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#329032   LOLOL. By George! fuagf 10/15/19 03:37:07 AM
#329031   LOL! Susie924 10/14/19 11:40:04 PM
#329030   Guess who was not part of whatever drug arizona1 10/14/19 11:36:19 PM
#329029   George Conway is having fun tonight. Susie924 10/14/19 11:32:28 PM
#329028   Uh oh arizona1 10/14/19 11:31:18 PM
#329027   Fiona Hill's #Trumpeachment testimony at 10+ hours means arizona1 10/14/19 11:14:37 PM
#329026   How sweet it will be if it’s a Susie924 10/14/19 11:04:54 PM
#329025   They're all f*ckn nuts. arizona1 10/14/19 11:02:41 PM
#329024   Bolton Objected to Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Calling Giuliani Susie924 10/14/19 11:02:31 PM
#329023   Thread Conversation Peter Baker Susie924 10/14/19 10:52:37 PM
#329022   White House Correspondents' Association responds to the Trump arizona1 10/14/19 10:50:00 PM
#329021   Fort Worth officer who fatally shot woman in arizona1 10/14/19 10:46:16 PM
#329020   Let’s see…Russia, Iran, Syria, ISIS…All Great Again. America? blackhawks 10/14/19 10:44:08 PM
#329019   You're not normal either. That is one dumb argument. ergo sum 10/14/19 10:34:52 PM
#329018   You cherry pick in support of your personal arizona1 10/14/19 10:29:48 PM
#329017   You are either Male or Female. arizona1 10/14/19 10:23:20 PM
#329016   Remember this the next time you read a blackhawks 10/14/19 10:06:11 PM
#329015   conix, Again, who here today even suggested transgender fuagf 10/14/19 10:02:16 PM
#329014   Sheesh. The article had studies cited with hyperlinks. conix 10/14/19 09:51:44 PM
#329013   conix, Trump regret is real too, even though fuagf 10/14/19 09:45:28 PM
#329012   conix, You are obviously the type of person fuagf 10/14/19 09:37:29 PM
#329011   Transgender Regret Is Real Even If The Media conix 10/14/19 09:29:25 PM
#329010   conix, You cherry pick in support of your fuagf 10/14/19 09:27:52 PM
#329009   There are realities and abnormalities. But just because conix 10/14/19 09:08:54 PM
#329008   Excellent Cavuto defense of America's free press. Some fuagf 10/14/19 09:03:50 PM
#329007   These are disorders. conix 10/14/19 08:52:04 PM
#329006   They can renounce or accept all they want Dale C 10/14/19 08:47:48 PM
#329005   Fiona Hill testifies about Trump's decision to oust fuagf 10/14/19 08:42:26 PM
#329004   People are born with conflicting biology all the ergo sum 10/14/19 08:34:55 PM
#329003   Not there, but in the White House and fuagf 10/14/19 08:30:39 PM
#329002   Did something go wrong? ergo sum 10/14/19 08:25:58 PM
#329001   conix, The myth that gender is binary is fuagf 10/14/19 08:23:55 PM
#329000   Rejected by conservatives and liberals alike. Perfect for fuagf 10/14/19 08:16:39 PM
#328999   You can have empathy without forcing the population conix 10/14/19 08:16:11 PM
#328998   Exactly. HE gets credit for creating them (in fuagf 10/14/19 08:06:06 PM
#328997   The New Stephen Miller PegnVA 10/14/19 07:20:10 PM
#328996   conix, Whatever happened to the theory of evolution fuagf 10/14/19 07:19:25 PM
#328995   Yep. Seems he was too much of a fuagf 10/14/19 07:15:58 PM
#328994   Being authoritarian-minded and mean-spirited opens the door to fuagf 10/14/19 07:14:40 PM
#328993   The New Stephen Miller fuagf 10/14/19 07:09:22 PM
#328992   He did try I would give him that. ergo sum 10/14/19 06:50:47 PM
#328991   McAleenan, acting Homeland Security secretary, stepping down fuagf 10/14/19 06:37:21 PM
#328990   Tea Pain arizona1 10/14/19 06:34:29 PM
#328989   I’m waiting for the Russian flag to be Matrix999 10/14/19 06:27:31 PM
#328988   Tearex, You want integrity? fuagf 10/14/19 06:17:11 PM
#328987   https://images.dailykos.com/images/727757/story_image/101415.MoralBankruptc arizona1 10/14/19 06:14:02 PM
#328986   Tearex, Stay or go is more important to fuagf 10/14/19 06:10:50 PM
#328985   It would be entirely consistent with Trump's character fuagf 10/14/19 06:00:35 PM
#328984   Expecting an unethical Trump to protect the integrity fuagf 10/14/19 05:56:48 PM
#328983   Nice touch there. newmedman 10/14/19 05:21:33 PM