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#372675   Da Kine 17, My point was you draw fuagf 05/07/21 04:06:29 AM
#372674   Don't think this asshole is helping his case hookrider 05/07/21 01:10:45 AM
#372673   Didn't notice a beer can. But in DesertDrifter 05/07/21 12:11:54 AM
#372672   DesertDrifter: As someone else said post pic's when hookrider 05/06/21 11:21:31 PM
#372671   Does the beer can come with it? Zorax 05/06/21 11:17:14 PM
#372670   You f'ing moron. The 3rd picture is the blackhawks 05/06/21 11:12:52 PM
#372669   Legal? Under the guise of national security Da Kine 17 05/06/21 10:11:47 PM
#372668   SOUNDS good. see ya. crossball 05/06/21 10:03:20 PM
#372667   Yeah, there were couple times when Dick explained newmedman 05/06/21 10:01:42 PM
#372666   she's a beauty. wow. best of luck in newmedman 05/06/21 09:56:36 PM
#372665   whatever you do...you have found some serious shat crossball 05/06/21 09:50:44 PM
#372664   It is a 38 chevy business coupe. DesertDrifter 05/06/21 09:47:55 PM
#372663   Da Kine 17, The Contra deal was patently fuagf 05/06/21 09:46:50 PM
#372662   looks like SRV gauge thickness. (Stevie used to crossball 05/06/21 09:44:37 PM
#372661   aw shit, I could load you up but newmedman 05/06/21 09:43:19 PM
#372660   DesertDrifter; Looks like a 39 Ford I had hookrider 05/06/21 09:40:15 PM
#372659   aw shit, I could load you up but newmedman 05/06/21 09:35:43 PM
#372658   damn..post when you get it back to original crossball 05/06/21 09:30:08 PM
#372657   Da Kine 17, Will you ever learn not fuagf 05/06/21 09:28:30 PM
#372656   Totally took a break from the cycle of DesertDrifter 05/06/21 09:26:45 PM
#372655   The trolls here support this cheat - 530,000 fuagf 05/06/21 09:21:40 PM
#372654   I hadn't heard that song, Trouble, before...I have crossball 05/06/21 09:17:27 PM
#372653   Never painted white stripes ??? C'mon buddy newmedman 05/06/21 09:12:04 PM
#372652   LOL Yep. A dill forever. Enabled by millions fuagf 05/06/21 09:06:27 PM
#372651   new to me...I like it. crossball 05/06/21 09:06:23 PM
#372650   totally off key but whatever... newmedman 05/06/21 09:03:55 PM
#372649   Sure feels there should be some consideration of fuagf 05/06/21 09:03:15 PM
#372648   All Cheney's doing is saying that reality is crossball 05/06/21 08:50:46 PM
#372647   stock_observer_77, Perception. Remember, for one, the Capone years fuagf 05/06/21 08:43:35 PM
#372646   LOL, you buy half a million in lumber newmedman 05/06/21 08:42:07 PM
#372645   Yes, Bill Barr is crook also: And a hookrider 05/06/21 08:15:44 PM
#372644   Yesterday when I visited tRumps 'social platform' lol, Zorax 05/06/21 08:14:22 PM
#372643   Zorax: O, you can bet your ass he will!!!! hookrider 05/06/21 08:03:40 PM
#372642   stock_observer_77: "But you people correlate everything back to hookrider 05/06/21 08:02:08 PM
#372641   And you attribute everything that ties you shorts blackhawks 05/06/21 07:56:57 PM
#372640   He can always play the handicapped sympathy card. Zorax 05/06/21 07:42:33 PM
#372639   And now almost all of them have been pardoned. Zorax 05/06/21 07:38:40 PM
#372638   Paul's points are well made. Severity of harm fuagf 05/06/21 07:35:48 PM
#372637   Shutdowns. Period stock_observer_77 05/06/21 07:22:29 PM
#372636   Liz Cheney Demonstrates the Least You Can blackhawks 05/06/21 06:26:28 PM
#372635   "We Build the Wall" Yes, they were crooks: hookrider 05/06/21 06:26:15 PM
#372634   You really are an idiot. BullNBear52 05/06/21 06:22:06 PM
#372633   These people really are braindead. BullNBear52 05/06/21 06:12:45 PM
#372632   The North American Union idea was a favorite fuagf 05/06/21 06:10:16 PM
#372631   A 2x4 cost 7.25 at Home Depot? Certain BullNBear52 05/06/21 06:09:54 PM
#372630   That's just more wishful thinking from no doubt blackhawks 05/06/21 06:04:38 PM
#372629   scion is definitely not a Trump fan. Guessing fuagf 05/06/21 05:55:22 PM
#372628   Guessing those 6% to 5% are the percentage fuagf 05/06/21 05:38:34 PM
#372627   No, Newsmax as of 1998 has always been fuagf 05/06/21 05:29:20 PM
#372626   It's the number of covid deaths these conservative fuagf 05/06/21 05:23:23 PM
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