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The purpose of this board is to inform and help out all the our new Investors Hub partners across the pond and to make the introduction of the new pages as painless as possible.

If you have any problems or questions/suggestions regarding ADVFN or the new features just post them here.


You require Sun Java plugin to get streaming to work, please visit this link,

* An easy way to fix most problems is to log out; then log back in to iHub, click Streamer and/or Level 2 at the top of the site.


You will need to have a fully updated version of Mac OSX and Safari. If you click on the apple logo and click on about this Mac, you will see the version of your OS.

If it's not 10.3, you will have to install updates to get to the latest version.

Click on this link, to update to the latest version.


We have an Ad Server and this controls the adverts that you see on our site, including pop-ups.

Each pop-up should only be viewd by you once for that page in the day. Our server then puts a cookie on your machine to tell it that you have seen the pop-up. When you go to that page again, if the cookie is present, you will not see that pop-up again.

If you are blocking pop-ups, you are most likely by default blocking the cookies for the pop-ups. We cannot give you information on how to block our pop-ups of course - we want you to see them.

If you accept all cookies for ADVFN, you will see our pop-ups for a particular page, but the information will be there to only show you the pop-up only once.

To allow all pop-ups for ADVFN, please click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Sites or Edit Web Sites. enter - www is not necessary, and click allow.

Click OK -> General -> Delete Cookies and Delete Temporary Internet Files. Click OK, Close all browsers and try the site again.

If you do not want to remove all the cookies, look for advfn in the filenames in them.

The cookies folder can be found here, C:\Windows\Cookies\ or C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Windows Login Name]
Log out of ADVFN, close all browser windows down and delete those cookies.

Try the site again and you should only get one pop-up. If it doesn't work for you, you will need to investigate the other aplpications on your machine that affect the browsing on the internet.


Server 1: /
Server 2: /

In both cases, Port 7000 for External Connection should be opened.


For those of you who have updated to IE7 , by default the privacy and security settings are set to medium/high. This needs to be medium. If you need help with this, please do ask.

If you are having further troubles, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by emailing


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#4319   I have to refresh L2 many times it Townie 11/16/15 09:35:15 AM
#4318   My lvl 2 advfn program on my pc Pennyprof 11/16/15 09:10:24 AM
#4317   Trading time on my L2 is on a Townie 11/11/15 04:02:38 PM
#4316   found a link below to reset my time zone--thanks! Awl416 11/11/15 08:37:31 AM
#4315   L2 time is off by about 4 hours--anyone Awl416 11/11/15 08:31:06 AM
#4314   I must have done something! My Mac is myrtle222 11/10/15 02:59:07 PM
#4313   Hi Rene, my streamer does not keep up funnyG986 11/10/15 10:27:45 AM
#4312   NO. I am logged into iHub, in sidedraft 11/09/15 12:14:50 PM
#4311   Hello, Can you please select the correct time zone ADVFN Support [Rene] 11/09/15 12:04:38 PM
#4310   It's about 11:57 Eastern here in the US, sidedraft 11/09/15 12:01:45 PM
#4309   Thanks! Somehow Easter Standard Time got switched to Paulness 11/09/15 11:19:29 AM
#4308   yep reset thanx much... stevo51 11/09/15 11:14:46 AM
#4307   This worked for me: 90 West 11/09/15 11:07:58 AM
#4306   ya I see that on my L2 the stevo51 11/09/15 10:50:49 AM
#4305   My Streamer clocks are also showing it to Paulness 11/09/15 10:24:43 AM
#4304   Does ADVFN have any idea what time it sidedraft 11/06/15 05:50:40 PM
#4303   I must have done something! My Mac is myrtle222 11/06/15 12:00:26 PM
#4302   Cool Thx 90 West 11/03/15 12:41:58 PM
#4301   Oh ok we are currently working on the ADVFN Support [Rene] 11/03/15 12:40:16 PM
#4300   Buys are still blue on L2 90 West 11/03/15 12:39:21 PM
#4298   Oh ok let me go ahead and report ADVFN Support [Rene] 11/02/15 12:59:07 PM
#4297   Time is right but now the buys are 90 West 11/02/15 12:55:46 PM
#4296   that worked Thanks! 90 West 11/02/15 12:52:36 PM
#4295   Can you please change to your appropriate time ADVFN Support [Rene] 11/02/15 12:50:30 PM
#4294   is the time of day being worked on? 90 West 11/02/15 12:48:54 PM
#4292   Thanks for the Feed back! Always glad to ADVFN Support [Rene] 10/29/15 12:53:07 PM
#4291   Yes, colors and clock displays are back to Paulness 10/29/15 11:08:04 AM
#4290   Should be resolved now can you please confirm. ADVFN Support [Rene] 10/28/15 01:50:50 PM
#4289   I've just noticed that besides the color changes Paulness 10/28/15 11:47:25 AM
#4288   Thank you ADVFN Support [Rene] 10/28/15 10:35:44 AM
#4287   A screenshot has been emailed to you at Paulness 10/28/15 10:25:49 AM
#4286   Ummm, griff 10/28/15 10:17:01 AM
#4285   Hello, Thanks for your message :) ADVFN Support [Rene] 10/28/15 10:10:27 AM
#4284   Looks like Blue is up, Red is down Townie 10/28/15 10:10:07 AM
#4283   I'm seeing different colors also in Internet Explorer Paulness 10/28/15 10:04:36 AM
#4282   3 different colors on Streamer? Townie 10/28/15 09:59:20 AM
#4281   Hi Rene, I cant seem to update my griff 10/28/15 09:59:18 AM
#4280   I thought I'd let you know that we ADVFN Support [Rene] 10/09/15 10:32:06 AM
#4279   DD is out there to be had. fink 10/08/15 09:15:05 PM
#4278   What is NHND? sidedraft 10/08/15 09:04:26 PM
#4277   Second day of no MMs to show on fink 10/08/15 09:01:28 PM
#4276   Can't get the MMs to spool on my L2 fink 10/07/15 02:11:46 PM
#4275   How do I go to HTML5 instead of Townie 10/05/15 09:55:37 AM
#4274   Anyone having problems with L2 today? Townie 10/02/15 09:09:22 AM
#4273   Thanks Dan. predator191145 09/26/15 11:56:20 AM
#4272   I suggest that you send a Private message IH Admin [Dan] 09/26/15 11:54:58 AM