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#373012   Trump appointed judges laughed Ghouliani & friends out Homebrew 05/09/21 08:43:50 PM
#373011   Yet no legitimate evidence of vast conspiracy nonsense. Homebrew 05/09/21 08:41:07 PM
#373010   Unfortunately, there's a robust counterfeit vaccine passport and Zorax 05/09/21 08:27:36 PM
#373009   lol..Actually I did, and didn't want to embarrass Zorax 05/09/21 08:24:04 PM
#373008   Koog, blackhawks point in saying fuagf 05/09/21 08:14:20 PM
#373007   I'm both impressed by the gatekeeper's patience and BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 05/09/21 08:09:29 PM
#373006   Good ole Simpson. Also can't stop reading 'Army Man' Zorax 05/09/21 08:09:19 PM
#373005   Who is REALLY responsible for all the violence? Da Kine 17 05/09/21 07:53:07 PM
#373004   Dominion held the “keys” to the entire election... Da Kine 17 05/09/21 07:46:29 PM
#373003   That's good. Actually, meant to include that as fuagf 05/09/21 07:30:00 PM
#373002   Trust your feelings on that. ;-) fuagf 05/09/21 07:23:04 PM
#373001   No doubts about that. In that position of fuagf 05/09/21 07:19:55 PM
#373000   The people in attendance had to show that crossball 05/09/21 07:14:07 PM
#372999   To each his own. My point was I BullNBear52 05/09/21 07:08:12 PM
#372998   With still an average of >1500 new cases fuagf 05/09/21 06:44:12 PM
#372997   Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on inflation, Modern fuagf 05/09/21 06:29:25 PM
#372996   As janice i don't really care about how fuagf 05/09/21 06:17:18 PM
#372995   wtf...just finished watching Rory win the Wells Fargo...no crossball 05/09/21 06:07:52 PM
#372994   Unrefined....Guilty as charged and overly defensive too I'm B402 05/09/21 06:03:53 PM
#372993   Yep. 'twas only a quibble with your unrefined fuagf 05/09/21 05:59:37 PM
#372992   LOLOL - It's as silly a concept now fuagf 05/09/21 05:57:39 PM
#372991   stockmule, conix posted that jaundiced CRT article two fuagf 05/09/21 05:52:29 PM
#372990   I wonder if the 200 insurrectionists working their blackhawks 05/09/21 05:46:56 PM
#372989   Good jobs report - right joe? stock_observer_77 05/09/21 05:40:53 PM
#372988   That was a good laugh. stock_observer_77 05/09/21 05:38:12 PM
#372987   Well, Its the larger corps that eat the B402 05/09/21 05:36:55 PM
#372986   His remote viewing, is what I would consider Zorax 05/09/21 05:31:14 PM
#372985   In fact, you are offering a straw man BullNBear52 05/09/21 05:15:15 PM
#372984   Agree with you there. fuagf 05/09/21 05:13:39 PM
#372983   Agree with you there. fuagf 05/09/21 05:08:58 PM
#372982   Dear lurking RW dead-enders ... this false election blackhawks 05/09/21 05:01:40 PM
#372981   You're misconstruing my comment. The POSTERS, you know blackhawks 05/09/21 04:54:04 PM
#372980   Agree. Most all of us agree we as fuagf 05/09/21 04:45:25 PM
#372979   Another generalization i'd say you could refine. Not fuagf 05/09/21 04:42:17 PM
#372978   “Peace IS the prize” Da Kine 17 05/09/21 04:41:18 PM
#372977   Helmut Jahn leaves architectural legacy in Chicago and blackhawks 05/09/21 04:39:30 PM
#372976   http://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/183458706_2769774816607727_ DesertDrifter 05/09/21 04:33:23 PM
#372975   Which is further evidence love was lacking between fuagf 05/09/21 04:23:02 PM
#372974   http://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/183068596_2770392676545941_ DesertDrifter 05/09/21 04:09:42 PM
#372973   You are offering a false equivalency. Objectivism Koog 05/09/21 04:04:59 PM
#372972   http://i.imgflip.com/58w2x7.jpg DesertDrifter 05/09/21 03:54:02 PM
#372971   stockmule, Your certainty as regards a conspiratorial vein fuagf 05/09/21 03:48:28 PM
#372970   The stirring up of fights, quite often on blackhawks 05/09/21 03:47:20 PM
#372969   Natural selection meet, vax reluctance and voter suppression blackhawks 05/09/21 03:40:04 PM
#372968   You do not like the novel. I Koog 05/09/21 03:39:47 PM
#372967   tRUMP was in a position to learn stoopidity DragonBear 05/09/21 03:38:30 PM
#372966   Delusional nonsense, again. blackhawks 05/09/21 03:31:12 PM
#372965   It has nothing to do with 'feeling' but blackhawks 05/09/21 03:28:31 PM
#372964   The few months into these trials more we dropdeadfred 05/09/21 03:26:06 PM
#372963   2nd time through the first was easy. The fuagf 05/09/21 02:30:10 PM
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