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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
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#281316   arizona1, as continuing ignoble enablers of Trump, who fuagf 06/17/18 10:20:44 PM
#281315   They've been sucking the system dry for decades. arizona1 06/17/18 10:12:48 PM
#281314   Agree. Do either of the stooges have the fuagf 06/17/18 10:04:19 PM
#281313   What? And give up their medicare? arizona1 06/17/18 10:00:24 PM
#281312   Good question. Let's see if either of the fuagf 06/17/18 09:57:04 PM
#281311   Republicans give up on Medicare overhaul arizona1 06/17/18 09:52:41 PM
#281310   Trump to a T fuagf 06/17/18 09:50:52 PM
#281309   JimLur, Fake-news search engine tracks spread of lies fuagf 06/17/18 09:18:40 PM
#281307   ForReal, Your favorite hymn? fuagf 06/17/18 08:51:21 PM
#281306   sortagreen, They reap what they sow. fuagf 06/17/18 08:42:34 PM
#281305   Republicans give up on Medicare overhaul BOREALIS 06/17/18 06:33:46 PM
#281304   As are you. conix 06/17/18 04:41:28 PM
#281302   conix: Your right. Trump is still a Asshole. hookrider 06/17/18 02:16:29 PM
#281301   " your man crush (Obama) " sortagreen 06/17/18 01:59:04 PM
#281300   Nothing has changed.... conix 06/17/18 01:52:35 PM
#281299   Go read your New York Times, so you ForReal 06/17/18 12:19:36 PM
#281298   This tells me Trump had some other reason hookrider 06/17/18 12:16:22 PM
#281297   Trump will be Real Happy to hear this:As hookrider 06/17/18 12:08:06 PM
#281296   Donald Trump Really Wishes He Were A Dictator BOREALIS 06/17/18 10:06:57 AM
#281295   Here are their other headlines from the sidebar: sortagreen 06/17/18 09:09:36 AM
#281294   "China announces retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth sortagreen 06/17/18 09:00:51 AM
#281293   Not content with being just any moron... you sortagreen 06/17/18 08:11:24 AM
#281292   You'd still be whining if Comey had revealed sortagreen 06/17/18 08:06:37 AM
#281291   Lawrence: Who's Sleeping Better: Paul Manafort Or President fuagf 06/17/18 06:20:30 AM
#281290   Full Hill Interview: Trump Took The North Korean fuagf 06/17/18 05:37:42 AM
#281289   Pope Francis: Abortion is ‘white glove’ equivalent to fuagf 06/17/18 02:07:39 AM
#281288   Agree. If all were treated equally under the fuagf 06/17/18 12:54:04 AM
#281287   Lock his sorry ass up: hookrider 06/17/18 12:25:33 AM
#281286   The Supreme Court’s Next Abortion Chapter fuagf 06/16/18 11:09:58 PM
#281285   JimLur, another false equivalence from you. F6's posts fuagf 06/16/18 09:52:28 PM
#281284   Benghazi... BOREALIS 06/16/18 09:01:49 PM
#281283   Former CIA Chief Compares Trump’s Border Policies to swanlinbar 06/16/18 06:56:42 PM
#281282   That borders on insanity and actually sounds like hogwash Dale C 06/16/18 06:49:09 PM
#281280   Interesting JimLur 06/16/18 04:14:05 PM
#281279 BullNBear52 06/16/18 03:53:24 PM
#281278   Caged, diseased and desperate: Shocking pictures of the ForReal 06/16/18 02:42:28 PM
#281277   Insubordination and Bias at FBI ForReal 06/16/18 01:58:02 PM
#281276 BullNBear52 06/16/18 11:56:11 AM
#281275   China announces retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth fuagf 06/16/18 05:53:16 AM
#281274   Sweet. eom chuckle. fuagf 06/16/18 12:07:50 AM
#281273   LOL. Lose your house, your car, maybe even fuagf 06/16/18 12:06:12 AM
#281272   I'll go with "scum". The better word sortagreen 06/16/18 12:05:41 AM
#281271   mr40, better to put it in reply to fuagf 06/16/18 12:03:02 AM
#281270   The lawyers cost more than the job pays sortagreen 06/15/18 11:58:14 PM
#281269   Here is a link to the report. mr40 06/15/18 11:56:31 PM
#281268   mr40, the Mueller investigation mandate from Rosenstein was fuagf 06/15/18 11:43:22 PM
#281267   I don't have cable nor satellite TV so mr40 06/15/18 11:32:52 PM
#281266   Good question, i think the answer is go fuagf 06/15/18 11:26:18 PM
#281264   fuagf: Sounds good but how do I go hookrider 06/15/18 10:53:40 PM