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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
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#359934   and here's the gravy..I add exchange rate on crossball 12/04/20 07:10:51 PM
#359933   that is from Aug 12..and exactly what we crossball 12/04/20 07:02:08 PM
#359932   Is this what's boosting you fuagf 12/04/20 06:56:41 PM
#359931   I went to UVIC in early 80s, Dr. crossball 12/04/20 06:40:17 PM
#359930   Happy Ts fuagf 12/04/20 06:39:29 PM
#359929   I have been trading for 25 years..this Canadian crossball 12/04/20 06:36:40 PM
#359928   Congratulations. Really hope the overall long-term involvement in fuagf 12/04/20 06:31:19 PM
#359927   I am happier than a pig in that crossball 12/04/20 06:31:17 PM
#359926   yeppers. my sthc went ballistic today. crossball 12/04/20 06:28:29 PM
#359925   How long can you keep piling on bullshit. fuagf 12/04/20 06:26:19 PM
#359924   LOL First time i looked in a mirror fuagf 12/04/20 06:23:25 PM
#359923   speaking of the shats, Keep America blah blah crossball 12/04/20 06:21:02 PM
#359922   From a more conservative Tea Party to a fuagf 12/04/20 06:09:49 PM
#359921   seriously, I just about posted.."links?"...then said no about crossball 12/04/20 05:22:09 PM
#359920   OK, from solid stool to diarrhea to the blackhawks 12/04/20 04:49:05 PM
#359919   Yep, as blackhawks alluded to - Think QAnon fuagf 12/04/20 04:37:32 PM
#359918   LOL In the few minutes i watched the fuagf 12/04/20 04:28:11 PM
#359917   Senate 2022: An Early Look fuagf 12/04/20 04:15:35 PM
#359916   Thanks for not providing a link. :-) Slojab 12/04/20 03:59:38 PM
#359915   Some people are into fart sexual porn. I fuagf 12/04/20 03:57:29 PM
#359914   newmedman: Best of luck. I too went off hookrider 12/04/20 03:56:23 PM
#359913   What hath the Republicans wrought: Will Trump's insanity blackhawks 12/04/20 03:55:00 PM
#359912   Yep, either insane or openly and intentionally viciously fuagf 12/04/20 03:45:56 PM
#359911   Ah, now I see what the moron is Slojab 12/04/20 03:10:24 PM
#359910   Why apologize where it's good for you and fuagf 12/04/20 03:06:19 PM
#359909   Typical politics. Especially when one despot is trying Slojab 12/04/20 02:32:56 PM
#359908   I'm confused. Alabama went for Trump so what Slojab 12/04/20 02:27:28 PM
#359907   "Ivanka’s Trademark Requests Were Fast-Tracked In China After Maria56 12/04/20 02:26:46 PM
#359906   Ivanka’s Trademark Requests Were Fast-Tracked In China After Slojab 12/04/20 01:55:48 PM
#359905   Early PPE Nay. Early PP Yay. fuagf 12/04/20 01:42:54 PM
#359904   Wow. Skip the byline and that one is Maria56 12/04/20 01:26:12 PM
#359903   Nothing says, "guilty as fuck" like issuing a DesertDrifter 12/04/20 12:46:28 PM
#359902   Fauci a Little Weirded Out by People Suddenly blackhawks 12/04/20 12:38:17 PM
#359901   scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/129571712_10159319375331393_859579798 DesertDrifter 12/04/20 12:24:30 PM
#359900   of course, not. the used car salesman crossball 12/04/20 12:05:53 PM
#359899   If tRump orders to push the red button Zorax 12/04/20 12:02:29 PM
#359898   but still, the dumbed down are a strong crossball 12/04/20 12:00:45 PM
#359897   Trump Was Never Very Popular, But How Will blackhawks 12/04/20 11:48:53 AM
#359896   ah, the Tea Party..unforgettable creation from the deep crossball 12/04/20 09:56:23 AM
#359895   Well we can HOPE that the 'he says blackhawks 12/04/20 09:16:15 AM
#359894   What’s the biggest existential threat: Trump, Biden or fuagf 12/04/20 03:18:27 AM
#359893   https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=159784809 Zorax 12/04/20 01:01:33 AM
#359892   Rudy puts on a shit show and lets Slojab 12/04/20 12:03:14 AM
#359891   Election Day - The Story of a Guy blackhawks 12/04/20 12:00:47 AM
#359890   The President Is Acting Crazy, so Why Are blackhawks 12/03/20 11:49:22 PM
#359889   Indeed. I guess early on I used to newmedman 12/03/20 11:00:12 PM
#359888   Hitler finds out Trump won't concede the election blackhawks 12/03/20 10:23:01 PM
#359887   Twitter Confirms Trump Could Be Banned After Inauguration blackhawks 12/03/20 09:42:43 PM
#359886   No one knows who anonymous aliases on chat DrContango 12/03/20 09:31:02 PM
#359885   I thought the article said the companies were fuagf 12/03/20 07:44:25 PM
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