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Trans-Pacific Aerospace is a publicly-traded company whose mission is to supply self-lubricating bearings for aerospace, military and industrial applications.
TPAC's bearings are qualified by the U.S. Navy to SAE standards and TPAC is listed on the Navy's Qualified Products List.
This NAVAIR qualification is accepted worldwide as the industry standard for bearings.


 Spherical Bearings

The below list contains our NAVAIR qualified spherical bearings and their detailed product specification PDF's.

  • Narrow, grooved race, self-aligning, spherical plain bearings, width .281" to 1.000", height .218" to .797", bore .1900" to .1000"  Download PDF
    Wide, grooved race, self-aligning, spherical plain bearings, width .437" to 1.375", height .327" to 1.005", bore .1900" to .1000"    Download PDF
    Narrow, chamfered race, self-aligning, spherical plain bearings, width .281" to 1.000", height .218" to .797", bore .1900" to .1000"    Download PDF
    Wide, chamfered race, self-aligning, spherical plain bearings, width .437" to 1.375", height .327" to 1.005", bore .1900" to .1000"    Download PDF


The below list contains our full list of bushings and their product specification PDF's.

  • Flanged, self-lubricating, sleeve plain bearings, bore .2515" to 2.0015", length .156" to 3.000", diameter .3760" to 2.2523"  Download PDF
    Non-flanged, self-lubricating, sleeve plain bearings, bore .2515" to 2.0015", length .156" to 3.000", diameter .3760" to 2.2523"  Download PDF


Documentation & Qualifications

Trans-Pacific Aerospace spherical bearings and aerospace products have successfully met the verification test qualification requirements set by the AS81820 Aerospace Standard.

Download Our Verification Document

SAE-AS 81820

 This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) covers self-aligning and self-lubricating plain spherical bearings that utilize polytetrafluorothylene (PTFE) in a molded material or fabric composite that is bonded to inner diameter surface of the race and, when specified, to the bore diameter surface of the ball. These bearings can be used in the temperature range -65 to +325°F (-54 to +163°C).

SAE-AS 81934

Bearing, Sleeve, Flanged, Self-lubricating, -65 To 325 Degree F

 Serving the Aviation, Space and Maritime Industries 

The Trans-Pacific Aerospace manufacturing facility in China will make aerospace quality SAE-AS 81820, 81934 and 81935 plain spherical bearings, bushings and rod-ends.

These small, yet indispensable, components are designed to reduce friction and "bear" loads. Each bearing is a military spec, precision-tooled part, with some that can take up to 1,200 man-hours to make.

These parts are self-lubricating, and are typically used in sections of an aircraft that are difficult or impractical to access for maintenance. They help with such flight critical tasks as preventing the airframe from breaking apart, the engine from falling out over the Pacific and the landing gear from collapsing on impact with the runway. Over 3,000 of these parts are used in every aircraft and they must be replaced regularly.



Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc.
2975 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108
Phone: 626-796-9804




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