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#305247   There you go projecting who you are onto nwsun 03/26/19 09:58:30 AM
#305246   Post a link to your military tribunal conspiracy blackhawks 03/26/19 09:57:12 AM
#305245   Massive Bailout From Stolen Ford F-250 Truck In dropdeadfred 03/26/19 09:56:27 AM
#305244   Putin has kompromat on Trump; probably financial, possibly blackhawks 03/26/19 09:53:44 AM
#305243   Conspiracy theory crap. blackhawks 03/26/19 09:49:11 AM
#305242   Except nothing else in my post accurately describing blackhawks 03/26/19 09:48:19 AM
#305241   conix: Just can't help myself when you say hookrider 03/26/19 09:48:16 AM
#305240   Oooh Oooh Oooh, you're so clever. That's all nwsun 03/26/19 09:47:47 AM
#305239   So WHAT is YOUR explanation? conix 03/26/19 09:46:25 AM
#305238   Page is just one player in this mess. nwsun 03/26/19 09:46:02 AM
#305237   nwsun: "So glad I left the democratic party." hookrider 03/26/19 09:45:46 AM
#305236   Classic straw man argument. blackhawks 03/26/19 09:45:27 AM
#305235   hook--I thought we had an agreement that we conix 03/26/19 09:44:49 AM
#305234   So you have sorta done your own investigation. conix 03/26/19 09:43:52 AM
#305233   blackhawks: Well said. thanks hookrider 03/26/19 09:43:35 AM
#305232   conix: Why, because you are such a dumb hookrider 03/26/19 09:41:19 AM
#305231   When all else fails, call your opponents conspiracy nwsun 03/26/19 09:40:07 AM
#305230   Robert Reich: The Real Scandal of Donald Trump blackhawks 03/26/19 09:37:49 AM
#305229   So you are saying here that YOU know conix 03/26/19 09:37:22 AM
#305228   Your posts, ridden with misinformation, conspiracy theories and blackhawks 03/26/19 09:34:07 AM
#305227   Hey asshat, why do you and your deplorable newmedman 03/26/19 09:28:56 AM
#305226   Yes and most are honorable but the recent nwsun 03/26/19 09:09:37 AM
#305225   So i didnt say it. That's what i thought. nwsun 03/26/19 09:07:53 AM
#305224   That's funny since most of the agents in Matrix999 03/26/19 08:55:11 AM
#305223   Cut the shit we both know, everyone who blackhawks 03/26/19 08:49:13 AM
#305222   Did I say that? Link please nwsun 03/26/19 08:40:15 AM
#305221   This IS the proof. You can't credibly dispute blackhawks 03/26/19 08:24:03 AM
#305220   Graham told McCain to give dossier to FBI blackhawks 03/26/19 08:22:24 AM
#305219   You proved nothing, as usual. nwsun 03/26/19 08:22:22 AM
#305218   BS, I just did. Learn how to read. blackhawks 03/26/19 08:20:54 AM
#305217   Point out my hypocrisy's and double standards with nwsun 03/26/19 08:19:06 AM
#305216   Federal Court. You're enamored with tribunals because you blackhawks 03/26/19 08:10:39 AM
#305215   Where else to prosecute those guilty of treason nwsun 03/26/19 07:51:12 AM
#305214   The tribunals are coming and they will be spectacular. blackhawks 03/26/19 07:46:13 AM
#305213   I want to know where F6 got the nwsun 03/26/19 07:33:53 AM
#305212   When the military tribunals begin, youll see all nwsun 03/26/19 07:31:22 AM
#305211   Why would anybody expect anything but more of Matrix999 03/26/19 06:53:19 AM
#305210   ooo oooo Pick me! sortagreen 03/26/19 06:29:56 AM
#305209   We're taking names too! nwsun 03/26/19 02:36:28 AM
#305208   William Barr Did What He Was Hired to Do blackhawks 03/26/19 12:11:42 AM
#305207   Who knew? blackhawks 03/26/19 12:04:34 AM
#305206   Fred your looking at events through a fun Dale C 03/25/19 11:53:06 PM
#305205   ??NOT TIRED OF WINNING YET? ?? BREAKING: - DOJ just dropdeadfred 03/25/19 11:32:50 PM
#305204   William Barr Can’t Exonerate Donald Trump blackhawks 03/25/19 10:24:39 PM
#305203   "His totally false accusation that there is plenty sortagreen 03/25/19 10:18:46 PM
#305202   Yep... Avenatti's a dirtbag. What's your point? sortagreen 03/25/19 09:54:05 PM
#305201   Next point. I don't think Manafort went sortagreen 03/25/19 09:49:09 PM
#305200   It's going to be fun watching him getting sortagreen 03/25/19 09:46:05 PM
#305199   Y’all should go down and protest. Get dropdeadfred 03/25/19 09:32:38 PM