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Therapeutic Solutions International is focused on immune modulation
                    for the treatment of several specific diseases

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TSOI CEO Tim G Dixon receiving the Right To Try Leadership Award (Video) 12/19/18

On the Right To Try Pathway for Treatment, Prevention, or Treatment and Prevention of  :
Stage 1 - 4 Cancers  (Tumor types), w/ StemVacs  Dendritic Cell Vaccine / Immunotherapy Platform, and NanoStilbeneTM
CTE - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy w/ Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Autologous 
Neurogenic Stem Cell Banking, and NeuroStilbene
TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury w/ Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and NeuroStilbene
CRS - Cytokine Release Syndrome / Inflammation w/ NanoStilbeneTM

TSOI Products
7 Biologics, 7 Nutraceuticals, 1 Pharmaceutical  = 15

7 Biologics
innaMune   http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/therapeutic-solutions-files-patent-on-blood-derived-innate-immune-system-stimulator-otc-pink-tsoi-2216672.htm
MemoryMune   http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/therapeutic-solutions-files-patent-on-methods-re-activating-dormant-memory-cells-with-otc-pink-tsoi-2220094.htm
StemVacs    http://stemvacs.com/
BRS-001   http://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/77635806/therapeutic-solutions-international-expands-adopti
sRNA augmented stem cells   http://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/78834511/therapeutic-solutions-international-expands-chroni
JadiCell   https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/78853508/therapeutic-solutions-international-signs-agreemen
Educated Monocytes   https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/79095195/therapeutic-solutions-international-continues-to-e

7 Nutraceuticals
Projuvenol   http://projuvenol.com/
NanoStilbene   http://nanostilbene.com/
DermalStilbene   http://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/77477228/therapeutic-solutions-international-releases-derm
IsoStilbene   https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/77734511/therapeutic-solutions-international-releases-isos
NeuroStilbene   https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/77868683/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-release
Alpha Lipoic Acid   https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-international-inc-pc-TSOI/stock-news/78013140/therapeutic-solutions-international-develops-micro
Cancer Metabolic DeTox   http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/therapeutic-solutions-files-new-patent-on-targeting-tumor-microenvironment-through-nutraceutical-otc-pink-tsoi-2215015.htm

1 Pharmaceutical
LymphoBoost   http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/therapeutic-solutions-files-patent-on-blood-derived-innate-immune-system-stimulator-otc-pink-tsoi-2216672.htm

4  nutraceutical products for sale online
Projuvenol, NanoStilbene, DermalStilbene, NeuroStilbene

4 Biologics, 1 Nutraceutical, 1 Pharmaceutical licensed to Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico
StemVacs, innaMune, MemoryMune, BRS-001, Cancer Metabolic DeTox , LymphoBoost

Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center Introductory Tour Video

NEWS 1/22/19

Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
Patent for Prevention and Reversion of CTE using "Educated" Monocytes and Progenitor Cells

OCEANSIDE, CA -- January 22, 2019 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Therapeutics Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI) announced today an additional expansion to their CTE portfolio of intellectual property with the filing of this new patent application.

This new and novel invention provides a means of preventing and/or reversing chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a patient through the modulation of their monocytes as well as their monocytic progenitors.

"Injuries to the head, in particular, traumatic brain injury (TBI) are a substantially important public health problem, affecting millions of people annually in the U.S. alone. TBI is classified on a spectrum ranging from mild to severe, with mild TBI (mTBI) accounting for a vast majority of TBI cases. Notably, the incidence of mild TBI is commonly regarded as under-reported, particularly in the context of sports competitions, where athletes may wish to avoid being forced to stop participation until completion of a formal medical evaluation and return to play protocol is completed" said Tim G Dixon CEO & President of Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. "As a result, mild TBI has been referred to as a silent epidemic that desperately needs a voice."

"This invention relies on the capacity of certain neurogenesis progenitor cells in the form of "educated" monocytes to secrete into growth medium the growth factors and cytokines involved in neurogenesis in a time and concentration-dependent coordinated and appropriate sequence," said Dr. Thomas Ichim, Director of Therapeutic Solutions International and co-inventor with Mr. Dixon. "Most currently tested therapeutic approaches have focused on a single neurogenesis growth factor delivered to the tissue. This can be accomplished either by delivery of the end product (e.g., protein) or by gene transfer, using diverse vectors. However, it is believed that complex interactions among several growth factor systems are probably necessary for the initiation and maintenance of new neuron formation" added Dr. Ichim.

