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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
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All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

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Cannabis Report
#287156   After his appearance on Meet the Press this Susie924 08/22/18 01:13:38 AM
#287155   It is probably kilt season over there. DesertDrifter 08/22/18 01:10:48 AM
#287154   Convenient. I wonder if he's getting comped arizona1 08/22/18 12:12:51 AM
#287153   I just heard that Rudy is on vacation Susie924 08/22/18 12:01:59 AM
#287152   Rachel Maddow BOMBSHELL! arizona1 08/21/18 11:23:26 PM
#287151   The bone spurs must be in his skull arizona1 08/21/18 11:17:14 PM
#287150   This guy was found guilty today. arizona1 08/21/18 11:14:14 PM
#287149   Nah, it’s been a quiet day. Susie924 08/21/18 10:03:32 PM
#287148   Tonight on Fox sortagreen 08/21/18 09:23:38 PM
#287147   what the f'k's next... a sharknado? sortagreen 08/21/18 09:22:49 PM
#287146   Karma dude... She's a bitch. sortagreen 08/21/18 09:14:11 PM
#287145   So... anything good to talk about this evening? sortagreen 08/21/18 09:07:40 PM
#287144   And now for something completely different... sortagreen 08/21/18 09:04:24 PM
#287143   I got people on the Big Island: Looks hookrider 08/21/18 08:49:11 PM
#287142   DECEPTION BOREALIS 08/21/18 08:48:38 PM
#287141   THE TWILIGHT ZONE BOREALIS 08/21/18 08:39:01 PM
#287140   Thanks. fuagf 08/21/18 08:21:43 PM
#287139   And now Canada... conix 08/21/18 08:15:03 PM
#287138   And thanks fuagf for your dedicated work to BOREALIS 08/21/18 08:04:59 PM
#287137   nlightn, btw, Mark as we knew him would fuagf 08/21/18 08:04:51 PM
#287136   Ostriches Celebrate Manafort Verdict PegnVA 08/21/18 07:48:06 PM
#287135   your post reverberates why i hang here. truth nlightn 08/21/18 07:45:46 PM
#287134   PegVA. top notch. "Mr. Manafort’s conviction cannot be fuagf 08/21/18 07:43:51 PM
#287133   nlightn, ta, thanks more for all the ongoing fuagf 08/21/18 07:21:18 PM
#287132   BOREALIS, yep, result gives credence to Mueller's probe. fuagf 08/21/18 07:07:08 PM
#287131   Trump, damn better know him: hookrider 08/21/18 07:02:40 PM
#287130   yes ! with a pile more evidence Mueller nlightn 08/21/18 06:54:46 PM
#287129   WHAT THE MANAFORT VERDICT MEANS PegnVA 08/21/18 06:52:34 PM
#287128   Manafort found guilty on eight counts fuagf 08/21/18 06:39:29 PM
#287127   thanks for keeping this forum top notch fuagf BullNBear52 08/21/18 06:33:05 PM
#287126   Paul Manafort found guilty: What's next for Manafort BOREALIS 08/21/18 06:27:57 PM
#287125   Ah yes, the twins...LOL! PegnVA 08/21/18 06:08:45 PM
#287124   Most people who do good works don't have arizona1 08/21/18 05:59:55 PM
#287123   That trial will hit closer to the Oval PegnVA 08/21/18 05:49:44 PM
#287122   nlightn, prosecutors dismiss (highly unlikely), plea deal/bargain (more fuagf 08/21/18 05:46:16 PM
#287121   LOL,..undoubtedly JL doesn't comprehend the implications of being nlightn 08/21/18 05:36:41 PM
#287120   JimLur, you must know Vatican City is wealthy fuagf 08/21/18 05:24:50 PM
#287119   Paul Manafort will face Second Trial next month nlightn 08/21/18 05:19:44 PM
#287118   nlightn, one link for one of the alleged fuagf 08/21/18 05:15:35 PM
#287117   Good, and just heard Mueller has Cohen on fuagf 08/21/18 04:59:15 PM
#287116   nligthn, yep, Republican efforts to suppress the non-white fuagf 08/21/18 04:51:03 PM
#287115   Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort found guilty nlightn 08/21/18 04:49:09 PM
#287113   Exactly. Priests should be allowed to marry. Susie924 08/21/18 04:38:17 PM
#287112   conix, well done. fuagf 08/21/18 04:36:53 PM
#287111   Golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport. fuagf 08/21/18 04:27:17 PM
#287110   Nlightn Until you provide a link to you comments JimLur 08/21/18 04:23:40 PM
#287109   nlightn this male dominated government hasn't been working for JimLur 08/21/18 04:19:42 PM
#287108   Without changing the celibacy requirement for priests, there conix 08/21/18 04:11:43 PM
#287107   How to Beat a Manipulator nlightn 08/21/18 04:09:40 PM
#287106   ditto DaleC. i'm in the exact scenario. i nlightn 08/21/18 04:00:34 PM