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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
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#343380   Waste of time - http://www.fortworthbusiness.com/news/robert_francis/in-market-not-everything-on-the fuagf 04/03/20 04:15:45 AM
#343379   "Everything on the internet is true" --Ben Franklin temp luvs amy 04/03/20 03:48:34 AM
#343374   You were told i had plenty of evidence fuagf 04/03/20 03:23:46 AM
#343370   As much as I hate to admit it, temp luvs amy 04/03/20 02:48:04 AM
#343369   Enjoy. fuagf 04/03/20 02:43:05 AM
#343368   and distribution. I'm watching our conservative PM telling fuagf 04/03/20 02:41:11 AM
#343367   Paying myself. Professional trader. Fiduciary. temp luvs amy 04/03/20 02:38:57 AM
#343366   more productive. temp luvs amy 04/03/20 02:34:02 AM
#343360   Damn right you did, You want to lie fuagf 04/03/20 02:12:08 AM
#343359   Like i said, and you know, you started fuagf 04/03/20 02:08:57 AM
#343357   Then why all of the vile insults? Can't temp luvs amy 04/03/20 02:03:22 AM
#343356   Spending a lot of time of something solely fuagf 04/03/20 02:01:26 AM
#343355   Right loves to hate, imitate Alinsky fuagf 04/03/20 01:54:10 AM
#343354   So California shared some advice with other states. blackhawks 04/03/20 01:48:51 AM
#343353   "Everything is true on the internet" - Thomas Jefferson. temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:47:08 AM
#343352   I'd have to see your marriage certificate before fuagf 04/03/20 01:40:29 AM
#343351   Yeah, Putin was so impressed he decided to blackhawks 04/03/20 01:39:25 AM
#343349   Technically, I became NA when I married a temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:36:40 AM
#343348   You probably were in the '60's too, and fuagf 04/03/20 01:33:02 AM
#343347   I'm watching /ES /CL and /ZB on my temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:32:58 AM
#343346   Hazzard is good enough for you. fuagf 04/03/20 01:31:15 AM
#343345   I'm a Native American. It's 2020. temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:31:07 AM
#343344   Oh, so you're getting paid to work at fuagf 04/03/20 01:29:36 AM
#343343   It's 2020. You don't get that? temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:28:21 AM
#343342   Duke? Duke? Duke? Duke of Earl? temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:27:39 AM
#343341   temp luvs amy, Ok, you are misogynistic and fuagf 04/03/20 01:27:06 AM
#343340   I went out for a smoke. Didn't temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:26:39 AM
#343339   I still can find the picture of Hillary temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:25:40 AM
#343338   Looks he's slunk back to the hole he fuagf 04/03/20 01:24:10 AM
#343337   When you elected Trump you got as close fuagf 04/03/20 01:22:46 AM
#343336   SOMEbody has to complain about Russia. The asshole blackhawks 04/03/20 01:21:47 AM
#343335   Sinking to insult again, as you did in fuagf 04/03/20 01:19:54 AM
#343334   You know the Duke asshole. David, or not, fuagf 04/03/20 01:18:23 AM
#343333   So you're just cut and paste impaired? temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:17:39 AM
#343332   You know i have heaps. You don't have fuagf 04/03/20 01:16:22 AM
#343331   Still waiting for one good character attribute of fuagf 04/03/20 01:15:29 AM
#343330   Me? David Duke? Copy it in temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:15:19 AM
#343329   You have nothing. temp luvs amy 04/03/20 01:13:51 AM
#343328   You know fucking well i do. I don't fuagf 04/03/20 01:12:58 AM