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The purpose of this board is to inform and help out all the our new Investors Hub partners across the pond and to make the introduction of the new pages as painless as possible.

If you have any problems or questions/suggestions regarding ADVFN or the new features just post them here.


You require Sun Java plugin to get streaming to work, please visit this link,

* An easy way to fix most problems is to log out; then log back in to iHub, click Streamer and/or Level 2 at the top of the site.


You will need to have a fully updated version of Mac OSX and Safari. If you click on the apple logo and click on about this Mac, you will see the version of your OS.

If it's not 10.3, you will have to install updates to get to the latest version.

Click on this link, to update to the latest version.


We have an Ad Server and this controls the adverts that you see on our site, including pop-ups.

Each pop-up should only be viewd by you once for that page in the day. Our server then puts a cookie on your machine to tell it that you have seen the pop-up. When you go to that page again, if the cookie is present, you will not see that pop-up again.

If you are blocking pop-ups, you are most likely by default blocking the cookies for the pop-ups. We cannot give you information on how to block our pop-ups of course - we want you to see them.

If you accept all cookies for ADVFN, you will see our pop-ups for a particular page, but the information will be there to only show you the pop-up only once.

To allow all pop-ups for ADVFN, please click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Sites or Edit Web Sites. enter - www is not necessary, and click allow.

Click OK -> General -> Delete Cookies and Delete Temporary Internet Files. Click OK, Close all browsers and try the site again.

If you do not want to remove all the cookies, look for advfn in the filenames in them.

The cookies folder can be found here, C:\Windows\Cookies\ or C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Windows Login Name]
Log out of ADVFN, close all browser windows down and delete those cookies.

Try the site again and you should only get one pop-up. If it doesn't work for you, you will need to investigate the other aplpications on your machine that affect the browsing on the internet.


Server 1: /
Server 2: /

In both cases, Port 7000 for External Connection should be opened.


For those of you who have updated to IE7 , by default the privacy and security settings are set to medium/high. This needs to be medium. If you need help with this, please do ask.

If you are having further troubles, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by emailing


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#3609   How about investopedia? Fire Nation 10/31/14 03:27:20 PM
#3608   Admin, my Streamer and L2 Bids have different Townie 10/31/14 10:07:21 AM
#3607   sweet great to hear keep em green..$$ stevo51 10/31/14 09:49:43 AM
#3606   I just received a message to update my RichieRich 10/31/14 09:45:36 AM
#3605   been working fine all morning here so far stevo51 10/31/14 09:15:23 AM
#3604   Will L2 be working today? RichieRich 10/31/14 09:06:28 AM
#3603   Uhmmm, mobile level 2 not working...can we get Bob Stocks 10/31/14 08:56:03 AM
#3602   Yea I like Ihubs better as well, however ZDanger 10/31/14 07:10:44 AM
#3601   I agree with everyone here. I'm so pissed pauljack13 10/31/14 05:41:50 AM
#3600   Same here.lets a hope we will have level2 ash111 10/31/14 05:29:08 AM
#3599   If we don't get a compensation i will elbachor 10/31/14 04:03:47 AM
#3598   Prior to this outage, I recently reported another PeeCee78 10/31/14 12:28:53 AM
#3597   NOTHING!!!!! IF ITS NOT UP EARLY IHUB/ADVFN [SMART MONEY] 10/31/14 12:08:28 AM
#3596   STILL NO UPDATE OR ANSWER THIS IS IHUB Garagebux 10/30/14 11:56:37 PM
#3595   I HAVE HAD EQUITY FEED B4 AND DIDNT [SMART MONEY] 10/30/14 11:55:34 PM
#3593   WILL LVL 2 BE BACK UP TOMMOROW?? Garagebux 10/30/14 09:55:27 PM
#3592   Will lv2 be fixed for market open that Garagebux 10/30/14 09:49:58 PM
#3591   At the min.? Minute? Cuz I mmjglassartist 10/30/14 09:19:03 PM
#3590   BINGO!!!!!!!!! **FREE** MONTH of L2 FOR EVERYONE AT [SMART MONEY] 10/30/14 07:40:48 PM
#3589   Agree. ash111 10/30/14 06:07:05 PM
#3588   I have seen power outages go bad, cable hyborianwar 10/30/14 04:54:55 PM
#3587   if it's a cable issue,this should have been ash111 10/30/14 04:46:37 PM
#3586   it is not a server issue. it is hyborianwar 10/30/14 04:44:23 PM
#3585   Dave, have you heard of any time estimate Townie 10/30/14 04:40:29 PM
#3584   i dont get it,there is no backup server? ash111 10/30/14 04:40:12 PM
#3583   thanks for the update! much appreciated! hyborianwar 10/30/14 04:32:47 PM
#3582   they r working on it round clock that's hyborianwar 10/30/14 04:32:02 PM
#3581   unbelievable .......... hyborianwar 10/30/14 04:27:26 PM
#3580   lets get her fixed dave and ready to stevo51 10/30/14 04:22:49 PM
#3579   So, we expect to be compensated...i expect a Bob Stocks 10/30/14 04:14:17 PM
#3578   From what I can gather, there was a IH Geek [Dave] 10/30/14 03:52:45 PM
#3577   NOC CORE FAILURE..BS how many times has this hyborianwar 10/30/14 03:47:35 PM
#3576   Will be be issued a refund for loss stockman69 10/30/14 02:48:06 PM
#3574   a cut cable.. a major data center with hyborianwar 10/30/14 01:59:00 PM
#3573   I am sure it's affecting other customers in IH Geek [Dave] 10/30/14 01:02:18 PM
#3572   got it.great level2. ash111 10/30/14 12:59:02 PM
#3571   this outage sucks.. customers should be compensated for hyborianwar 10/30/14 12:57:18 PM
#3570   What's up with the quotes I hub????? INVESTOR 1384 10/30/14 12:50:37 PM
#3569   i checked the spam,it's not there.maybe there is ash111 10/30/14 12:46:49 PM
#3568   Weird, spam filter maybe? ZDanger 10/30/14 12:45:27 PM
#3567   i signed up buy didn't get a reply ash111 10/30/14 12:43:40 PM
#3566   dave, perhaps you should explain that level three lucky,mydog 10/30/14 12:42:28 PM
#3565   yep working fine for me...thanx much..while we wait.. stevo51 10/30/14 12:15:53 PM
#3564   IH ADMIN,please update when is ASAP,im blind!!! ash111 10/30/14 12:04:37 PM
#3563's a streamer and level2? ash111 10/30/14 12:00:34 PM
#3562   Don't think so. ZDanger 10/30/14 11:59:15 AM
#3561   ty.i have no obligations after my 14-day trial,right? ash111 10/30/14 11:58:50 AM
#3560   Yes. ZDanger 10/30/14 11:56:19 AM
#3559   here? ash111 10/30/14 11:55:39 AM