"The typical head impact in mild TBI induces rapid percussive and/or torsional (rotational) damage to the brain, leading to bruising and hemorrhage with direct brain cell loss, a type of injury that is known to persist for years. Furthermore, repetitive mild TBI is associated with serious long-term sequelae including post-concussive syndrome and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the latter often leading to cognitive impairment, neuropsychiatric symptoms, dementia, and pugilistic parkinsonism. Currently, there is a need to treat CTE with novel approaches" said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of Therapeutic Solutions International. "This new technology does just that stimulating neuroregeneration and decreasing inflammation in patients with CTE."

Since September 2018 the Company has filed 3 other patent applications for CTE related technologies. These include "Pterostilbene and Compositions Thereof for Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy", "Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy via RNA Administration", "Autologous Neurogenic Cells and Uses Thereof for Professional Athletes at Risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy" and today's filing titled "Prevention and Reversion of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy through Administration of "Educated" Monocytes and Progenitors Thereof". In addition to these the Company also recently announced the licensing of mesenchymal stem cells for use in CTE and TBI under Right To Try.

TSOI News History 5/1/18 - 1/22/19

 Stage 1- 4 Cancers - Right toTry - StemVacs

Therapeutic Solutions International Completes Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Advanced Cancer Patients for Right to Try Access
of its StemVacs Product for American Cancer Patients  9/4/18


StemVacs info :

StemVacs is also the subject of a filed Investigational New Drug Application (IND #17448) with the U.S. FDA. The IND seeks to establish safety and immune response of cancer, targeting a new personalized dendritic cell vaccine.

Link to BORIS/StemVacs patent application :

Stage 1- 4 Cancers - Right to Try - Immunoadjuvant

Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Preliminary Data for Immune Stimulation in Advanced Cancer Patients by Commercially Available Product 1/14/19
NanoStilbene Shown to Enhance Anticancer Immunity in Cancer Patients
through Modulation of Inflammatory Mediators


NanoStilbene Info :
Cancer Clinical Results :

FDA Right to Try info for patients:

The Right to Try Act, or the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act, was signed into law May 30, 2018. This law is another way for patients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases or conditions who have tried all approved treatment options and who are unable to participate in a clinical trial to access certain unapproved treatments.

right to try

Clinical trials provide information about whether a product is safe to use and can effectively treat or prevent a disease. People may have many reasons for participating in clinical trials. In addition to contributing to medical knowledge, some people participate in clinical trials because there is no treatment for their disease, treatments they tried have not worked, or they are not able to tolerate the current treatments.

 For patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases, the FDA is committed to facilitating access to investigational medicines while protecting patients and making sure that they are able to make informed decisions. Therefore, for more than three decades, FDA has facilitated such access as a part of FDA’s Expanded Access program.

Building on our long-standing efforts to help patients and families who are facing life-threatening diseases or conditions, the FDA is providing information for patients on the Right to Try Act.

The Right to Try Act permits/allows eligible patients to have access to eligible investigational drugs.

An eligible patient is a patient who has:

  • Been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or condition
    Exhausted approved treatment options and is unable to participate in a clinical trial involving the eligible investigational drug (this must be certified by a physician who is in good standing with their licensing organization or board and who will not be compensated directly by the manufacturer for certifying)
    And has provided, or their legally authorized representative has provided written informed consent regarding the eligible investigational drug to the treating physician

An eligible investigational drug is an investigational drug:

  • For which a Phase 1 clinical trial has been completed
    That has not been approved or licensed by the FDA for any use
    For which an application has been filed with the FDA or is under investigation in a clinical trial that is intended to form the primary basis of a claim of effectiveness in support of FDA approval and is the subject of an active investigational new drug application submitted to the FDA
    Whose active development or production is ongoing, and that has not been discontinued by the manufacturer or placed on clinical hold by the FDA

If you are interested in Right to Try, you should discuss this pathway with your licensed physician. Companies who develop and make drugs and biologics, also known as sponsors, can provide information about whether their drug/biologic is considered an eligible investigational drug under Right to Try and if they are able to provide the drug/biologic under the Right to Try Act.

