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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
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#298547   Looking forward to when January economic numbers come out. arizona1 01/19/19 12:57:07 AM
#298546   The only way the shutdown will end is Susie924 01/19/19 12:53:11 AM
#298545   He served until 2010. What does that arizona1 01/19/19 12:51:22 AM
#298544   Shutdown is over if the Dems agree arizona1 01/19/19 12:43:49 AM
#298543   conix: I would not trust Trump to keep hookrider 01/19/19 12:42:44 AM
#298542   Company Co-Founded By Nancy Pelosi’s Son Charged With Fraud JimLur 01/19/19 12:33:47 AM
#298541   Why should the Democrats agree? Susie924 01/18/19 11:54:48 PM
#298540   Shutdown is over if the Dems agree conix 01/18/19 11:47:19 PM
#298539   I knew you would ask that of yourself conix 01/18/19 11:38:45 PM
#298538   Hang on, guys. The time is coming conix 01/18/19 11:35:09 PM
#298533   Sure does look like he's been owned. Dale C 01/18/19 11:22:48 PM
#298532   Hope & change knocks again. Dale C 01/18/19 11:11:37 PM
#298531   Dale C, You sure get the start date fuagf 01/18/19 10:54:39 PM
#298530   hookrider, Wasted too much time on them today. fuagf 01/18/19 10:53:08 PM
#298529   JimLur, "Makes no sense" to me either that fuagf 01/18/19 10:49:49 PM
#298528   We should go on a binge of undoing Dale C 01/18/19 10:32:34 PM
#298527   fuagf: You have more tolerance than I do. hookrider 01/18/19 10:25:55 PM
#298526   Makes no sense JimLur 01/18/19 10:21:48 PM
#298525   Big shot Trump shafts supporters. fuagf 01/18/19 10:15:56 PM
#298524   I am a bit tired of your imperious, arizona1 01/18/19 10:15:42 PM
#298523   What's a conscience? fuagf 01/18/19 10:13:07 PM
#298522   You said it, and what you said is fuagf 01/18/19 09:56:16 PM
#298521   It was pretty low even for a Trump supporter. arizona1 01/18/19 09:47:53 PM
#298520   Democrat: Thank you for putting Giuliani on TV fuagf 01/18/19 09:43:21 PM
#298519   In the 18 years that I have been Susie924 01/18/19 09:35:27 PM
#298518   Didn't Mueller also deny Cohen was in Prague? arizona1 01/18/19 09:30:05 PM
#298517   Trump's story told through classic films - Drawn fuagf 01/18/19 09:29:15 PM
#298516   You are wrong again Susie924 01/18/19 09:28:02 PM
#298515   Only 17 more investigations to go. ROTFL! arizona1 01/18/19 09:27:29 PM
#298514   conix, pointing out fact, or omission, or crap fuagf 01/18/19 09:27:09 PM
#298513   conix, to question is not to demean. Though fuagf 01/18/19 09:22:46 PM
#298512   When you have nothing of import to say, conix 01/18/19 09:22:19 PM
#298511   Aha. It's getting late for you. Reduced, fuagf 01/18/19 09:20:47 PM
#298510   Muller’s team doesn’t comment on much but did arizona1 01/18/19 09:18:42 PM
#298509   dropdeadfred, repeat, what about the oversight position Nunes fuagf 01/18/19 09:18:15 PM
#298508   You are blind to your own failings, fuagf. conix 01/18/19 09:17:51 PM
#298507   I am a bit tired of your imperious, conix 01/18/19 09:17:11 PM
#298506   All opinions are not worth the same. You fuagf 01/18/19 09:16:14 PM
#298505   conix, Total crap. "if it's true could be fuagf 01/18/19 09:13:11 PM
#298504   Buzzfeed is the new Wikipedia. It has dropdeadfred 01/18/19 09:12:08 PM
#298503   One day, you’ll get Trump and your life dropdeadfred 01/18/19 09:11:14 PM
#298502   Your OPINION is duly noted--but my opinion IS sustainable. conix 01/18/19 09:09:39 PM
#298501   In context that makes no sense at all. fuagf 01/18/19 09:09:12 PM
#298499   Um, you Because you read it on Buzzfeed dropdeadfred 01/18/19 09:08:03 PM
#298498   To quote dropdeadfred, "Exactly." fuagf 01/18/19 09:06:42 PM
#298497   Reduced to piss-weak sarcasm. Not surprised. fuagf 01/18/19 09:05:14 PM
#298496   Who says that was a hoax? Susie924 01/18/19 09:04:20 PM
#298495   That careful Mueller team comment would be masturbation fuagf 01/18/19 09:03:54 PM
#298494   Most, if not all of the media reports Susie924 01/18/19 09:02:47 PM
#298493   Go Buzzfeed go !! lol dropdeadfred 01/18/19 09:00:27 PM