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I was going to keep out of this but it is hard not to notice this company is under siege yet again.

After contacting the State of Delaware this morning they show the company remains in control by the board which took over after the RTC litigation. Despite the information which appears on this page, Spano, which if I read this correctly, signed a release which would prevent any interference with the ongoing operations of the company. So I would really like to know what the hell is he doing... or did he not remember signing what was laid out in blank and white.

Also, the company has apparently failed to pay its franchise tax this year, which we can safely say if the authorized shares remain unchanged is about 160K. Clearly this provides an indication that the 8K filed in response to the Spano takeover holds more weight than the apparent shareholder meeting (which by the way- I never received notice on and I have been a shareholder for 4 years).

Funny how upon talking to Mr. Hernandez (yes i have his number, do you?), who although unable to comment on the matter, did say this he has not heard from Spano, or any of the other persons listed on the fraudulent 8K filing since the apparent ´take over´. He apparently only spoke to Spano by email prior to all of this non-sense, when he failed to provide him a proof of funds after he claimed to want to help the company. This is all very astonishing to me, he is the custodian of records for the company; as well as the authorized legal representative in Mexico, I would imagine you would have to speak to him at some point.

Although I am frustrated, as we all must be with the lack of news regarding the company and how my investment served no other purpose than maintaining the life styles of others. I am done and could care less, I took the loss on my taxes years ago!

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