The full text of the Right to Try Act, Public Law 115-176, can be found on US Congress’s website: Public Law 115-176.

Who is in charge of pre-approval access decisions ?

The companies developing new medical products are the key decision-makers in determining whether to provide access to their investigational medical products. This is the case for both expanded access and right to try. Furthermore, companies that are willing to provide investigational products get to decide which pathway they’ll use. For example, a physician may seek access to a drug via right to try, but the company may inform the physician that it will provide it only via expanded access pathway, or vice versa.

In expanded access, a physician requests an investigational product from a company, providing information about the patient(s) who would receive the product. If a company agrees to provide it, two more entities must review the proposed treatment plan: the FDA and, unless use of the product is deemed an emergency, an institutional review board (IRB).

In right to try, a physician requests an investigational drug from a company, providing information about the patient who would receive it. If a company agrees to provide it, no FDA or IRB approval is required (unless the facility where the product will be administered requires IRB review). Currently, we are aware of one company, Therapeutic Solutions International Inc., that is purportedly making its stem cell products available through the right to try pathway. However, we are unclear if any physicians have requested this product for their patients.

CTE - Right to Try

In these brain scans from the UCLA research, colors toward the red end of the scale
indicate a higher concentration of the tracer used to determine the presence  of abnormal proteins .

Military personnel show brain changes similar to those in retired football players suspected to have CTE  7/17/18

60 Minutes article on Combat Veterans suffering from CTE as NFL faces its own health crisis  1/7/18

60 minutes article on Combat Veterans Coming Home With CTE   9/16/18

Tony Hawk on CTE in Extreme Sports: “It’s Absolutely a Concern”

Boston University Study Finds CTE In 110 Of 111 Brains of Former NFL Players

Image result for wes chandler
"I have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by CTE. I am very excited to work with TSOI at developing NeuroStilbene as an over the counter spray that is available for all athletes before exposure to activities where the risk of brain injury/concussions exists" stated Wes Chandler.

Wes Chandler to lead Development of NeuroStilbene for CTE  8/22/18
Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits NFL Chargers Hall of Famer Wes Chandler to Lead NeuroStilbene for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Football Players
Company to Advance NeuroStilbene Product for High-Performance Athletes Susceptible to Head Injuries


Wes Chandler and Dr. Santosh Kesari collaborate on CTE Patent 
after TSOI generates Proof of Concept Data using NeuroStilbene for Prevention of Football - Associated Brain Damage   9/19/18


Therapeutic Solutions International Announces CTE Optimized NeuroStilbene Formulation 10/25/18

Therapeutic Solutions International Expands Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
New Data Demonstrates Ability of Immune System to Alter Football Related Injuries 12/6/18


Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
Patent filed for Autologous Neurogenic Cells in Professional Athletes at Risk of CTE 1/9/19


Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
Patent for Prevention and Reversion of CTE using "Educated" Monocytes and Progenitor Cells


TSOI CTE Advisory Board

TBI - Right toTry

A scan of a traumatic brain injury
A scan of how TBI manifests in the brain

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Effects of damage to different lobes of the brain (Video)

TBI Overview:

TBI and Speech Disorders :

TBI and Concussion :

TBI and MTBI :

Heads up TBI Film Festival (Video clips)

Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Agreement for Licensing JadiCell's Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell Product For CTE and TBI
Company intends to use Stem Cells under new Right to Try Law for CTE  and TBI


Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
Patent for Prevention and Reversion of CTE using "Educated" Monocytes and Progenitor Cells

CRS - NanoStilbene

Image result for cytokine release syndrome

Excerpts from CRS background info :
During the last decade the field of cancer immunotherapy has witnessed impressive progress. Highly effective immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibition, and T-cell engaging therapies like bispecific T-cell engaging (BiTE) single-chain antibody constructs and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells have shown remarkable efficacy in clinical trials and some of these agents have already received regulatory approval. However, along with growing experience in the clinical application of these potent immunotherapeutic agents comes the increasing awareness of their inherent and potentially fatal adverse effects, most notably the cytokine release syndrome (CRS).

Lately, with the success of the newer T cell-engaging immunotherapeutic agents there has been a growing interest in CRS since it represents one of the most frequent serious adverse effects of these therapies.

