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The World Poker Tour is offering NFTs utilizing THETA's network.  For more information go here:

* Keep up to date with the latest THETA news by following these: and
* THETA Network Twitter Page:
* Mitch Liu Twitter Page:
* Wes Levitt Twitter Page:
* What plans exist for THETA?:

* Current TFUEL Price Chart:
* Current THETA Price Chart:
* Current Price Pread % between THETA and TFUEL:
* % of THETA Currently Staked:
* KuCoin Chart:

* WHATS ALL THIS TALK ABOUT THETA? The absolute MUST watch.  BigDog1111 watches a real time presentation by a Theta Labs worker Wes Levitt and provides commentary afterwards.  NOTE: you might want to watch this several times
* THETA Documents Site:
* "A Community of Knowledge. aims to serve the Theta Community by aggregating all of the key aspects of the project into one common place. There are plenty of avenues to search for Theta-related news, documents, and developer tools. Our goal for this site is to make that search simpler and to provide the masses with the important infomation about the best project in all of crypto!"
* What does THETA actually do?:
* How does THETA differ from TFUEL?:
* Start Mining TFUEL Running a THETA EDGE Cacher:
* Theta Network - REDIT Documentation and FAQs:

Coin Bureau's THETA & TFUEL: Could They Break New Highs? Posted Apr 8, 2021

THETA NFT Marketplace

* Guardian Monitor Information:
* GPool Team's Theta 3.0 / GPool TFUEL Staking Node / TFUEL Farming APR: 
* GPool Team You Tube Channel: 
* THETA Blockchain Explorer:
* Thetaboard:
* Thetaboard Information:
* Watch

THETA Labs Patents
1. Methods and systems for a decentralized data streaming and delivery network:
2. Methods and systems for blockchain incentivized data streaming and delivery over a decentralized network:
3. Methods and systems for micropayment support to blockchain incentivized, decentralized data streaming and delivery:

Posts of Interest Found Elsewhere
* Why THETA token is a rare sure bet in cryptocurrency:
* An interesting analysis of THETA based upon its technological capabilities (Jan 29, 2021). A great analysis of the technological capabilities of THETA from a number of differnt points of analysis.
* THETA & TFUEL: Could They Break New Highs?? (Apr 8, 2021). Don't let the title fool you. This guy talks about the uses of THETA and TFUEL. A basic discussion and primer about what THETA does, and should be watched if you are just starting out.
* Bix Wier "Road to Roota" You Tube Videos:
* BigDog1111 YouTube THETA Page:
* Everything THETA Twitter:
* Why Theta for NFTs?: "The ThetaDrop NFT marketplace is powered by the Theta Network and protocol, a native blockchain that significantly differentiates from other NFT platforms as it was purposefully built for media and entertainment. The cost of minting NFTs and gas fees are as low as $0.00001 on the Theta network and transaction times are 100x faster than on Ethereum. (Note: emphasis mine)More importantly, the Theta protocol is built from the ground up on a proof-of-stake (PoS) model and therefore uses a fraction of the electricity and resources making it significantly greener, and more environmentally friendly than other platforms.In the future, Theta’s distributed network of more than 30,000 community-run edge nodes will support decentralized NFT storage enabling users to truly own and take custody of their NFTs, and not depend on any centralized platform. A Cross-chain bridge between Theta Network, Ethereum, and others will enable seamless NFT transfer and transactions across networks, so users can take their NFTs with them where they want to."
* Theta's true value can't be quantified: "There is a subset who believe $1,000 Theta can't happen, because this would put its market cap above Bitcoin, and theta has nothing of true equity, on and on.$1,000 Theta is getting way ahead of ourselves, there is no question about that. A lot has to go right, and we're a long way from there. Also, $1,000 Theta could be due to dollar value hyperinflating away, and not Theta value increasing.Having said that, Theta's value can never truly be quantified or pinpointed, and it can certainly never be underestimated. The entire premise of Theta is cost reduction. It will save trillions on infrastructure, and billions in streaming and data delivery costs. In addition, it will create passive income for the middle class willing to participate and run nodes. Income from doing nothing (basically). Not to mention the money they will save due to streaming services costs either going down, or not going up as quickly (due to inflation). COST REDUCTION is the #1 facet of wealth creation. Even just using a minor example: if your cost of food or energy plummeted, you would divert that savings to something else. Without even getting a new job, or raise, your standard of living has instantly increased, and your true wealth has increased. This is what Theta does, it plummets costs on a global scale, for EVERYONE who participates. It has the potential to create true wealth on a scale unseen since the industrial revolution, and for every demographic across the world. There is no crypto or company that can be compared to Theta's potential."
* Posted on Google Cloud's Twitter Page: "What's better than watching a livestream of a space launch? The ability to reach many users without hitting VM caps. Just ask@Theta_Network: With 1600+ nodes, we brought this leading decentralized video streaming platform closer to its users"


Great Music To Listen To While You Investigate THETA and TFUEL
* Leonid and Friends
Dialogue (Part I & II) - Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover) - (IMO the ultimate anthem of peace and hope in humanity. Care about eachother friends .... please)
(I've Been) Searchin' So Long - Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover) -
Got To Get You Into My Life - Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover) -
Vehicle - Leonid & Friends (The Ides of March cover) -
The entire video library  -

Indiara Sfair
Walking Blues -
Old Love -

* Mike Masse
Multiple Pink Floyd Songs -
Brain Damage/Eclipse (acoustic Pink Floyd cover) -
No Rain (Blind Melon cover) - Mike Massé, Sterling Cottam and Jeff Hall -

* Milk'n Blues
Miss You, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick in The Wall - Stones + Pink Floyd (cover) -

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