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$LQWC LifeQuest's (OTC Markets: LQWC) Subsidiary Biopipe Enters johnnyfig 05/18/23 11:25 AM
EMDF filed their Q1 2023 this past week Mike Fletch 05/13/23 4:16 PM
IQSTEL - $IQST's EVOSS EV Bike Has Finally FinlayS00 03/08/22 12:42 PM
$AITX Supports Ukrainian Humanitarian Efforts with NFT Sale deri21 03/08/22 10:36 AM
As the need for biopesticides grows throughout the FinlayS00 02/25/22 1:32 PM
$RSHN Recent News: Provide an Update on the I am done 02/19/22 10:50 AM
$CGLD Recent News: (MML), has committed an initial I am done 02/19/22 10:50 AM
$SNNC Recent News: David Mersky, CEO of Sibannac, I am done 02/19/22 10:49 AM
$AITX Recent News: Signs New Dealer & Receives I am done 02/19/22 10:49 AM
$TDRK 4-for-1 Forward Stock Split was Filed with FINRA I am done 02/19/22 10:48 AM
$ARSN Recent update: Hires Charles Green I am done 02/11/22 6:02 PM
$HNRC Recent update: Accomplishments in the last 18 months. I am done 02/11/22 6:02 PM
$TDRK Recent update: Substantial increase in revenues I am done 02/11/22 6:01 PM
$LVVV Recent update: Revenue-sharing agreement industry leader Phire Labs I am done 02/11/22 6:01 PM
$TGHI Touchpoint Group Launches Touchpoint.Games for Virtual Game deri21 02/08/22 10:18 AM
Endexx Corporation's CBD Unlimited brand not only provides FinlayS00 02/07/22 3:39 PM
$SVSN ESG Benefit Corp Eco Allies™ Consolidates EU deri21 02/07/22 7:26 AM
$SFIO OTC Flashback - $SFIO global expansion plans I am done 02/05/22 8:39 AM
$EARI OTC Flashback - $EARI Signs a Letter I am done 02/05/22 8:38 AM
$SNNC Announced - OTC Flashback I am done 02/05/22 8:37 AM
$CGLD Podcast - OTC Flashback I am done 02/05/22 8:36 AM
$MBHCF is a new penny stock thats been peakyblinderssss 02/02/22 7:11 AM
$GTXO $EPAZ New to The Street / Newsmax TV I am done 01/28/22 1:38 PM
$SWRM $TGHI Team up, Focus #NFT #Metaverse I am done 01/28/22 1:38 PM
$SVSN Signed agreement with merchant banker I am done 01/28/22 1:38 PM
$SFIO US EXIM Bank Expressed interest in extending I am done 01/28/22 1:37 PM
$GTCH AI Eye Podcast - GBT Technologies CTO deri21 01/27/22 8:58 AM
$SIGY - Sigyn_inc builds a new Medical device FinlayS00 01/04/22 11:25 AM
SHIB Meme Coin Shiba Inu Shares the Spotlight Golden Cross 01/02/22 2:56 PM
Black Bird Biotech launched a website ( to FinlayS00 12/28/21 1:23 PM
As the Christmas and NewYear sale happening right FinlayS00 12/24/21 2:32 PM
$IQST - IQSTEL mitchel2011 12/16/21 11:18 AM
$VTXB Vortex Brands Bitcoin Mining Supports Launch of deri21 11/22/21 10:24 AM
$AGYP undervalued oil stock under strong accumulation in Thugmuffin 11/04/21 11:20 AM
$AGYP undervalued oil and gas stock trading at Slimer84 11/02/21 3:07 PM
$AGYP undervalued oil and gas stock trading at Slimer84 11/02/21 3:07 PM
$AGYP put on watch at .27! Low float BilboBAGholder 08/31/21 2:12 PM
$CLSH oversold chart >> BilboBAGholder 08/19/21 12:05 PM
MediXall Group (OTCQB: MDXL) Healthcare Stock To Keep exec_sum 08/19/21 10:04 AM
$AGYP ~ Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP) MA Cross BilboBAGholder 07/27/21 5:30 PM
$GEGR filings showing incredible numbers currently at $0.18 exec_sum 07/01/21 3:12 AM
$CLSH ~ PR out last week showing an BilboBAGholder 06/23/21 3:16 PM
$MJLB ~ Twitter update. Should have an update BCNstocks 06/02/21 1:05 PM
$MJLB ~ Interactive Chart >> BjornTrader 06/01/21 3:33 PM
$MJLB on alert for next week! Chart oversold BilboBAGholder 05/28/21 3:29 PM
$PYBX exciting week ahead! $$ exec_sum 05/23/21 3:19 PM
Big buys rolling in! .0096 back up! $DSCR BilboBAGholder 05/19/21 3:23 PM
$DSCR new out with massive accumulation. Huge bounce BilboBAGholder 05/19/21 1:53 PM
$DSCR chart is oversold with RSI (43) and BCNstocks 05/17/21 12:45 PM
$DSCR up 7% on PM buying at .0199. BilboBAGholder 05/12/21 9:17 AM
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The OTC Casino

