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PlusOneCoin Top Posts
#190528   For your Presidents Day pleasure, I give you IH Admin [Tisha] 02/19/18 06:43:37 AM
#190593   Hey, I know many of you know and IH Admin [Shelly] 02/21/18 09:13:13 PM
#190561   So, about plus1 ... I tried to give KarinCA 02/20/18 04:04:18 PM
#173051  Sticky Note That question should probably be added to the Churak 05/29/14 04:58:04 AM
#160438  Sticky Note How to contact admin by Private Message. IH Dan (Retired) 06/20/12 02:43:09 PM
#160275  Sticky Note How to hide the message page headings. IH Geek [Meatloaf] 06/07/12 06:55:37 PM
#151561  Sticky Note ISSUES WITH READ POSTS NO LONGER BEING HIGHLIGHTED: IH Admin [Shelly] 05/25/11 07:31:05 PM
#123795  Sticky Note Do not discuss deletions here. Please read IH Dan (Retired) 02/13/09 01:22:20 PM
#159784   Thank you very much Spec_Investor 05/08/12 04:06:04 PM
#159783   Fixed. IH Geek [Dave] 05/08/12 04:03:53 PM
#159782   I just created a new board for a Spec_Investor 05/08/12 03:45:58 PM
#159781   Like I said in my PM, we don't IH Dan (Retired) 05/08/12 12:56:11 PM
#159780   I'm writing this because the moderator keeps deleting asdgwest 05/08/12 11:24:02 AM
#159779   Ok...did more homework. The service I want is DarTrader 05/07/12 09:55:16 PM
#159778   I world love to see an actual screen DarTrader 05/07/12 09:25:30 PM
#159777   I already have my funds with a broker. DarTrader 05/07/12 09:21:53 PM
#159776   ADVFN will even double your money back if b4atf 05/07/12 09:01:41 PM
#159775   Well I really don't want to cancel if DarTrader 05/07/12 08:58:10 PM
#159774   No not at all they will cancel without Reds0x88 05/07/12 08:54:37 PM
#159773   I am dying to sign up but just DarTrader 05/07/12 08:53:54 PM
#159772   Ive had it for 2 months had 2 Reds0x88 05/07/12 08:50:03 PM
#159771   Hi all Anyone in here using paid advfn paid DarTrader 05/07/12 08:43:02 PM
#159770   why are you blocking me ????? $BL$ 05/07/12 08:01:48 PM
#159769   ok i will never find it all my $BL$ 05/07/12 07:58:33 PM
#159768   I reverted the iBox back to the last IH Geek [Dave] 05/07/12 07:56:57 PM
#159767   dave!!!! you have me on ignore...when redoing the $BL$ 05/07/12 07:27:29 PM
#159766   "....for it must occupy countless terabytes of their ordinarydude 05/07/12 04:26:17 PM
#159764   Does admin have anything to say about this dreaminbig 05/06/12 08:42:21 PM
#159763   Gezz, it's been that long lol I opened Ace Trader 05/06/12 07:03:46 PM
#159762   Oh, the Spirit board was created almost a Brad S 05/06/12 07:00:21 PM
#159761   I was on another board that was older Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:55:59 PM
#159760   Ok thanks for your help! Guess I'll just Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:53:44 PM
#159759   no. all stock specific boards are free. you lucky,mydog 05/06/12 06:50:54 PM
#159758   Thanks for your help. So if I have Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:41:08 PM
#159757   What board are you talking about, since none Brad S 05/06/12 06:39:29 PM
#159756   it's up to the mods to do that lucky,mydog 05/06/12 06:38:55 PM
#159755   I have no problems with anyone becoming a Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:32:01 PM
#159754   You can always send a PM to Admin Rich 05/06/12 06:27:50 PM
#159753   Point taken its not my board. But how Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:24:35 PM
#159752   first of all, it is not "your" board. lucky,mydog 05/06/12 06:22:10 PM
#159751   See: IH Dan (Retired) 05/06/12 06:20:59 PM
#159750   I opened a new MB about 3 months Ace Trader 05/06/12 06:15:45 PM
#159749   send a p.m. to admin requesting a change. lucky,mydog 05/06/12 05:52:25 PM
#159748   So am I right that it is not Con Man Carter 05/06/12 05:37:11 PM
#159747   Save it. You wont sell me. Hector Android 05/06/12 05:31:13 PM
#159746   You get to decide whose posts you read, IH Geek [Dave] 05/06/12 05:28:41 PM
#159745   Real smart. So what is the point? Hector Android 05/06/12 05:19:56 PM
#159744   How is it that two people I have lucky,mydog 05/06/12 05:11:51 PM
#159743   How is it that two people I have Hector Android 05/06/12 05:08:07 PM
#159742   Hey you know what i think that is ofspring 05/06/12 03:20:43 PM
#159741   You're wasting your time on this topic. IH Geek [Dave] 05/06/12 03:14:26 PM
#159740   i could not care less about investors making lucky,mydog 05/06/12 03:11:42 PM
#159739  Restored I do know that what about continuious bashing ofspring 05/06/12 03:09:45 PM
#159738   and a lot of people have lost money lucky,mydog 05/06/12 03:01:27 PM
#159737   This has been a problem for me to ofspring 05/06/12 02:39:55 PM
#159736   But if i wasnt happy of that stock ofspring 05/06/12 02:35:51 PM
#159735   Ok i understand that but its ok to ofspring 05/06/12 02:32:00 PM
#159734   well, if i think a stock is a lucky,mydog 05/06/12 02:31:33 PM