As in the future, T cell-engaging immunotherapeutic agents will increasingly be used outside of clinical studies and academic cancer centers it becomes paramount that oncologists and intensive care specialists are familiar with this complication and its clinical management.

We know little about how the initial activation of CAR T cells results in the distortion of the cytokine network that drives the inflammatory process in CRS. Depending on a number of characteristics of the host, the tumor, and the therapeutic agent the administration of T cell-engaging therapies can set off an inflammatory circuit that overwhelms counter-regulatory homeostatic mechanisms and results in a cytokine storm that can have detrimental effects on the patient.

The management of the toxicities of cancer immunotherapy is a challenging clinical problem. Since T cell-engaging therapies are a relatively recent development there are still many unanswered questions regarding the optimal clinical management of CRS. The recommendations for the management of CRS are thus still evolving constantly.

The observation that IL-6 is elevated in the serum of patients with CRS following CAR T cell therapy has led some investigators to consider tocilizumab for the treatment of severe CRS. IL-6 represents a particularly suitable target since IL-6 is of relatively little importance for T cell function [69, 70] but, as already mentioned, is a central driver of many symptoms of CRS. By binding to membrane-bound as well as soluble IL-6 receptor tocilizumab interferes with both classical and trans-signaling pathways.
In an early stage clinical trial tocilizumab demonstrated a 69% response rate in patients with severe or life-threatening CRS.As a consequence, tocilizumab has quickly become the gold standard for the initial treatment of severe CRS in patients receiving CAR T cells.

Future outlook
The CRS is among the most frequent serious adverse events and a represents a major cause of morbidity following T cell-engaging immunotherapy. Insights gained from studying the biological mechanisms of CRS and the clinical use of corticosteroids and IL-6 blockade have already improved the management of patients with CRS. However, there remain many unanswered questions and there still is ample room for improvement of the clinical management of CRS.

In the wake of the remarkable success of recently developed immunotherapies the field of immuno-oncology is poised to continue its rapid growth. As a consequence of the more widespread application of immunotherapeutic anticancer agents an increasing incidence of CRS cases can be expected in the upcoming years. A thorough understanding of the clinical presentation, underlying pathophysiology, and available therapeutic options as well as the most important differential diagnoses is crucial for the effective management of this clinical syndrome. Basic research findings and investigations of patients with CRS will provide valuable insight into the underlying mechanisms of CRS and could aid in the development of molecularly-targeted treatment strategies to prevent and treat CRS. The case of IL-6 blockade in CRS illustrates the potential of targeted immunological interventions for the management of toxicities of cancer immunotherapy. With improved understanding of the pathophysiology and increasing clinical experience in toxicity management more specific mitigation of the CRS will hopefully make cancer immunotherapy safer and more effective.

Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on Clinical Data Demonstrating Reduction of Inflammatory Cytokines Using NanoStilbeneTM 9/25/18

Oceanside, CA -- September 25, 2018 -- InvestosHub NewsWire -- Therapeutics Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI) announced today filing of a patent covering novel clinical data using its NanoStilbeneTM formulation to reduce inflammatory cytokine production in cancer patients.

It is known that these hormone-like substances, called cytokines, often reduce the efficacy of immunotherapy. The Company believes that by reducing inflammatory cytokines, administration of NanoStilbene may be used to increase the efficacy of multibillion dollar a year cancer immunotherapy drugs such as Herceptin.

"The data in the patent filed today is highly applicable to the major obstacle of cancer immunotherapy, which is, the chronic inflammatory state in advanced cancer patients," said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of Therapeutic Solutions International. "As a physician who has personally seen the promise of Immunotherapy, it is my personal mission to ensure that we increase efficacy and decrease the toxicity of immunotherapy using practical and simple to implement methods such as NanoStilbene."

Immunotherapy is a new type of cancer therapy that uses the immune system to selectively seek and destroy tumor cells. In contrast to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, immunotherapy teaches the immune system to not only kill cancer but to "learn" from its encounters and effectively fight recurrence and metastasis.

"The studies, which were conducted in advanced cancer patients, demonstrated that daily administration of 10ml of NanoStilbene resulted in the reduction of TNF-alpha, CRP, and IL-6, all proteins associated with chronic inflammation. One of the most advanced immunotherapies is the use of CAR-T cells, whose dose-limiting toxicity is associated with the production of inflammatory cytokines. The data filed in the patent suggest the possibility of using NanoStilbene to reduce side effects of this type of immunotherapy" said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of TSOI. "These data, which will be formally published in the peer-reviewed literature, we believe, strongly support the implementation of NanoStilbene in patients with advanced cancer."