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Image result for casino chips

Image result for OTCImage result for casino


Welcome to the OTC Casino!  You will find all the excitement of your favorite casino here ..... but instead of slots and dice .....  you will find all levels of penny stocks that will challenge you and rock your world!


Image result for house rulesImage result for casino

Before entering The OTC Casino ..... please review the house rules.  The rules are in place to make the OTC Casino experience ENJOYABLE FOR ALL!

Rule 1:  Respect all Posters!  No personal attacks will be allowed or tolerated here!  We always want discussion here and ALL viewpoints (GOOD and BAD) are welcomed here as long as the overall discussion is respectful.  All voices are allowed here ..... as long as the discussion is respectful.  Posters that cannot live by Rule 1 will be banned.

Rule 2:  As a OTC penny stock trader, it is VERY EASY to blame someone else when a trade goes bad.  Folks .... we are all adults here .... and you alone control the outcome of your trade.  Do not blame someone when your trade goes bad.  When you enter The OTC Casino, please take advantage of all of the DD that will be here concerning stocks ..... always ask questions if you are not sure about something but in the end ..... YOU ARE ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR TRADES!

Rule 3:  The OTC Casino always wants folks to post your picks and plays .... but when you do please include as much DD as possible .... this will assist other folks here to do their DD about your picks and plays.


Image result for casino chips
Image result for teachable momentImage result for casino

You will see many teachable moments here at The OTC Casino and here is the first one:  NEVER, EVER PLAY WITH MONEY IN THE OTC CASINO THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE!  



Image result for right tools for the job


Very Useful Tools and Resources To Use When Trading!


Folks ... when you trade ... it helps alot to have tools and resources at hand to make your trading experience EASIER and MORE PROFITABLE!  Here are some for you and this list will be updated from time to time!

1. For all SEC filings I always use
2.  For daily charts I use or
3.  Stock Terms are always a MUST to know!  If you need to review something go to
4.  If you need information about stock splits and any symbol changes, please checkout

Image result for very important



Image result for OTCImage result for casinoImage result for mega plays

Any OTCC stocks that hit MEGA PLAY status will be highlighted in this section of the IBOX along with the individual who posted it on the OTCC board.

MEGA Plays will be defined as:

Image result for platinum bars

Platinum OTC Casino Stocks - Stocks that see increases over 300%!


Image result for gold bars


Gold OTC Casino Stocks - Stocks that see increases over 200%!


Image result for silver bars

Silver OTC Casino Stocks - Stocks that see increases over 100%!


Image result for casino crowdsImage result for casino crowds

Image result for twitterImage result for casino winnings


The OTC Casino's Twitter Page is now active!  It is right here ~~~>

Image result for twitterImage result for casino winnings



Disclaimer:  Please remember the all posts on the OTCC Board are only opinions and if you are looking to acquire a position in a stock that is mentioned on the OTCC Board .... PLEASE DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE to make sure the position you are acquiring is right for you!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR TRADES!


Image result for OTCImage result for casino


Image result for flitwaysImage result for flitways


Flitways ~~>

Image result for otc marketsImage result for ftws

OTC Stock Symbol ~~> FTWS


Flit is an innovative, disruptive travel technology company that offers a convenient, cost-effective ground transportation solution for corporate travelers and a new source of revenue for travel businesses. While companies like Uber and Lyft focus on individual consumers, Flit serves the massive enterprise market.

Flit’s growing network of ground travel providers currently covers 220 major cities and 430 airports worldwide, and the company is projecting continued expansion in both enterprise (corporate) and travel business segments. Catching the eye of business and travel industry media, Flit has been featured in outlets such as CNN, FORTUNE, Fast Company, Reuters, New York Magazine, Skift, VentureBurn, Digital Journal, Travel Pulse, and many others.

