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A place for people to meet, talk chess, post links of interest, and celebrate the greatest game known to humankind.   

All are welcome, regardless of skill level.

 Smothered Mate in 5:  

 MLM Playing Black


“The game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very
valuable qualities of the mind are to be acquired and strengthened by
so as to become habits ready on all occasions; for life is a kind of Chess

(Benjamin Franklin)

“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind”
(Blaise Pascal)

“Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists”
(Marcel Duchamp)

“On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long”
(Emanuel Lasker)

To Infinity and Beyond:

There are 400 different possible Chess positions after one move each. There are 72,084 different possible positions after two moves each. There are over 9 million different possible positions after three moves each. There are over 288 billion different possible positions after four moves each. The number of distinct 40-move games is far greater than the number of electrons in the observable universe


note: in my posts, I usually refer to the opponent as he.   In the off chance you are female and reading this, take no offense, "he" is usually the default for chess (unfortunately).   BTW, one of the world's strongest players, male or female:


Oct 2009 Wall Street Journal Article:  Women's chess titles:

(I don't agree with this, BTW)


OK, now a shameless picture for the guys

Women's World Chess Champion, ALEXANDRA THE GREAT:



 Some Links:


InstanstChess, a site I subscribe to, but anyone can play 25 games free (just clear cookies to play more if you run out of games).  Good place to pick up a quick game, I used to have a subscription to this site.  You can also play for free, but with limited features.  This site is focused on turn-based correspondence chess, where you have several days to consider your move.  This is good for those still learning the opening basics, as well as advanced players who wish to dabble in more exotic openings.  A nice thing is the rules of turn-based chess allow you to reference databases, or anything else you wish (except computer chess engines, that's cheating!) for analysis during a game.  If you are a paying member, you have access to a very large opening book that is easy to use, with stats on effectiveness of each move.    Also has a live chess feature.


Other places to play: Yahoo (#1 for sheer player numbers, I believe) , RedHotPawn,  FICS, GameKnot, to name a few.   No matter what your skill level, there is competition to be found all over the Internet,  with plenty of both free and subscription sites,  so get playing somewhere now!   Remember, you learn more from a loss than a win.  (OK, I admit it though, I like to win, and don't like posting my losses!), a **huge** database with a good interface for easy replay of the games, many annotated and also discussed in a "Kibitzer's Corner".  All the famous games are here:


Endgame Database for all possible 6  piece endings.  Instantly tells you if an endgame is win, lose, or draw:


Live Chess screen saver, for the chess voyeur in you:

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#348 1. Nf3 d5 DragonBear 12/02/2020 08:06:07 AM
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#344 I'm just learning how to describe my moves. BullNBear52 12/01/2020 05:51:42 PM
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