations. I have identified an accounting firm that is PCAOB certified, and are engaged in talks of retaining the firm’s services to get the company back to full reporting status.

Liabilities – The company is continuing to work earnestly to resolve the corporate obligations of the past. However, I must admit that the outstanding liabilities far outweigh any income that the company has or anticipates in the near future. Nonetheless, I hope that through the means of mediation and/or arbitration, our company will be able to resolve these matters without the aggravation and expense of litigation.

Relocation – The company has successfully relocated its corporate office from West Virginia to Florida. This move allows us to conserve needed financial resources by consolidating and downsizing significantly.

In closing, I would like to point out that our company is in its current situation due to years of weak management and poor decision-making. Our company’s current sub-penny stock price is evidence of this point. Nonetheless, I have made it my goal for 2018 to rebuild this company from ground up, one brick at a time, one day at a time, one dollar at a time. I will not make grand promises, nor will I hedge expectations. I will give you my honest well-researched analysis, and moreover, I’ll work with our team daily to bring us closer to making U.S. Precious Metals the viable and successful company we know it can be with effective management and an unyielding commitment to settle for nothing short of excellence. I welcome you to a new year, and a new era of strong leadership, goal oriented achievement, and forthcoming prosperity.

John Leufray



Dear Fellow Stockholders,

2017 has been a significant year for U.S. Precious Metals. While the company had a new Board of Directors, we worked diligently with our partners and advisors to bring current the company’s property rights in Mexico and develop a mining campaign to explore gold deposits on the property. As interim CEO, I want to keep that momentum going by setting four new goals for the company to accomplish in the next 100 days:

  1. Initiate exploratory mining campaign with the ultimate goal of acquiring an NI 43-101 technical report on the property in Mexico.
    Complete documentation retrieval to resume SEC reporting and trading status.
    Bring outstanding liabilities to a favorable close.
    Relocate the corporate offices to Florida to consolidate legal and operational resources.

We believe our market opportunity is huge, and preliminary ground sampling and geophysical testing has yielded valuable results that exceeded our expectations. Our unique position with this legendary gold mine makes the company poised for considerable growth in the coming years. We have a great team here at U.S. Precious Metals and I am excited to build upon that team with the long term goal of strategically monetizing the company’s mining interests.

I’ll be drafting these letters at least monthly throughout my tenure to keep you up-to-date about the four goals above and other developments related to the company.

John Leufray

Nov 2017

USPR Mexico Representative Appointed

On Tuesday, the 14th day of November, the company received in hand written confirmation and certification that Mr. Carlos Hernandez, Jr., has been officially appointed as the “Authorized Legal Representative” to U.S. Precious Metals de Mexico S.A. de C.V. This appointment replaces the prior legal representatives, David Cutler and Alicia Espinosa Onofre from this prior official capacity.

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