Image result for cnn logoImage result for fortuneImage result for ReutersImage result for digital journal

Flit has been helping global companies with effective ground transportation service in 220 cities worldwide. We’re proud of where we came from, and where we're going — and we will continue to push the limits and innovate the corporate ground transportation market.

Corporate Partners Include:

Image result for american expressImage result for amazonImage result for samsung



CASE STUDY: Pokémon Company Event Transportation

600 Employees

2 Events annually

The Pokémon Company uses Flit event transportation service twice a year to transport over 600 employees from their homes to an event venue.

With our comprehensive experience in corporate event transportation, we gather their unique transportation requirements, use it to build the best transportation experience for Pokémon employees, ensure a successfully picked up from their residences, transported to the venue, and returned home safely.

Download the Flit App Today!

Pay easyImage result for app store logo


Stay Updated On the Go

Flit embedded technology helps travelers stay updated by delivering the right travel information at the right time to any device. Our curated tips notify travelers with messages that are related to specific segment of their trip, from driver details, vehicle ETA, real time availability and many others.







Image result for industrial nanotech inc

Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

1415 Panther Lane, Suite 397
Naples, Florida 34109
(800) 767-3998

Latest INTK Tweet From June 12, 2018 *** POTENTIAL NASCAR TWEET! ***Image result for nascar

Industrial Nanotech Inc is a global nanoscience solutions and research leader, member of the U.S. Greenbuilding Council and an official ALLY organization with the U.S. Dept. of Energy "Save Energy Now" program. The Company develops and commercializes new and innovative applications for sustainable nanotechnology which are sold worldwide. 

Protective Energy Savings Coatings

Thermoelectric Generation

Advanced Intelligent Materials


******* Customers of Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Include: *******

SHELL OIL has put Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product coating for oil and gas projects in a program designed to implement the use of the product throughout Shell Oil facilities globally.

WALMART - is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product on buildings for energy savings, UV resistance, "stay clean" benefits. 

CHEVRON is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product to protect their petrochemical equipment. In addition they are also using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) cutting edge EPX product, after a trial on offshore platform in Australia, it is now specified for all similar applications in that region of the world for Chevron and is going through the approval process at Chevron in Houston to be specified globally.

WESTROCK is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety.

3M is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety as well!

Georgia-Pacific is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety! The product has become the standard in the industry and more companies are switching to it to keep the workplace environment safer, and reduce the risk of OSHA fines.

MCDONALDS - is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) products on buildings for energy savings, UV resistance, "stay clean" benefits.

Check this out!!!!!!


CEO says are working with they US Government National Laboratories on paint development, launching a new "smart paint" line that is resistant to the growth of mold and mildew and many stains.

CEO says this new product "smart paint" has been requested by major regional and national homebuilders. Patented "Smart Paint" to generate millions in revenues alone in just regular retail sales as it hits Home Depot and Lowe's across the nation!


There is an EXTREME AMOUNT OF INFORMATION that is not listed here .... go to the Industrial Nanotech IHUB board to check it out:


Image result for intk otc pink, no informationImage result for intk otc pink, no informationImage result for otc pink, no information

As of June 1, 2018 - PER INTK CEO - INTK will become CURRENT with OTC MARKETS within the next 10 BUSINESS DAYS!  10 BUSINESS DAYS from June 1 is JUNE 15!


Image result for realbiz media group

Image result for otc pink current

RealBiz Media Group, Inc. consists of two business segments: an international food subsidiary (Verus Foods) that sells products to customers worldwide; and a real estate digital media and technology company. RealBiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ) trades on the OTCQB venture stage marketplace for early stage and developing U.S. and international companies. Investors can find Real-Time quotes and market information for the company on


RBIZ Corporate Highlights


1.RBIZ (Operating as Verus foods) won huge contract that valued at 78 million dollars!!
2.And also became exclusive distributor of Disney in the UAE and OMAN!!!

3.RBIZ is one of the only U.S public companies operating in GCC region!!
4.RBIZ revenue increased by 277%!!! For the year ended October 31. 2017 revenues increased to $1,066,141 for the three months ended January 31, 2018, compared to $101,633 for the three months ended January 31, 2017, an increase of $964,508
.Company Looking to retire all remaining convertible debt in 2018
7.RBIZ will change their name and symbol to Verus foods
8.Operating expenses decreasing each quarter!



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