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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
Include source links when available.

All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

Only specific investing/trading discussions are, as such, off-topic here, banished to other good homes on iHub.
More general discussions of business and economic matters, including the markets, are in bounds and fair game.
Beyond specific investing/trading discussions, there are no forbidden topics here.

Strong language understood and tolerated in context, as in a pertinent quoted source or for a sincere emphasis.
Avoid gratuitous usages; avoid regular or routine use.
Heated arguments understood and tolerated in context, so long as they remain focused primarily on points at issue.
Avoid gratuitous taunting and baiting; avoid initiating personal spats.
Don't block private messages from Moderator.
Don't post from or link to these sites.

UPDATE: On 2/15/05, this board was restored to Free Board status so free members could (re)join the discussion.
Moderator retains full Premium Board moderator power and discretion to make, modify and enforce board rules.

UPDATE: Beginning 11/1/17, by arrangement of Moderator with iHub, all members, including free members:
1)  see the board free of ads; and
2)  can use board search ("Search This Board", above), and can place/open/use board search result links in posts.

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#275176   ‘A long winter’: White House aides divided over fuagf 11/20/17 06:46:29 PM
#275175   Look at 44 stare that little bitch down. DesertDrifter 11/20/17 05:58:44 PM
#275174   Part 52, some of Russian meddling stuff from fuagf 11/20/17 05:25:30 PM
#275173   When they say they have to raise the DesertDrifter 11/20/17 01:44:50 PM
#275172   LMFAO. BullNBear52 11/20/17 01:29:48 PM
#275171   Your obession with Hillary and Bill are commendable. BullNBear52 11/20/17 01:28:38 PM
#275170 DesertDrifter 11/20/17 01:28:05 PM
#275168   I suppose she will accuse the guitar player DesertDrifter 11/20/17 01:11:41 PM
#275167   I suppose robin williams was guilty, too, of DesertDrifter 11/20/17 01:00:15 PM
#275166   how will your assertion that the marines have DesertDrifter 11/20/17 12:55:01 PM
#275165   she is a trump/birther, but franken is being DesertDrifter 11/20/17 12:53:16 PM
#275163   If women expect to be taken seriously, those PegnVA 11/20/17 12:45:31 PM
#275162 DesertDrifter 11/20/17 12:39:01 PM
#275154   Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class BullNBear52 11/20/17 08:23:34 AM
#275153   “Send Him to Gitmo”: Trump Urges Execution of PegnVA 11/20/17 07:22:52 AM
#275152   Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as fuagf 11/20/17 06:50:55 AM
#275151   Why a Republican owner of a booming business fuagf 11/20/17 06:34:51 AM
#275150   Riding Tall In The Saddle, Trump Takes On Infrastructure F6 11/20/17 04:25:35 AM
#275149   “Send Him to Gitmo”: Trump Urges Execution of F6 11/20/17 01:56:53 AM
#275147   mr40:"Sorry but when I discovered all the lies hookrider 11/20/17 12:22:37 AM
#275146   I was impressed with the respect President Trump mr40 11/19/17 11:16:10 PM
#275145   You commit the crime, you should do the mr40 11/19/17 11:07:43 PM
#275144   mr40 -- oh that's rich (eom) F6 11/19/17 10:49:43 PM
#275143   Sorry but when I discovered all the lies mr40 11/19/17 10:31:51 PM
#275142   hookrider -- time for a WTF cage match, lol F6 11/19/17 09:26:40 PM
#275141   F6: "quite the blowhard/jackass in his own right" hookrider 11/19/17 09:15:44 PM
#275140   I wake up and smile everyday that he rooster 11/19/17 09:14:29 PM
#275139   mr40 -- respect is earned -- or not F6 11/19/17 09:06:15 PM
#275138   So sad that you have no respect for mr40 11/19/17 09:00:23 PM
#275137   hookrider -- where all three of the players F6 11/19/17 08:11:57 PM
#275136   Hey, rooster are you kissing Trumps ass, like hookrider 11/19/17 08:04:26 PM
#275135   This historian of modern German history explains the BOREALIS 11/19/17 06:36:42 PM
#275134   Collins airs concern about harassment charges against the president BOREALIS 11/19/17 06:13:45 PM
#275133 BOREALIS 11/19/17 04:52:49 PM
#275132   Excellent! Matrix999 11/19/17 02:49:55 PM
#275131   The good thing is the janitor got to BullNBear52 11/19/17 01:42:54 PM
#275130   Yep, that's them. .. Born Again in the fuagf 11/19/17 01:31:56 PM
#275129   Peg -- they'll just bomb and burn down F6 11/19/17 01:17:23 PM
#275128   fuagf -- to sacrifice, slaughter, cut/rip out the F6 11/19/17 01:13:18 PM
#275127   Guess they might see a Christian money flood fuagf 11/19/17 01:12:25 PM
#275126   The GOP don't like educated people. Less likely Matrix999 11/19/17 01:06:51 PM
#275125   If this bill passes as written, will GOP PegnVA 11/19/17 12:49:45 PM
#275124   hookrider, Hoping he sees as much moral fuagf 11/19/17 12:42:02 PM
#275123   Looks the drive to marry democracy with theocracy fuagf 11/19/17 12:33:56 PM
#275122   Matrix999: Do really think Trump & the boys hookrider 11/19/17 12:08:06 PM
#275121   It's worse than that. It also affects college BullNBear52 11/19/17 10:41:02 AM
#275120   I think many of us did the same thing. mr40 11/19/17 09:59:25 AM