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#414548   https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/how-gun-violence-in-texas-compares-to-other-states/ar-AALx8bT zab 05/25/22 02:25:49 PM
#414547   That's a moronic assertion on all levels. blackhawks 05/25/22 02:16:02 PM
#414546   Gee I see Republicans taking that legal right zab 05/25/22 02:14:28 PM
#414545   Again joe is responsible for the fentanyl deaths rooster 05/25/22 02:14:04 PM
#414544   https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Abbott-Cruz-Trump-NRA-convention zab 05/25/22 02:12:35 PM
#414543   No, Trump lost. And soon enough his treasonous blackhawks 05/25/22 02:11:34 PM
#414542   That’s your comeback? You lose rooster 05/25/22 02:10:57 PM
#414541   All legal just like killing babies with abortion rooster 05/25/22 02:10:08 PM
#414540   There is no physical 'closing the border', dumb blackhawks 05/25/22 02:09:39 PM
#414539   Shut up Jethro. sortagreen 05/25/22 02:06:52 PM
#414538   Eloquent, persuasive, rebuttal. blackhawks 05/25/22 02:05:11 PM
#414537   https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2016/01/04/132588/as-confusion- zab 05/25/22 02:00:45 PM
#414536   Jim I’m not a member and since someone rooster 05/25/22 01:55:12 PM
#414535   That you’re a goof ball rooster 05/25/22 01:53:36 PM
#414534   Hey dummy! Trump was trying to close the rooster 05/25/22 01:52:57 PM
#414533   https://ohionewspost.com/2022/05/25/ted-cruz-denounced-for-offering-prayer-after zab 05/25/22 01:52:06 PM
#414532   You really paint a fanciful dream scheme for newmedman 05/25/22 01:14:00 PM
#414531   I'll take what I can get. Tanx. sortagreen 05/25/22 01:00:11 PM
#414530   Guns make us safe.. from what, I'm sortagreen 05/25/22 12:59:27 PM
#414529   You've just accurately described the process for the blackhawks 05/25/22 12:48:52 PM
#414528   pooty isn't doing well on ground gain, air Zorax 05/25/22 12:47:18 PM
#414527   So fucking what? brooklyn13 05/25/22 12:27:17 PM
#414526   Wonder how the ru morons camping out in Zorax 05/25/22 12:21:58 PM
#414525   Working it's way up the food chain but stockmule 05/25/22 11:49:48 AM
#414524   So the reports are starting to say that Zorax 05/25/22 11:45:20 AM
#414523   I don't answer loaded questions that not even blackhawks 05/25/22 11:36:11 AM
#414522   If proven that hillary dnc fbi cia and stockmule 05/25/22 11:24:47 AM
#414521   https://i.imgur.com/apOsR3L.jpg BOREALIS 05/25/22 10:57:26 AM
#414520   You might want to learn how to discern blackhawks 05/25/22 10:44:44 AM
#414519   Teabagger huh? oystersnbeer 05/25/22 10:14:53 AM
#414518   I would like to see executive orders, regardless oystersnbeer 05/25/22 10:04:17 AM
#414517   Take your small balls and go home to play. stockmule 05/25/22 09:59:11 AM
#414516   Biden says ‘we have to act’ after Texas BOREALIS 05/25/22 09:56:06 AM
#414515   Should’ve known better than to waste my time. You oystersnbeer 05/25/22 09:52:55 AM
#414514   You can push people so far. Some can’t Matrix999 05/25/22 09:51:36 AM
#414513   What is an assault rifle? stockmule 05/25/22 09:48:41 AM
#414512   Do you own an assault rifle? oystersnbeer 05/25/22 09:45:40 AM
#414511   Bet the majority of you here have one stockmule 05/25/22 09:40:38 AM
#414510   Takeaways: Trump’s big defeat; election denial backfiring BOREALIS 05/25/22 09:39:56 AM
#414509   Might want to get your money back for stockmule 05/25/22 09:30:45 AM
#414508   Kemp Defeats Trump Pick Perdue in Georgia GOP BOREALIS 05/25/22 09:27:49 AM
#414507   Zorax: "Fuck all republikklans and let them sit hookrider 05/25/22 09:01:45 AM
#414506   Yee haw, nothing says that you're a real brooklyn13 05/25/22 08:59:14 AM
#414505   A look at how Trump’s words, rhetoric have oystersnbeer 05/25/22 08:50:04 AM
#414504   “And what in our society is causing kids oystersnbeer 05/25/22 08:30:06 AM
#414503   Ok thanks, .. you prolly deserve some credit 12yearplan 05/25/22 07:57:42 AM
#414502   For all of you saying that immigrants can't assimilate... sortagreen 05/25/22 07:39:54 AM
#414501   https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FTkx8PwXoAA_Rvd?format=jpg&name=large sortagreen 05/25/22 07:32:48 AM
#414500   Yeah. Yeah he is. sortagreen 05/25/22 06:40:49 AM
#414499   Our different approaches to them just underlines how fuagf 05/25/22 04:36:28 AM
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