StemVacs Phase 1 clinical trials @ Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center
Announced  5/1/18

Completed  9/4/18
Results :

Pilot pharmacokinetic trial of NanoStilbene for dosage /efficacy monitored by Dr. James Veltmeyer
Announced  5/15/18
Completed  7/2/18
Results :

A small pilot study is in the planning stages to be performed under the direction of Dr. Santosh Kesari at John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica CA. by conducting a clinical trial assessing the effects of pterostilbene in modulating immune response and inflammatory parameters in a group of advanced solid tumor cancer patients.
Announced  4/17/18
Completed   9/25/18
Results :

A small pilot study is in the planning stages to be performed under the direction of Dr. Nassir Azimi in San Diego CA. by conducting a study using NanoStilbene in a group of heart attack patients :
Announced 5/9/18

TSOI Patents
TSOI Patent Search

Patent Filed  Patent Name Press Release
 07-08-15  Augmentation of Oncology Immunotherapies by Pterostilbene Containing Compositions  07-09-15
 09-02-15  Preventative Methods and Therapeutic or Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Treatment or Prevention of Pregnancy Complications 09-08-15
 09-15-15  Diagnostic Methods For The Assessment Of Pregnancy Complications 09-21-15
 09-25-15  A Medical Device For Reducing The Risk Of Preterm-Labor And Preterm-Birth 09-29-15
04-27-16  Augmentation Of Stem Cell Activity Using Pterostilbene And Compositions Containing Pterostilbene  04-28-16
 03-29-17  Stimulation of Immunity to Tumor Stem Cell Specific Proteins by Peptide Immunization 04-10-17
 03-29-17  Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment through Nutraceutical Based Immunoadjuvants  05-09-17
 03-29-17  Activated Leukocyte Extract for Repair of Innate Immunity in Cancer Patients  05-16-17
 03-29-17  Augmentation of Anti-Tumor Immunity by Mifepristone and Analogues Thereof 05-22-17
 03-29-17  Methods of Re-Activating Dormant Memory Cells with Anticancer Activity 06-05-17
 10-08-17 Synergistic Inhibition of Glioma Using Pterostilbene and Analogues Thereof 10-16-17
 08-13-18 Enhancement of Ozone Therapy using Pterostilbene 08-13-18
 09-17-18 Pterostilbene and Compositions Thereof for Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy 09-19-18
 09-25-18 Pterostilbene and Formulations Thereof for Treatment of Pathological Immune Activation 09-25-18
 12-05-18 Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy via RNA Administration 12-06-18
 01-09-19 Autologous Neurogenic Cells and Uses Thereof for Professional Athletes at Risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy 01-09-19
 01-21-19 Prevention and Reversion of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy through Administration of “Educated” Monocytes and Progenitors Thereof 01-22-19

TSOI Scientific Advisory Board Members

TSOI Management / Board of Directors

Share Structure 
AS - 2.5 B common , 5 M preferred - https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSEntitySearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=LvtIoYTPV6wB1RIovm008A%253d%253d&nt7=0
IO - 1,011,063,182
Restricted - 854,729,214
Unrestricted - 156,333,968
Held at DTC - 133,690,968
Float - 105,109,529

SEC Filings  https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=therapeutic+solutions+international&match=contains&action=getcompany

Transfer Agent
New Horizon Transfer Inc.
215-515 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6H5
CAN(604) 876-5526


Investor Relations
Corporate Website
Additional info
E Commerce Site

TSOI on Facebook
TSOI on Twitter

Disclaimer : All of the information presented in the IBOX , Stickies , or posts on this board ,  is based on individual opinions , and is not to be considered as a recommendation to buy , sell , or hold this stock .

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TSOI News: Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio 01/22/2019 09:00:00 AM
TSOI News: Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Preliminary Data for Immune Stimulation in Advanced Cancer Patients 01/14/2019 09:00:00 AM
TSOI News: Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio 01/09/2019 11:30:00 AM
TSOI News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 01/08/2019 04:29:37 PM
TSOI News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 01/08/2019 04:24:51 PM
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