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A new oil and gas scanning board... Trendfinders Board: WELCOME TO TRENDY NATURAL RESOURCES We’ve dedicated this board to an extremely hot sector of the market; the energy & mining sector. The IBOX will essentially act as a scanning board to review and summarize many of the lower priced energy stocks; a one stop shop. We will mainly focus however, on energy stocks in the .05 - 10.00 range. Pinksheets will rarely be posted, and the occasional higher priced play will show up from time to time as well. Your picks, ideas, and thoughts are welcome! Happy Trading Everyone and Good Luck. ********************************************************************************* ALTERNATIVE & BIOFUEL SECTOR OIL & GAS PETROCHEMICAL, FUEL SERVICE & TRANSPORTATION SECTOR WELL SERVICE & EQUIPMENT SECTOR A quick look at the commodity charts from: ********************************************************************************* Check Crude Oil Futures:§ion= Oil Stock watch list .001 - 10.00 stocks. ABP AE AEZ AHC ALTX AOG APA APAGF APC APU ASPN ASH ATPG AVNU BBG BDCO BEXP BPKR BPT BRN BRY BSIC BYCX CGNW CHK CKX CLXN CNQ CNR COFF COG CPE CPPXF CRED CRK CRZO CWEI DBLE DLOV DMLP DNR DOM DPTR DVN DYN EAC ECPN EEQ EENC EMPR END ENDE EPEX ERHE EOG EPD FEEC FFFC FGP FPP FST FTO FXEN GAX GDP GKNT GMXR GPOR GTY HK HKN HNR HPCO HUSA ICRB INNU ISRL IVAN KSTR KMG KWK LRT MARPS MCF MMR MOAT MPET MTR MUR MVOG MWE MWP MXC MXSV NBL NEGI NESS NFX NGT NRT NXY OAKR OXY PCZ PETDE PHX PLLL PNRG PFNO PTF PTR PVA PXD PXP PDO PZE QOIL RKTI ROYL RRC RSRV SBR SFY SGY SJT SM SNP SPH SPND.OB SRGG SSL STDE STO STOSY SU SUF SUN SWN SYNM TENG TESO TEXG TGA TGC TIDE TLM TMR TRGL TRU TVOC VLO VXEN WOC WTU WTI XEC XTEX XTO XTXI YPF Charts compliments of this wonderful site: Always do your own due diligence before purchasing any security. We make NO PERSONAL RECOMENDATIONS TO BUY OR SELL SECURITIES, THAT IS YOUR DECISION. DO YOUR OWN DUE DILLIGENCE (DD). It is always a good idea to do your research before purchasing anything. We are not licensed brokers and make NO claim to be. We do not receive compensation for any security that we mention and we might own shares in some, or all of the securities that are mentioned on this board.


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#303 KGL.V investorwisdom 02/09/2011 08:37:18 AM
#302 DTPR investorwisdom 04/12/2010 11:22:13 PM
#301 We need to get this board hopping lol. buyittradeit 10/08/2009 05:09:44 PM
#300 big Aluminum glut, don't trade AA or ACH investorwisdom 10/06/2009 05:31:11 PM
#299 WRES is keeping to the trend line nicely! investorwisdom 10/06/2009 04:59:02 PM
#298 DNE Chart: investorwisdom 09/30/2009 04:07:08 PM
#297 BAA going higher! investorwisdom 09/16/2009 09:24:32 AM
#296 KAZ think this is a great one! what investorwisdom 09/15/2009 09:41:38 PM
#295 nice charts; mick 09/05/2009 05:46:49 PM
#294 check your stuff. i hope ya see something there. mick 09/05/2009 05:42:31 PM
#293 o.k., i did this here for trend stuff. mick 09/05/2009 05:36:11 PM
#292 Sure just let me know.:D buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:20:14 PM
#291 correct.:D buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:19:45 PM
#290 so from pinks , otcbb and listed here? mick 09/05/2009 05:17:57 PM
#289 LOL I am not. don't know about the buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:16:44 PM
#288 are you only doing listed ones? mick 09/05/2009 05:15:49 PM
#287 i have been seeing a lot on these. mick 09/05/2009 05:15:02 PM
#286 lol KNDR SGDH are a couple I am buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:13:49 PM
#285 check your stuffing. maybe some goodies you may like. mick 09/05/2009 05:13:20 PM
#284 what are some picks fer next week? mick 09/05/2009 05:10:34 PM
#283 oh, i don't have your ibox opened. charting mick 09/05/2009 05:09:53 PM
#282 Thanks yeah we have to get this board buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:08:48 PM
#281 It is all about the charts. buyittradeit 09/05/2009 05:08:03 PM
#280 i see some listed ones too. mick 09/05/2009 05:02:57 PM
#279 i just sawer this. i have it marked. mick 09/05/2009 05:02:14 PM
#278 That wasn't majic....It was charts:-D buyittradeit 06/14/2009 05:30:02 PM
#277 Thanks, i like it so far Trendfinders 06/12/2009 08:41:16 AM
#276 Trend, NXPN had news out today, was @ Californicator 06/11/2009 02:20:53 PM
#275 Thanks for the note, watching it close Trendfinders 06/11/2009 02:09:54 PM
#274 Hey trend...Got a nice one for you that Californicator 06/10/2009 11:00:00 PM
#273 tic toc tic toc lol. buyittradeit 05/30/2009 05:48:08 AM
#272 Think we will see oil reach 70 by buyittradeit 05/16/2009 11:27:02 AM
#271 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE buyittradeit 04/28/2009 10:44:44 AM
#270 anytime man! :) Trendfinders 04/28/2009 08:15:47 AM
#269 Thanks for adding me:-) buyittradeit 04/28/2009 01:51:26 AM
#268 lol Well, tell ole Trend to give me buyittradeit 04/26/2009 12:14:34 AM
#267 :) It's a work in progress buyit. Possibly Obi_Trend_Kenobi 04/25/2009 10:11:56 PM
#266 You never told me about this board sniffs. buyittradeit 04/25/2009 08:53:57 PM
#262 Trendfinders 08/11/2008 07:37:20 AM
#256 GFI captain america 08/07/2008 12:16:32 AM
#255$WTIC&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&i=p33935706642&r=4167[ Trendfinders 08/06/2008 11:15:26 AM
#254 sd captain america 05/28/2008 01:52:23 AM
#253 kog-pinn captain america 05/28/2008 01:51:48 AM
#252 eee captain america 04/06/2008 10:20:56 PM
#251 kog captain america 02/19/2008 07:31:19 PM
#250 duk reports tuesday divy payout feb 15th captain america 02/04/2008 11:29:44 AM
#249 DUK captain america 01/30/2008 11:41:03 PM
#248 TMY captain america 01/27/2008 08:04:12 PM
#247 nr captain america 01/26/2008 12:07:54 AM
#246 deep captain america 01/26/2008 12:07:07 AM
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